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  1. Information about William Hill Plus Card
  2. How to Get WH+ Card?
  3. How to Register for William Hill+ Card?
  4. Why To Claim WH+ Card UK?
  5. Is there WH+ Free Bets?
  6. William Hill Plus vs. William Hill Cash Direct
  7. How to Place a Bets with WH+ Card UK?
  8. Questions & Answers

William Hill is a fully licensed sportsbook currently dominating the online gambling scene. The site is behind the trending William Hill Plus, which allows you to monitor your in-shop bets online. The operator also released the trendy William Hill Plus card, initially called William Hill Priority Access Card or William Hill Connect Card. The card is used to link William Hill’s local shops with William Hill online accounts, as you will learn throughout this read.

William Hill plus card

William Hill Plus Card – Quick Facts

The Introduction of the William Hill Plus Card revolutionised the online betting scene. William Hill Plus Card is an actual card coded and linked to your William Hill Plus account. The card links William Hill physical stores and online accounts. Additionally, William Plus Card is linked to the already existing William Hill Plus app to streamline functionality.

How to Get a William Hill Plus Card UK?

You can get a William Hill card for free at any William Hill shop. But then, to maximise the benefits of the William Hill Plus Card, you need a William Hill Plus app which is a mobile interface linking in-store betting and online gambling.

The linking is done at a William Hill terminal, where you will be provided with the steps. Note that you can use the application on any iOS or Android smartphone that is compatible. With the app, you can monitor your in-shop bets and check live scores. You can also access live statistics of the bets you placed at the William Hill shop.

How to Install the William Hill Plus App?

You can Install the William Hill Plus app effortlessly using the steps provided below:

  1. Step 1: Access the William Hill Plus website.
  2. Step 2: Browse for the William Hill Plus Android or iOS app.
  3. Step 3: Click the William Hill Plus app download tab.
  4. Step 4: Accept the download, and after that, click the file to install.

Download WH+ App

How to Sign Up for the William Hill Plus Card?

You can sign up for the William Hill Plus card by applying the following verified steps.

William Hill plus login form
  1. 1st Step: Open a William Hill account so that you can be eligible for the card.
  2. 2nd Step: Login into your account and complete registration.
  3. 3rd Step: Visit a local William Hill shop and provide your ID and other documents necessary.
  4. 4th Step: Get your William Hill Plus Card for free.

Claim a William Hill+ Card

Do I Need to Activate the Card UK?

You need to activate your William Hill Card Plus for it to be operational. Use the steps below to complete William Hill Plus Card activation.

  • Access a verified William Hill terminal or shop.
  • Ask for the contactless reader system.
  • Place the William Hill Plus Card on the contactless reader.
  • Apply the step that will be indicated on the system to completion.

Is William Hill Plus Verification UK Complicated?

William Hill Plus verification is not complex, especially if you already have your William Hill Plus Card login information. To verify your card, you just need to. Visit your William Hill Plus account.

  • Provide your actual name and permanent address information.
  • Enter your date of birth in the provided sections.
  • Share working contact information, including your email and phone.
  • Email copies of documents that can be used to verify the information provided.

What are the Benefits of William Hill Plus Card UK?

benefits of William Hill plus card

The main benefits of William Hill Plus Card to UK punters include:

  • William Hill Plus Card allows instant withdrawal of in-store cash.
  • Permits cash out of in-shop bets.
  • William Hill Plus offers access to live scores.
  • Provides access to exclusive bonuses.
  • Allows transfer of in-shop cash winnings to your William Hill online account.
  • Provides access to in-shop bet statistics.

Are There Any William Hill Plus Free Bets?

William Hill offers William Hill Plus users exclusive offers in the form of free bets and free cash. However, the promotions are only available to punters with a verified William Hill Plus account. Every bonus comes with strict terms and conditions that you must follow to avoid termination of the offer and its earnings by the operator. But then, bonus terms do change, which is why you should always confirm the promo terms and conditions.

One of the William Hill Plus bonus terms states that the promotions are only eligible for 12 months after activation. Furthermore, the operator has the right to cancel any bonus. Lastly, bonuses associated with your William Hill Plus account cannot be pooled or transferred. Check the William Hill plus terms and conditions for more information about the William Hill bonus.

William Hill Plus and William Hill Cash Direct Compared

Apart from William Hill Plus, William Hill bookie has a feature called William Hill Cash Direct. Both functions link William Hill online accounts to physical shops, which is why customers often confuse the two.

For clarity, William Hill Cash Direct is a feature that uses vouchers and a digit code to transfer in-store winnings to your online account. But then William Hill Plus only requires a card and an app to transfer in-shop earnings to your online account.

William Hill Plus also has more features compared to William Hill Cash Direct. For instance, the interface provides every customer with live scores, live statistics, and information about their in-store bets. Moreover, it offers promo codes to different bonuses, making it much broader to William Hill Cash Direct.

Placing Bets with the Plus Card

It is much easier to place sports bets with your William Hill Plus Card, as you can see in the steps below.

  1. Open your William Hill Plus account.
  2. Use your William Hill Plus Card information to log in.
  3. Using the card, transfer your in-shop winnings to your account.
  4. Go to add bet slip and select the matches you wish to punt on.
  5. Stake and place the bet.

How to View Your Bets with William Hill Plus Card?

Using your William Hill Plus Card, you can view your bets. To continue with your card, tap your William Hill Plus Card at the terminal after placing the bets. But then, if you don’t have a William Hill Plus Card, open the William Hill Plus application and select the get started option. After that, add your bet manually and share your 18-character bet number to begin tracking your in-store bets. You can track as many as 10 bets at a go.


Is William Hill Plus Card for sale?

William Hill Plus Card is free and not for sale.

Can I track my in-shop bets without a William Hill Plus Card?

You can track your in-store bets without a William Hill Plus Card. In this case, you will require an 18-digit number.

Do I need a promo code to activate William Hill Plus offers?

You may or may not need a promo code to activate William Hill Plus offers.

Can I have more than a single William Hill Plus card?

You can only have a single William Hill Plus Card.

Is signing up for a William Hill Plus account free?

Yes, signing up for a William Hill account is free.

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