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Last 2014, James Rodriguez earned the World Cup Golden Boot of the year. He did this after scoring six goals in five World Cup games.

Rodriguez is a great player, but only very few really actually expected him to perform as great as one who would earn the Golden Boot Award. Because of this, he was considered as the breakout star of the tournament.

Moreover, Rodriguez lifted up Colombia as he helped the team get three wins against the teams of Greece, Ivory Coast, and Japan. This led his team to the knockout stages of the tournament, and from there, he scored twice, beating Uruguay and converting a penalty in a loss of 2-1 to Brazil.

Online betting website Bet365 posted the odds for the World Cup Golden Boot Winner this year. Although Rodriguez seems like a great option to choose with his odds of 66-1, his chances of winning 2018’s World Cup Golden Boot are actually low, considering the fact that no player in World Cup has actually won the Golden Boot award twice.

This goes the same for Thomas Muller. With odds of 33-1, he still might not be a Golden Boot winner this year, as he scored five goals and earned a golden as well as a silver boot award during the last two World Cups.

The 2018 World Cup is only around the corner. While everyone is excited to know which team survives up to the Final, people also wonder about which player gets to be claimed as 2018’s World Cup Golden Boot Award winner.

Of course, the Golden Boot award is not only limited to the two aforementioned players. There are 32 teams in the World Cup, and each player in each team has the chance to showcase his skills and prove to the world that he deserves the award.

In this article, we compiled a list of the favourites for the Golden Boot Award at the World Cup 2018 in Russia this summer.

Who Are the Favourites to Score the Most Goals?

2018 fifa world cup-favourites goals

In every World Cup tournament, there’s a player who gets to win the Golden Boot Award. Here’s a list of the Golden Boot Award Winners in the past years:

  • 2014 – James Rodriguez from Colombia
  • 2010 – Thomas Muller from Germany
  • 2006 – Miroslav Klose from Germany
  • 2002 – Ronaldo from Brazil
  • 1998 – DavorSuker from Croatia

These players basically won the award because they scored the biggest and most impressive goals. If you just observe, these players have one thing in common, and this thing helped them snatch the award into their hands.

What do these players have in common? Well, these players belong to the teams that went to the last parts of the tournament. With Colombia making it to the last eight, Germany and Croatia losing in the semis, and Brazil lifting the trophy in 2002, it can be drawn that the past Golden Boot Award winners belong to last surviving teams in the tournament. With this, we can say that the next World Cup Golden Boot Award winner will most likely be coming from the teams that survive towards the final parts of the event.

With this idea, it could be easy to draw predictions as to which player will win the 2018 World Cup Golden Boot Award. Still, putting your bets on a player with this idea will not guarantee the most accurate result.

You can simply make some guesses using your guts. By examining how each player plays, you can predict which player will win the award. You can also take a look at the record of each player and see which among them can score the most in the tournament. Below, we have used this method to list the favourites in this year’s World Cup to score the most goals. Read on to get to know the most preferred players.

  1. Lionel Messi from Argentina
  2. Lionel Messi already holds a lot of awards in his hands. In fact, he even won the European Golden Shoe Award five times in his entire football career. Messi’s wide collection of football titles proves just how competitive of a player he is. With his record of excellence, it’s only fair to say that he has the capability to win this year’s Golden Boot Award.

    Although he has been playing for quite a while now, his football skills are still impressive as ever. In fact, just this season, he scored heaps of goals which helped his team win the La Liga and Copa del Rey double again. With this new record, Messi now has 32 major honours.

    However, despite his victories, he hasn’t been successful enough to have his team lift a silverware while wearing an Argentina shirt. Considering this, a lot of people are doubting about Messi’s potential in delivering victory to his team this summer.

    Currently, Messi has won more than 120 caps, and this puts him only 20 behind record holder Javier Zanetti. He has also scored as many as 61 international goals – a record that no one else has in the Argentine history.
    In his World Cup games, Messi managed to score 5 goals, and 4 of those are made in Brazil in 2014. This helped him and his team achieve team Argentina’s first final in the World Cup since 1990.

    All these records of success prove that Messi is the kind of player who can score when it counts. Along with players like Ángel Di María and Sergio Agüero, the man can get a lot of chances to help his team win the World Cup or, at least, help himself win the Golden Boot Award this year.

  3. Neymar from Brazil
  4. Neymar is considered as one of the ace players of team Brazil. In fact, for the record, he scored 28 goals for the Paris Saint-Germain in the current season. What’s more is that he and his team secured a quadruple of domestic titles.

    Neymar, however, wasn’t featured last February 25because of a serious injury on the foot. Fortunately, Brazil’s star player will be around to represent his team against the team Switzerland this June 17, and this has been confirmed by Brazil manager Tite.

    Neymar’s injury can give him both advantages and disadvantages. It’s a disadvantage simply because it may affect his performance on the tournament. However, in a way, it can also be an advantage as his injury basically gave him three months of break just before the tournament began.

    Moreover, when it comes to winning the Golden Boot Award, Neymar definitely has high chances. He has an impressive record for Brazil. Also, at a young age, he is already ranked fourth on the all-time goal scorers list.

    Neymar definitely has an edge in achieving the award, but he may also have shortcomings at some point. In 2014, Neymar has scored only once in the opening game before competing against Columbia. To make things worse, he didn’t have the chance to proceed to the next parts of the tournament because of being suspended. To make up for his shortcomings, the Brazilian player left the Copa AméricaCentenario to take part in the Rio Olympics.

    This year’s World Cup is the perfect time for Neymar to show what he’s really got. If he just gives it his all, he’ll surely win the Golden Boot Award.

  5. Gabriel Jesus from Brazil
  6. Neymar’s teammate Gabriel Jesus also belongs to the list of the favourites. He has the most remarkable shooting skills. In fact, in the Premier League, 48% of his shots were accurate and resulted in impressive goals.

    Surely, Jesus’ shooting accuracy rate can bring him and his team to success. However, there’s a catch – he’s just got an injury. Of course, this can negatively affect his performance in the tournament. To make things worse for the team, Argentine player Sergio Agüero could also block Jesus’ way to success. With this, team Brazil can’t leave the fate of their games to Jesus.

    Moreover, Brazil manager Tite announced that he prioritizes Jesus to be the centre-forward. The manager picked Jesus in each of Brazil’s last matches as he trusts the player to do as great as he once did when he successfully scored the game’s only goal.

    With his shooting skills, along with the manager’s faith and the team’s support, Jesus can drive his team down to the road of victory. He can also be a great player to win the Golden Boot award.

  7. Timo Werner from Germany
  8. Germany’s Timo Werner can also be one of the candidates for winning the Golden Boot Award. At the age of 22, he’s already scored 40 goals in the course of his two seasons with the team, and 7 of these goals are scored in Europe just this season. This has greatly helped his team reach the quarter-final of the UEFA Europa League.

    Indeed, Werner has done a good job in supporting his team. In this year’s World Cup, will his support be enough to defend his team’s place as the World Cup winner? We can’t tell yet. But with Mesut Özil, Toni Kroos, and Leroy Sané, the team can make success possible for all of them this year.

  9. Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal
  10. This man is a great player from Portugal. However, he hasn’t really scored more than once at the World Cup Finals. With this, you might be confused why Ronaldo is on this list. Well, read on to know why.

    Cristiano Ronaldo has appeared in three World Cups. Surely, that sounds like a lot of time for him to show his greatest moves. However, the thing is he’s only scored a solitary goal. Plus, it’s only against weaker teams such as Ghana, Iran, and North Korea.

    Despite all of these, Ronaldo still got heaps of chances to prove himself. With the help of the geniuses in his team like Bernardo Silva, GonçaloGuedes, and JoãoMoutinho, Ronaldo can get himself plenty of opportunities to show the world how he deserves the Golden Boot Award.

    Also, this year, Ronaldo is in a good shape. Just recently, in 41 games, he scored 42 goals. This helped football club Real achieve their 4th Champions League Final after five attempts. Moreover, it’s amazing how 26 of those goals were scored in the season’s second half.

    With his current form, this year’s World Cup is the perfect time for Ronaldo to show off his skills and finally score more than once at the Finals. If he can make this possible, he’ll most likely be a candidate for winning the World Cup Golden Boot Award.

  11. Mohamed Salah from Egypt
  12. Mohamed Salah has been reigned as the African Footballer of the Year. This season, he scored plenty of goals, including 11 goals in Liverpool’s run in the first Champions League Final since the year 2007.

    Egypt, with odds of 150.00 at William Hill, belongs to Group A where it’s grouped with Uruguay, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. In this group, Salah’s most challenging opponent will be Uruguay. With Salah and other great players on the team, Egypt can just easily kick Russia and Saudi Arabia. If Egypt gets lucky enough to make it out of the group, their next problem will be to compete against one of the two opposing teams, Spain and Portugal.

    Although Salah has high odds of winning the Golden Boot Award, it could be difficult for him to prove himself worthy of the award in just 4 games. He and his team should strive hard to go further towards the final parts of the tournament.

    Moreover, Salah may also have a hard time doing his own thing for the team with the quality of teammates that he has. His teammates Firmino and Mané may do great in supporting the team, but they are not enough to make it possible for their team to survive through the later parts of the World Cup.

    As Egypt’s ace player, Salah has a great chance of getting the Golden Boot Award. However, this is only possible if his team can survive long enough for him to really secure the award.

  13. Harry Kane from England
  14. Harry Kane is one of England’s most valuable players. His record includes scoring 30 goals in one of the Premier League seasons. With this, he may have the confidence to try and aim for a lot of goals to win the Golden Boot Award.

    Kane belongs to this list simply because he has tried to win the Golden Boot of the Premier League three times in a row already. This may give him a reason to strive to score more World Cup goals to win the Golden Boot Award.

    Kane is England’s main striker. As an important player, the team’s best players such as Dele Alli and Raheem Sterling will feed Kane to score goals. With the team’s full support, Kane could score a lot of goals that would make him qualified to be the winner of the Golden Boot.

  15. Antoine Griezmann from France
  16. France’s Antoine Griezmann has a remarkable international record. He scored 19 goals, and 6 of them were scored at Euro 2016.

    Although he failed to remain in 5 appearances in the 2014 World Cup, he’s become better. In fact, he’ll play as a big man in this year’s tournament.

    With the arrival of Diego Costa last January, Griezmann’s form has greatly improved. With his improved shape, he will surely be able to take on his Golden Boot quest.

    The biggest challenge that Griezmann will be facing in his quest, however, is his teammates. This is because team France has a number of players that can score goals. Aside from Griezmann, Giroud, Dimitri Payet, and KylianMbappé are also a great source of goals. With this, he will have a hard time scoring a lot of goals and winning the Golden Boot Award.

    As for team France, it is most likely to win more than once in the tournament. With odds of 7.5 at Bet365, France has high chances. However, compared with teams like Germany and Brazil, the stakes of France are high.

Can We Consider a Different Choice On High Odds?

A player can win the Golden Boot Award if he has scored the most goals in the entire tournament of the World Cup. There can only be one Golden Boot Award winner in each World Cup. If there’s more than one player qualified to win the award, the ties will be broken by another set of criteria. This way, only one player can get the Golden Boot Award.

Here’s a list of the favourite players in this year’s World Cup and their corresponding odds.

Lionel Messi10.00
Cristiano Ronaldo12.00
Antoine Griezmann16.00
Harry Kane16.00
Gabriel Jesus18.00
Timo Werner18.00
Diego Costa25.00
Luis Suarez25.00

Our Prediction

2018 fifa world cup - prediction

One of the most exciting things about the World Cup is that you get to make your own predictions. Whether you make predictions for the purposes of betting or you do just for the fun of it, you’d certainly want your predictions to be right. Let’s discuss the top 3 Golden Boot predictions that we have so far.

Golden Boot Prediction #1: Lionel Messi

Having the most attractive odds, we predict Messi to win the Golden Boot Award this year. In 5 of the last 10 seasons, the Argentine player won the world-renown European Shoe award.

With odds of 11.00 at Betway, Argentina is one of the most competitive teams in this year’s tournament. With the record of the team finishing runners-up at the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Copa America, the previous sentence can’t really be denied. Not only that, Argentina also has the Messi-Dybala-Aguero frontline and the powerful supports Di Maria and Pastore, so the team really has an edge.

Golden Boot Prediction #2: Neymar

Neymar has the same odds as Messi, so they pretty much have the same level of chances in winning the Golden Boot Award. The former is considered as the most expensive commodity in the field of football. He got this title after joining PSG with the deal of €222 million. That’s a lot of money, but the PSG football club thinks that he’s worth it.

What makes Neymar such an expensive player anyway? Well, the winger just scored 28 goals in 30 appearances. Not only that, his international record also shows 53 goals in 83 games, and 4 of these goals came from a 2014 World Cup campaign.

With all these records, it can really be concluded that Neymar is a competitive contender to win the 2018 World Cup Golden Boot Award.

Golden Boot Prediction #3: Harry Kane

Although his odds in winning the award are 16.00, a few ranges lower than Messi and Neymar’s, Kane still has a great chance to win the Golden Boot Award. If Kane just scores 4 goals in his team’s two matches, he could be a favourite for the award. Fortunately, it is impossible for team England to win more than one match in the group because of the easy opponents. Win in the first match against Tunisia is considering at odds of 1.36 at Ladbrokes.

There are far more Golden Boot contenders for this year’s World Cup. While it seems like a wise move to use the odds to draw your predictions, they may not guarantee a hundred percent of success. If you want to make your bets right, you’ll need to do more than just comparing odds. Start studying the players in the tournament and observe how they play. Doing this will help you a lot in getting an idea of the capability of each player. However, you still can’t always accurately predict how the games will come out.


The World Cup is a big event, and the tournament can be unpredictable. No matter how much you study, analyze, and make predictions for the outcomes of the event, there’s really no telling how things will turn out in the end.
While it’s fun to guess and make predictions, it’s important for you as an avid football enthusiast to keep your mind open to the outcomes. Even when your favourite player doesn’t end up winning, accept the results and be happy for the winner. After all, that’s what a real football fan will do.

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