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Gambling is now mainly an online activity. As a result, lots of betting sites nowadays opt for variety when it comes to the deposit and withdrawal methods they accept. It won’t cut it to have just bank transfers or card payments available anymore. Bookies need to be innovative and bring something new to the attention of their customers. The best sites of the leading bookmakers include TrustPay as an option. Here is a list with the recommended ones you should check out.

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What is TrustPay?

TrustPay is a financial institution that is an expert at e-commerce payments and online transactions. The company’s main focus is the delivery of top-notch B2B services across countries in Europe. Since its humble beginnings, this online payment gateway is now keeping up with global trends. It offers a number of services perfect for online betting on casino sites and sportsbooks. Here is the timeline listing all important milestones of TrustPay through the years.

Quick Historic Facts about TrustPay:
  • TrustPay was founded in 2009 as an online payment method for secure transactions.
  • A year later, the company gets certified by PI and gets a license for all EEA countries.
  • In 2012, the brand joins hands with VISA and MasterCard.
  • By 2015, TrustPay has acquired a corporate bank account allowing POS terminal services.
  • Two year after that the fist prepaid cards of the brand appear.
  • At the same time, TrustPay starts offering SEPA direct debit.
  • In 2018, the company launches Virtual IBAN services.

Online Betting with TrustPay

While not the best option for international punters outside of Europe, TrustPay remains a local favourite. Choose it for all your gambling needs as you can benefit from several aspects of this amazing e-wallet solution.

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Instant Deposits across Europe with TrustPay

This is by far the biggest advantage that TrustPay can bring forward. Deposits with this method are fast. Plus, all casinos and bookies with licenses for EU countries will likely support this gateway on their site. Think of this brand as a blending mechanism that helps you connect various payments with your betting account.

High Security Levels of TrustPay

Since its beginnings, this brand falls under the strict regulations of the Slovak National Bank. Consider also the fact that it also partners with UnionPay, Mastercard and other renowned payment institutions. Hence, you need not worry about your data.

Flexible Payments Ideal for Bonuses

Since deposits with TrustPay are instant, you can use it to grab any of the betting bonuses you want. Be it a welcome signup offer or a regular promo for loyal players, this method will facilitate you in any way possible.

How Do I Open a TrustPay Account?

TrustPay Internet Banking is a system where you open an account. It looks like any other normal bank account. It has a ten-digit number and a secure back code. All these will help you transfer money easily as you would do using any other bank. However, TrustPay is your internet banking solution. To open an account, go to their official website at and register. They will ask you to provide personal information, such as name, address, phone and so on. After you join TrustPay, you can proceed to online payments. Here are a few details of your new account you might find helpful.

  • TrustPay Bank Code: 9952
  • Interest: No

Open your TrustPay account

Payments on Bookmakers’ Sites with TrustPay

Trustpay card and online payment

In fact, you can only deposit with TrustPay on betting sites. If you want to withdraw, you will need a PrePaid card. Now going back to deposits, you can either use TrustPay as a banking gateway and make your transaction as usual. Or you can use it as an electronic wallet. Top up your purse first and then head to the Cashier section of the bookie to finish the transfer. As for withdrawals, choose a TrustPay Mastercard. This is a prepaid card you can attach to your betting account. It works perfectly well for all types of cashing out.

Top Services of TrustPay

Below we have enumerated several of the most widely used products of TrustPay. Find out more about each one from the following list.

  • Virtual IBANs
    Great way to secure your payments by issuing individual IBANS for every single transaction! No payment references are needed. This will ensure you never lose track of your money movement online.
  • SEPA Direct Debits
    Enjoy the benefits a credit card can only give, but don’t want the complications? Then opt for direct debits. You only set up the authorization service one and can enjoy flexible payments online. And there will be no need for bank cards attached whatsoever.
  • TrustPay MasterCard
    If you want more control of your expenditures online, try the prepaid cards. They allow for direct acquiring of funds, no need for middlemen and guarantee against fraud.

What Types of Currencies Does Skrill Work With?

Since this is a EU e-wallet, you might think that no other currency but the euro will be accepted. Well, you thought wrong. TrustPay actually allows for multicurrency transactions. The company works with and accepts over 170 currencies, as a result you get a settlement in 11 recognised currencies only. These include USD, GBP, and EUR to name but a few.

Pros & Cons of Betting with Trustpay

  • Pros
  • Quite safe and secure as far as deposits are concerned
  • No fees for any transactions using TrustPay gateway
  • Even if there are fees, the casino or bookmaker will be responsible for them
  • Cons
  • Accepted only in countries from the EEA as this banking method is EU licensed

Frequently Asked Questions

How does TrustPay works?

It works as any other online banking gateway or e-wallet.

Is TrustPay an e-wallet accepted by bookmakers?

Yes, most bookies with license for EU countries accept this payment method.

Do online casinos also feature this method?

TrustPay is actually more popular with online casinos than sportsbook.

Can I withdraw from my betting account with TrustPay?

Yes, you can as long as you have a TrustPay prepaid card.

Is it Worth Betting with TrustPay?

All in all, after analyzing TrustPay and its betting payment potential, we can safely recommend the company. Due to its top-notch services and high-quality betting product, no punter will feel lost when using this e-wallet. At the same time, the fact that the brand has made a name for itself across Europe speaks volumes by itself.

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