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  1. Introduction
  2. Virtual Football
  3. Virtual Football Centre
  4. Virtual Tennis
  5. Virtual Horses
  6. Virtual Greyhounds
  7. Virtual Speedway
  8. Virtual Trotting
  9. Virtual Velodrome
  10. Scheduled Racings
  11. Bonuses
  12. Live Betting on Virtual Sports
  13. Mobile Virtual Betting
  14. Virtual Sports Provider
  15. Payment Methods
  16. FAQs
  17. Rating and Conclusion


Virtual Sports Section at Sportingbet

Sportingbet state on the site that they are the number one in online gaming with more than 30000 bets daily and over 90 different sports on offer. The minute that you register you can see why they make this claim as you can access your favourite sports in an easy to navigate betting portal. The site designed with players in mind. It’s clean and simple design allows you to easily navigate menus and the various sports and games on offer. With so many live sporting events for your betting pleasure, they also have an excellent virtual sports section with all the best virtual sports on offer.

Although Sportingbet is a relative newcomer they have excellent sports and games in their bouquet and their support structures are some of the best in the business. They have licensed betting portals in many countries and also have various partner agreements to serve everyone else.

With just about every sport being played in the world available for their players, they have every taste and preference catered for. And for those that enjoy virtuals, they have Football, Tennis, Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, Speedway, Trotting and Cycling to satisfy any adrenalin junkie.

Virtual Football

Sportingbet's Virtual Football

The Virtual Football on offer from Sportingbet has all the best European league teams strutting their stuff in the All-Out Premier League. There are 16 teams from across Europe and Asia playing games in a matchday format, four games per day. The video feed for the games is one of the best in the gaming world with excellent graphics and sound effects.

Available Markets and Betting Options

Sportingbet has a wide variety of betting options for the Virtual Football events from the game score (half and full-time) and double chance bets and total goals per game. The serious punters will enjoy the betting options like over/under and exact score for both full time and half time.

Game Duration

Matchday games play every four minutes, with the player able to choose the game they want to view by simply clicking on the games above the video feed. Sportingbet also allows the players to view the upcoming games as well as the full details of the betting odds and spreads.


The All-Out Premier League has the best 16 teams from across Europe and Asia competing for top spot. Teams like Manchester Utd, Barcelona and Liverpool are just some of the top teams that players can bet on.

Virtual Football Centre

Match Centre at Sportingbet

The Virtual Football Centre hosts just about all the pro-leagues from Europe and the rest of the world. Additionally, they include all the major Football championships such as the World Cup. Players can select from a drop-down menu that lists league or championship tournaments. All games and teams are displayed in an easy to read list that includes the betting options for each team. For quick updates on games on offer, the players can see the current games being played on the landing page of the Virtual Football Centre for each of the various sections. The football centre does not offer a video feed for the games in play but only shows the game results for the games in question.

Available Markets and Betting Options

Betting markets are detailed in every section, and with a quick slide of the mouse, you can view all the game odds in one glance. Punters can choose from Full/Half time scores, Over/Under odds, Goal/No-Goal and Total Game Goals as well as Draw betting odds. The ever-popular Asian HC and Double Chance is also available for Virtual Football players.

Match Duration

In the Virtual Football centre games play out every 90 seconds, with ten games playing at once. During the 90-second lead time, players can choose their teams and betting odds for the next round and even view the current league log for team standings.


Within the Virtual Football Centre, players can choose from the world’s top professional leagues like the UK Premier League, Bundesliga and many more. The EU champions league and Europa league are also available as well as the World Cup tournament. In the Virtual Soccer section, players will find just about every football format and league from across the world for their betting pleasure.

Virtual In-play Tennis

Virtual Tennis at Sportingbet

Virtual Sports are fast-paced events from the world of sports; however, Sportingbet Live Virtual Tennis breaks the trend by delivering tennis in the virtual world at a real-world pace. The games played as if they were in the real world with every set playing out on the video feed. Tennis players are created in the virtual world and represent most countries where tennis is known to be popular. For each tennis match, the player and their stats can be viewed by clicking on the player. That will display its ranking and historical data. The video feed is once again excellent, and the graphics are superb.

Available Markets and Betting Options

There are many betting markets on offer in the Virtual Tennis arena for tennis fans. Each game and match set can be bet on with the current odds shown below the video feed. As the game progresses, the players can option bets on total games per set as well as sets per match with every individual match point also offering betting odds.

Match Duration

As mentioned, Virtual Tennis plays out as a live game. Therefore, the match durations determined by the competitors and their past performances in the tournaments. Players can view up to two matches at any one time with the next match being shown. However, bets are only allowed on the current games.

Virtual Horses

Virtual Horse Racing at Sportingbet

Virtual Horses have never looked so good when players land on the start page they can view the next race with all the runners shown as well as their betting odds. By clicking on the jockey icon, the player can see the last twenty races performance with details for the previous five races run. Each horse is shown with colours and jockey name which makes the virtual horses as lifelike as possible.

Available Markets and Betting Options

Punters can place bets on each of the eight runners per race based on Win, Place or Forecast. The individual odds for each runner are shown for easy selection.

Race Duration

Races are run once the players have placed their bets and run at real-world pace. Each race run according to the individual playing, and so races can be run all day long or just one at any given time. Players will only see their race once they place their bets which make you the special guest at the races.

Virtual Greyhounds

Sportingbet's virtual greyhounds

Virtual Greyhounds are presented in a similar way to the Horse Racing whereby players can view their race with six runners. Once they have placed their bets, the race will run at a real-world speed that might entice some players to shout encouragement to their chosen hound.

Available Markets and Betting Options

Win, Place and Forecast odds are offered for each race, and there are six hounds in each race. Odds and historical data are available with a quick click on the runner’s icon.

Race Duration

Virtual Greyhound races are run on demand giving each player control of their racing. You need to log in, to place a bet and the race will start.

Virtual Speedway

Sportingbet's virtual speedway

The Virtual on-demand sports from Sportingbet also provide Speedway fans with betting excitement. Just like the Horses and Greyhounds, players can place their bets on their own race and enjoy their betting in private. The Speedway virtual racing has four races and all the stats and past performance can be viewed before placing your bets.

Available Markets and Betting Options

Betting choices come in the form of Win, Place and Forecast odds for each of the four races in your race. The odds are calculated in the same way as all the other on-demand virtual sports from Sportingbet. The RNG (random number generator) used for the odds and race results is fully accredited and independently supervised.

Race Duration

Races take place as they do in the real world, but just with the best the virtual world can offer. The virtual speedway racers give their all every race and the on-demand action is truly great.

Virtual Trotting

Sportingbet's virtual trotting

Trotting is often referred to as a gentleman horse race, and the Virtual Trotting from Sportingbet is no different. Players can place their bets in a gentleman manner, and of course, ladies can bet too! The virtual trotting has eight highly competitive runners in each race. Once your bets are placed, the race will begin making you as much part of the race as the runners themselves.

Available Markets and Betting Options

The odds and betting markets once again offer winnings for Winning runners as well as Placed and Forecast runners. The way the virtual races are presented on Sportingbet does make the players feel more involved in the racing, and I won’t be surprised that some might even dress up for the occasion.

Race Duration

The race runs out over the course as if you are sitting in the main stand, and takes approximately 90 seconds to complete. This is the average race play for all the on-demand virtual sports from Sportingbet. As an added value, the commentary provides you with all the information about how your runner is performing.

Virtual Velodrome

The Velodrome host some of the best indoor virtual cycling in the betting world. With eight cyclists ready for you when you need them and odds based on past performance, each on-demand race showcases the riders being set off with a pace rider. The race is run over two laps of the track.

Sportingbet's virtual cycling

Available Markets and Betting Odds

Players can place Win, Place and Forecast bets on the eight riders for their race. These odds are generated using the same RNG used for the race results.

Race Duration

The whole race lasts for approximately 90 seconds, and the results are shown in photo-finish images. Players can race the on-demand virtual sports all day long.

Scheduled Racings

One of the unique features of Sportingbet Virtual Sports is the ‘All Scheduled Racings‘ tab on the top menu. This shows the upcoming races from all the virtual sports in the bouquet. Players can pick and choose their favourite sport and place their bets as long as they are logged in and ready to compete.

Are there any Bonuses for Virtual Betting?

Bonuses from Bwin based on a point system as well as free spins in the casino. That means that when you make a deposit into your betting account and only play virtuals, you will get the bonus point as you play. If you dabble in the other betting options on the site, there are many other types of bonuses that you can receive. It allows you to use your bonuses on any of the sports on the site. The bonuses are also periodically increased through promotions and special offers that are communicated on the site.

Live Betting on Virtual Sports

Although live betting on virtual races in play is not possible, you can enjoy FUN bets on any of the virtual sports from Sportingbet. What’s more, FUN is that you don’t even have to register on the site to do that. Betting on the virtual sports close just before the race starts. Various promotions will entice the players to register all over the site. The virtual zone offers the most exciting fast-paced sports for the players.

Virtual Sports Mobile Betting

The mobile access to the Sportingbet site is simple as logging in via your smartphone browser and viewing the available sports. The mobile site has all the functionality of the PC-site. It gives you an equal experience with your bets and virtuals waiting for you when betting on the go. It has intuitive filters to make sure that your usage on the mobile site systematically streamlines your mobile experience on Sportingbet.

Virtual Sports Providers at Sportingbet

The Virtual Sports Section of Sportingbet is provided by Leap Gaming – a reputable leader in its branch. It offers the best virtual gaming graphics and presentation I have seen in a long time. Sportingbet does have a unique way of allowing their players to select the races that they enjoy.

Payment Options

Sportingbet offers a variety of payment methods. To fund your account you can use the most popular options like Visa, MasterCard, Delta, Maestro, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc. See below all payment methods.

Payment MethodDeposit MinimumDeposit MaximumTime for Deposit
Visa LogoVisa£10£50,000Instant
Bank Wire Transfer LogoBank Wire Transfer£10£50,0003 – 5 Bank Days
Neteller LogoNeteller£10£50,000Instant
Skrill LogoSkrill£10£5,00024 Hours
Paysafe Card LogoPaysafe Card£1£4,000Instant
MasterCard LogoMasterCard£10£50,000Instant
PayPal LogoPayPal£10£50,00024 Hours
CLICK2PAY LogoCLICK2PAY£10£50,000Instant
Maestro LogoMaestro£10£50,000Instant
Ukash LogoUkash£1£1,000Instant
Laser LogoLaser£10£50,000Instant
Delta LogoDelta£10£50,000Instant
Payment MethodWithdrawal MinimumWithdrawal MaximumTime for Withdrawal
Visa LogoVisa£10£100,0001 – 5 bank days
Bank Wire Transfer LogoBank Wire Transfer£10£100,0001 – 3 bank days
Neteller LogoNeteller£10£100,0001 – 5 bank days
Skrill LogoSkrill£250£2,5001 – 5 bank days
Paysafe Card LogoPaysafe Card---
MasterCard LogoMasterCard---
PayPal LogoPayPal---
CLICK2PAY LogoCLICK2PAY£10£100,0001 – 5 bank days
Maestro LogoMaestro£10£100,0001 – 5 bank days
Ukash LogoUkash---
Laser LogoLaser---
Delta LogoDelta£10£100,0001 – 5 bank days


Can I bet on multiple virtual sports at once?

Yes, you can, you are able to multiply the virtual video feeds on your screen to view more than one sporting event at once.

What do I do if I cannot access my account from where I am?

Sportingbet is a fully licensed gaming operator in many countries with partner agreements for countries with limited access regulations. So, if you cannot access your account from your current location, you can chat with the support staff, and they will assist you with localised access.

What is the best time to bet on the Virtual Sporting events?

Sportingbet Virtual sports are available 24 hours a day and the best time is always NOW! But do remember to practice responsible gambling principles.

Where can I view my balance or bonus rewards?

You can view all your account details under the My Account tab. That is where all deposits and bonuses as well your betting history is located.

Can I bet on a virtual sporting event as I do on live events?

Virtual Sports are only open for betting pre-event, and the betting closes shortly before the events start. There is no live betting on virtual events.

Do my bonuses have limited usage regulations?

Most of the Sportingbet bonuses and rewards do not have gaming regulations attached but depending on the game or race you are betting on there might certain restrictions. It’s always best to view the full rule and regulations of the game before you start playing.

Is Sportingbet safe for gambling and gaming?

Sportingbet is one of the most trusted and widely used gaming sites in the world. As a result, you are most certainly safe with Sportingbet, and your betting funds are kept secure with the latest security protocols and systems.

Rating and Conclusion

Sportingbet is one of the better sports betting sites online. They have fantastic support and backup for players, and they have the cleanest and easiest gaming site I have seen in a long time. The virtual sports offer the player a unique engagement by letting them start the races and feel more involved with the game or race of choice. I give Sportingbet a strong 9/10 for the entire experience, and I am certainly recommending them for your next gaming experience.

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