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  1. Android application
  2. How to install the .apk file?
  3. iOS application
  4. How to install the app?
  5. Smarkets mobile site version
  6. Mobile apps features
  7. Mobile trading
  8. Apps vs Mobile website
  9. Mobile offers
  10. Device requirements
  11. Mobile payments
  12. Questions and Answers
  13. About Smarkets
  14. Apps Rating and Conclusion

Mobile app for Android

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  • smarkets android app log in
  • smarkets android app navigation

The mobile for Android users is compatible with most Android devices and proved an equal level of quality that its desktop does. That includes its full range of sports betting opportunities, all of which are presented in a reliable easy to use, easily navigable interface.

The app provides conveniently placed navigational controls that allow you to locate the various betting markets and offer some different viewing options, either by text or images in your pursuit of finding those you are most interested. Of course, navigational buttons allow you to return to the homepage, locate trades quickly using the Smarkets unique search tool, top up your account via the cashier, visit the help centre, bet calculator and gather information on the various types of bets offered at Smarkets.

While Smarkets does not feature live streaming of sports, its in-play section encompasses a superb collection of information such as half-time/full-time, half-time results, over/under, handicaps and more. All of which is easily located within the app to help you gather valuable information before submitting your betting selections.

Download and install the .apk file

Steps to Download Smarkets Android App
  • Step 1: Before downloading the app, our advice is to allow installation of applications from an unknown source on your Android device. To do that open your “Settings”, go to the “Security” section and check the box to allow apps from “Unknown sources”;
  • android unknown sources
  • Step 2: To download the Android mobile app to your Android mobile device, you must first visit the Smarkets website via your smartphone;
  • Step 3: Once on the homepage, you will need to click the help centre, denoted by a “?” mark and then select the “iOS and Android mobile application”, scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the “Download our Mobile App now” link;
  • Step 4: This will redirect you to another page that will direct you to download the Android APK app. The current .apk file is 26.2mb in size and is the latest version;
  • Step 5: Simply wait for the download to complete and after the successful completion of the .apk file onto your Android device, you then will be required to open your app drawer, locate the “Downloads” folder, locate the Smarkets app and commence the process of installation;
  • Step 6: This only takes a few seconds to complete and does so automatically, and upon completion, you are free to open the app, register your Smarkets account and begin accessing all of its features

Download the Android app

Mobile app for iOS

  • smarkets ios app horse racing
  • smarkets ios app football betting
  • smarkets ios app live betting

iOS users will be pleased with the experience they gain when accessing the Smarkets app for iOS devices. It is, necessarily, designed in the same manner as the Android app, and performs equally on all levels, and for interest sake, equal to that of the desktop version in most respects. All betting exchanges are featured and have been designed to be navigationally friendly, easy to locate, and the interface is easy to become acquainted.

As with its sister Android app, the iOS app provides all the necessary functionality controls that let you navigate throughout the app. These are located at the bottom of the screen and include hotkeys that will direct you to the Smarkets unique search tool, its main menu, home and bets. You also have the option to view images or text when it comes to the listing of the various betting markets, and depending on the size of your iOS device, that comes in handy.

As mentioned previously, Smarkets does not feature live streaming, and therefore neither does its iOS mobile app. However, the volume of information features for each in-play sporting event more than makes up for that, as does the fluid nature of the design of the app.

Download and install the app

The iOS app is one that is far easier to download and install versus its Android counterpart.

Steps to Download Smarkets iOS App
  • You can download the Smarkets iOS app by visiting the help centre directly via the Smarkets website using your mobile browser
  • To save time, you need to go to the Apple store, search for “Smarkets Betting Exchange”
  • Once you have arrived at the Apple Store, click on the “Smarkets link”, click the download button, and the app will commence downloading
  • Please bear in mind that, as with all other iOS mobile apps, the Smarkets iOS app will not be automatically open, and a few adjustments on your part will be required before your iOS device trusting the app

After completion of the download, open the settings icon and select the “General” tab. Once open, scroll through the list of available options until you locate “Device Management”. With the device management section locate the Smarkets app and update your device management to reflect that it is a trusted app. Once complete, you can open the app, register a new player account, log in and proceed to browse the multiple features, make a deposit and begin placing bets. The size of the app is 38.8 and will require you to have iOS 9.0 or later. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Download the iOS app

Smarkets Mobile Website

Smarkets have done a superb job with its mobile site creation, and it extends beyond providing the option of download an app if one so chooses, but relates to the equality of its design to that seen via its desktop version. There is virtually no difference between the two other than the expected fact it reduced in its viewing area.

Those that elect to access Smarkets using their mobile browser will find an identical experience to that of which they experience when accessing via a desktop, and that, from a navigational standpoint alone, makes it valuable. The functionality is perfect regardless of which mobile browser you are using, with its only requirement being you have the latest mobile browser software. Currently, those compatible include Opera, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari, and as an added plus, you can use the same login details as you do at with the desktop version.

mobile site version of smarkets

The same black sleek design that Smarkets is synonymous for will greet users and provide a level of comfortability as you notice the correctly optimised fully functional design that geared towards user-friendliness. That is not by accident, but was purposefully put in place, so members can place bets quickly, add funds, withdrawal, check current bet slips or contact support in the event they need it.

The top menu, denoted by three lines, drops down to list all available sports from ice hockey to politics, darts, golf, and even TV and Entertainment. In total, nineteen sports categories listed, and with the top section of the menu offering links to in-play sports, watch lists and recommendations, little else is needed for an easy to use platform designed with punters in mind.

The overall presentation is excellent, and for the experienced bettor, that quickly becomes evident. It is easy on the eyes, easily navigated throughout, trouble-free when wishing to place bets, deposit or withdrawal, all with zero hassles or confusion, and in today’s world, that is invaluable.

Visit the Mobile version

App features

Each of the mobile apps from Smarkets comes with an abundance of features to ensure that the experience generated is both hassle-free and memorable, irrespective of your location in the world. Its only drawback it is limited language selection, which currently only offers English. However with the added trade out button and its ‘keep bets in-play’ feature collectively more than makes up for that.

Trade out (Cash Out)/Keep bets in-play

The trade out button permits users to cut losses or lock in profits for in-play and pre-game bet’ while the “keep bets in-play'” is unique as it lets members leave unmatched bets in play and that provides you with a higher degree of opportunity in so far as the requested price. In addition to this, the latest iOS app adds a two-click bet process that is similar to what see with the Smarkets desktop version and that allows for greater consistency across its various platforms, those being mobile and desktop.

Live trading

This is another good feature of Smarkets mobile application. With it, players can bet on in-play sport events. Along with the live markets, there is information about the event and its result. There are also statistics for how the trade is going on in different periods or before the start of the game. Players will enjoy a live animation service which shows every moment of the game with real-time graphics.

However, while having the additional upgrades makes this a far greater valued app, there is also the added feature of personalising it to display in a dark skin or one that is lighter. Smarkets furthermore underwent an overhaul of the technology powering the app and released a new and improved infrastructure that has allowed them to add new features without difficulties such as it’s navigational qualities and the faster search function.

Sports trading

Sports trading is an area that Smarkets is actively pursuing, and they are making it clear, they want trading customers. It expected that the betting exchange will be releasing is own API for the betting public to use and this will see the commissions being applied reduced to 2% versus 5%, and for punters, that means higher profits. The drawback to this is they had intended it released for mid-2018, but are non-committal to when this will be released to the public.

Currently, those wanting to trade out of a bet before the standalone trading software API being released are limited to placing bets on the opposite outcome of the one you currently have placed. It allows you to lock in a profit, reduce the exposure and cancel a previously made a bet on the same market. As an added incentive, Smarkets does provide a hedging calculator that allows for multiple options to determine the amount you should lay or back.

There are different sports on which every customer can bet. Among them are Football, Tennis, Basketball, Darts, Baseball, MMA and more. Betting markets are also very diversified.

Mobile app and mobile website version – differences between them

The mobile apps and mobile site of Smarkets have some differences, but also they are very similar. For example, both use the same design. One of the main differences is that the app needs to download. The mobile version is accessible through any mobile browser, but sometimes this could be a disadvantage. Let’s see the main pros and cons of both services.

  • Mobile App Pros
  • Fast interface
  • Comfortable for instant trading
  • Mobile App Cons
  • Needs to be downloaded
  • There are requirements for the devices
  • Mobile Website Pros
  • No need to download
  • Opens on every mobile device
  • Mobile Website Cons
  • Sometimes it is slower than the apps
  • Requires more time to get into your account

Ultimately, what is clear is the extensive work that has gone into the creation and the thought process behind it. The user experience, as it is for the desktop version is excellent, and a few others match it.

Mobile bonus – is it available?

While Smarkets offers Android and iOS mobile apps as well as a mobile browser version of its betting exchange, it does not feature mobile specific promotions or bonus. Instead, Smarkets prefers to allow all members equal access to claim any of the welcome offers, and or promotions as offered from time to time.

All promotional welcome bonus offers are available only to those who newly registered at Smarkets who make their first deposit. Only one offer per member is permitted, so be selective in which you choose to maximise the value of your initial Smarkets bonus.

Claim your Welcome bonus

System requirements and compatibility

If you elect to download either the iOS or Android app, you will first need to ensure that your device is operating and meets the latest system requirements. The added advantage of using the mobile app is it operates at the highest standards, and when placing a bet, the removal of any possible headaches is always a plus.

Those using Android devices will need to ensure they have at least the Froyo 2.2 operating system to run the app successfully. We suggest to use at least Android 6 for best performance. iOS users will need Apple 9 or better, which if not yet updated, will need or be carried out, ideally before downloading the app.

As for compatibility, the Smarkets apps support most devices, and alternatively, those preferring not to download the applicable app will find Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer (versions 10 & 11), Microsoft Edge and Safari browsers supported and perfect for Smarkets web browser access. While the above recommended, it is imperative that your browser software is up-to-date. With that in mind, for those using Android devices, it will include Chrome version 69.0.3497.100, Firefox version 61.0, Internet Explorer version 11 and for Safari, version 12.0. iOs users using Chrome should be using version 70.0.3538.60, and for Firefox, version 12.0.

Mobile payment options

The mobile payment options are equal to those found with its desktop site. That is beneficial for punters from a time savings perspective but also a convenience perspective. Each method offered allows members to efficiently fund their account using a variety of popular methods, each of whom is recognised globally as respected payment processing companies, and provide fast processing of funds to merchants worldwide.

Smarkets understands timeliness in the processing of payments is part of its success, and as such, processes most deposits instantly, and withdrawals times vary depending on the chosen methods for the receiving of funds withdrawn. These methods are listed below:

Payment MethodDeposit MinimumDeposit MaximumTime for Deposit
Visa LogoVisa£10dependsInstant
Maestro LogoMaestro£10dependsInstant
Solo LogoSolo£10dependsInstant
MasterCard LogoMasterCard£10dependsInstant
Neteller LogoNeteller£20dependsInstant
Skrill LogoSkrill£10dependsInstant
Trustly LogoTrustly£40dependsInstant
Bank Wire Transfer LogoBank Wire Transfer£10depends3-5 days
Payment MethodWithdrawal MinimumWithdrawal MaximumTime for Withdrawal
Visa LogoVisa£10no max1-6 days
Maestro LogoMaestro£10limited to deposit1-6 days
Solo LogoSolo£10limited to deposit1-6 days
MasterCard LogoMasterCard£10limited to deposit1-6 days
Neteller LogoNeteller£10no max1-2 days
Skrill LogoSkrill£10no max1-2 days
Trustly LogoTrustly£40no max5-10 days
Bank Wire Transfer LogoBank Wire Transfer£20no max1-2 days


Are the mobile apps offered by Smarkets available in every country?

No, they are not. It is due to retractions relating to the licenses that Smarkets has been granted. If, when you attempt to download the app using Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store and are unable to locate either the iOS or Android app, it means they are not available in your country.

I downloaded the mobile app, but it is not working on my device. Are there any alternative options if mobile apps do not work on my mobile device?

Yes. You shall be pleased to learn you can access Smarkets directly via your mobile web browser in the event this is your preferred option. It provides an equal opportunity to access all betting markets, deposit and withdrawal funds, features and manage active bets. You can access the Smarkets mobile site using a variety of mobile browsers including Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Am I able to register using the mobile version of Smarkets or must I signup via the desktop version?

Yes. The mobile version, as with the desktop, equally will allow you to register a new account in mere seconds or if you prefer, one of its mobile apps. The processes identical to that of the desktop version and takes only a matter of seconds. Upon registration, you will receive an email requesting you confirm your email address, once confirmed you would have full access to your account.

Am I able to deposit and withdraw funds directly from the mobile app?

Yes you can deposit and withdrawal directly via the mobile app. The same options that see within the desktop cashier are available via the mobile cashier. You also will have the ability to access your deposit/loss settings, access information about withdrawal times as well as other deposit/withdrawal settings.

Will I be able to access the same sports via the mobile app as I do via the desktop app?

Yes. All the features you have come to love at Smarkets via its desktop version offered within its mobile version and apps. That includes all related betting markets from ice hockey to cricket, boxing, horse racing and all those in between.

Am I able to manage my bets in the same manner that I do via the desktop version?

Yes. You all active bets, as well as those settled, will be viewable under the “my activity” tab. It will list current bets, past bets and settled bets.

Am I able to contact support directly through the app or must I visit the desktop version?

Yes. You will be able to instantly access support using live chat in the same manner to which you would via its desktop version. If you prefer, you may also email support or call them directly using the support number.

Company info

Smarkets logoSmarkets began their journey towards becoming the world’s second largest betting exchange in 2008 and have since become synonymous with the qualities that have propelled them to meet the ever growing demands of an international audience.

Founded by Jason Trost, owned and operated by Smarkets Malta, Trost remains active as their CEO and works diligently to champion the brand and provide an extraordinary range of betting markets.

As Smarkets grew, so too did their market share and today boast over 200,000 active customers who regularly turn to Smarkets for their sports betting needs. They provide a full range of sports betting opportunities and include options such as betting on politics, current affairs, Television and entertainment.

The company is based in London but maintains offices in Los Angeles and Malta. They hold licenses in good standing with the Malta Gaming Authority for its operations existing outside the United Kingdom, and for those within the U.K, the U.K Gambling Commission.

App rating and Final verdict

Design & UI93%
Mobile Version89%
Android App92%
IOS App94%
Payment Methods95%

Smarkets is one of the impressive giants when it comes to betting markets, as and suck, they took the appropriate measures to ensure both their iOS and Android apps live up to their reputation. The only real drawback is not all countries can access the mobile apps, and in fact, Smarkets at all. However, for those that can, and that number is quite large, that drawback in non-existent when you consider the sheer volume of accessible features. The apps make for a friendly, easily navigable experience that is designed to make the process of placing bets as easy as 1, 2, 3, and when coupled with a full range of deposit/withdrawal methods, convenient support options and its reliability, our verdict dictates a high-score rating.

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