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  1. ReloadBet Android app
  2. ReloadBet iOS App
  3. Sports Betting
  4. Mobile Site Features
  5. ReloadBet Mobile Casino
  6. Live Casino on mobile
  7. Pros & Cons of the ReloadBet mobile site
  8. ReloadBet Mobile Bonus
  9. Compatibility
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  13. Mobile Rating

Is there a ReloadBet app available for Android?

  • In-Play in ReloadBet Android version
  • Sports section in ReloadBet for Android
  • Navigation in ReloadBet for Android

In order to cater to mobile punters and casino players, there has to be a mobile platform that can be used in Android and iOS devices. Let’s start with the Android device.

The bad news here is that there is no available dedicated app for Android users. Even if you search for one in Google Play, you won’t find any dedicated app. You may find some websites that claim to have an apk download, but the legitimacy of these files is somewhat questionable.

In order to stay safe, it’s better not to download any gambling apk file unless it comes directly from the website. If it comes from the website, then you can be sure that it’s an official APK file.

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Is there a ReloadBet App available for iOS?

  • ReloadBet Mobile casino for iOS
  • Betslip in ReloadBet for iOS
  • ReloadBet Live Casino for iOS

Next, let’s check if there is an app available for iOS devices. Even though most devices don’t have Android apps, they usually do have iOS apps because Apple is not as strict Android when it comes to gambling apps.

That being said, there is still no ReloadBet app available for iOS devices as of this point. You may check back from time to time to see if they have any announcements of making an iOS app. In the meantime, the only way you can access the mobile platform is through the mobile version website.

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Review of Mobile Site Version

Mobile Website of ReloadBet

Now that we’ve finished checking out whether there are dedicated apps for Android and iOS let’s go on to the only available way to get to the mobile platform – through the mobile version website.

First of all, you can visit the mobile site via this link: You simply have to enter that URL on the search bar of your mobile browser and be led straight to the mobile website.

Now, the first thing that you’ll notice is that the mobile website is exactly the same as the ReloadBet for PC website. The only difference is that the mobile website is more compressed to fit in all the necessary buttons and functions. You can check out a screenshot of the mobile platform below:

Sports Betting on Mobile

Aesthetics and technicalities aside, user experience is the key to the success of a sportsbook. So how does the sports betting platform fare against its competitors? Well, the sportsbook of ReloadBet is rather simple.

There are around 20 sports markets that you can choose from, which isn’t that much compared to a lot of other bookies. However, they do have a pretty nice list of leagues that you can choose from. The odds for the sports market are on par with the market standard, and the mobile odds are quite impressive.

Mobile Site Features

The sports market is up to standards compared to many other new sportsbooks in the market. However, they need to make up for what they lack in the sports market with their live sports market.

When it comes to live sports, there needs to be at least two out of three important features. These features are the live streaming feature, a good in-play function, and the cash-out option.

Live streaming

First off, we start with the live streaming option. The live streaming option was created for players to fully enjoy their sports experience by letting them watch games as they are happening. This is to cater to big sports fans who can’t miss their live games.

Unfortunately, ReloadBet can’t cater to these kinds of people as of this moment because there is no live streaming option available. If you want to watch live games, you’d best look for a third-party streaming service.

Will they consider adding a live streaming feature sometime in the future? That’s something that we don’t know yet. There is still no news as to whether the live stream service is going to be added or not. You just need to check the website from time to time to see if there will be any news regarding the live stream.

In-play function

The in-play function is the same as the live betting function. When it comes to live betting, ReloadBet knows exactly how to please the customers. They have quite a number of live events that you can choose from each day.

You can then bet on these live events and look at the odds change real-time. You can also monitor the scores of these games and place your bets based on live data that changes every minute.

Cash Out option

Lastly, there’s the cash-out option. The cash-out feature only became a thing with more modern bookies as the demand for better money control functions became higher. With the cash-out option, you can have the choice to pull out your money when you feel like you’re going to lose the game in the next few rounds.

The good news here is that ReloadBet does offer a cash-out option. The problem, however, is that the cash-out option is only available on certain events (mostly for football and tennis). To see if your bet is eligible for a cash-out, go to My Bets and see if there is a cash-out option either full or partial beside it.

ReloadBet casino mobile

ReloadBet Mobile casino for iOS

When you had enough of the sportsbook, you can head over to the mobile casino. The mobile casino is a great place to play some great slot games, table games, and roulette games using your phone.

Since the design is optimised to fit your phone, the casino games look gorgeous when you start playing. If you’re a fan of high-quality casino games, you’ll certainly love the ReloadBet mobile casino.

Live Casino on mobile

ReloadBet Live Casino for iOS

You can find the live casino under the casino section. Just click on the Live Casino option, and you’ll immediately be brought there. You can see a couple of live games that come from some of the top casino providers.

Some of these casino providers include Evolution Gaming, Netent and many more. This section is ideal for those who want to have a challenging game with live dealers. It’s like being in a real casino, except that you’re playing right in front of your computer.

Pros & Cons of the ReloadBet mobile website version

Having only a mobile version website instead of a mobile app definitely has its fair share of pros and cons. Just to give you an idea, here are some of the advantages and drawbacks of ReloadBet’s setup:

  • There are no instances of crashing unlike that of apps
  • You don’t have to download anything, nor will you need to update constantly
  • It won’t eat up any memory in your phone
  • It doesn’t have any system requirements
  • Can be used by any phone with internet and browser
  • There are instances that your browser might crash
  • On average, mobile websites tend to have longer loading times

Is There a Mobile Bonus?

The cool thing about ReloadBet mobile is that it allows you to avail of all the bonuses that are available in the desktop version. However, you won’t be able to find any bonuses that are exclusive only to the mobile platform in ReloadBet.

But what is a ReloadBet mobile bonus anyway? It’s a type of bonus that’s only made available to players of the mobile platform. These include mobile welcome bonuses and mobile VIP bonuses. Unfortunately, you won’t find any of them here.

System Requirements and Compatibility

In the pros and cons section, we mentioned that one of the upsides of a mobile version is that there is no need to think about system requirements. No matter what version your Android or iOS phone is, you can easily access the mobile as long as your phone has a browser and an internet connection.

Here’s a list of the phones that work best with ReloadBet:
  • iPhone 6 and up
  • Samsung S5 models and higher
  • Galaxy Note models
  • Sony Experia 1 and above
  • Google Phones
  • Huawei Ascend / MATE / P series

Mobile Deposit & Withdrawal Payments

Next, let’s talk about the deposit and withdrawal methods. These payment methods allow you to fund your account and pull out your profits. You can use any of these methods depending on which one you like. Here’s a table listing the various payment methods and their respective details:

Payment MethodDeposit MinimumDeposit MaximumTime for DepositTaxes
Visa LogoVisa€20€500InstantFree
Neteller LogoNeteller10 USD15,000 USDInstantFree
Skrill LogoSkrill€10not statedInstantFree
Paysafe Card LogoPaysafe Card€10€10,000InstantFree
EcoPayz LogoEcoPayz€30€500InstantFree
Rapid Transfer LogoRapid Transfer€20€5,000InstantFree
AstroPay LogoAstroPay10 USD1,000,000 USDInstantFree
Multibanco LogoMultibanco€10€2,500InstantFree
Neosurf LogoNeosurf€10€3,000InstantFree
Pay4Fun LogoPay4Fun30 BRL100,000 BRLInstantFree
eZeeWallet LogoeZeeWallet€20€5,000InstantFree
Payment MethodWithdrawal MinimumWithdrawal MaximumTime for WithdrawalTaxes
Visa LogoVisa€25not statedUp to 3 DaysFree
Neteller LogoNeteller30 USD15,000 USDUp to 24 HoursFree
Skrill LogoSkrill€10€10,000Up to 24 HoursFree
Paysafe Card LogoPaysafe CardN/AN/AN/AFree
EcoPayz LogoEcoPayz€25not statedUp to 24 HoursFree
Rapid Transfer LogoRapid Transfer€10€15,000Up to 24 HoursFree
AstroPay LogoAstroPay50 USD2,000 USDUp to 24 HoursFree
Multibanco LogoMultibancoN/AN/AN/AFree
Neosurf LogoNeosurfN/AN/AN/AFree
Pay4Fun LogoPay4Fun30 BRL5000 BRLUp to 24 HoursFree
eZeeWallet LogoeZeeWalletN/AN/AN/AFree

Questions & Answers

Can I change the odds from Fractional to Decimal?

For now, there doesn’t seem to be any way to change the odds. The only odds format that’s available is the decimal odds format. This is the default odds format that you’ll encounter when you enter the sports section.

Is there a ReloadBet.apk file for Android I can download?

No, there is no apk file for an Android app. While you may find some websites that claim to offer an official download for a ReloadBet application, don’t pay heed to these websites because the apk file offered for download is most likely a virus that’s disguised as a legitimate file.

Why can’t I find a ReloadBet app for iOS in the App Store?

That’s because there is no ReloadBet for the iOS device. It simply means that even if you try to look for the ReloadBet app somewhere in the App Store, you won’t find anything. The best you can do is access the mobile version website to start playing.

How do I use the ReloadBet mobile site?

A: To start using the ReloadBet mobile website, all you have to do is enter the ReloadBet URL ( in the search bar of your mobile browser. After you enter it, you should be directed right into the mobile website. After that, you can easily navigate the sports section, casino section, and live section as you like.

How do I do a mobile registration?

To do a mobile registration, simply click on the Join button located on the upper right corner of the mobile website. After that, you just need to provide some details needed to create your account. From there, you just need to activate your account then log in with your ReloadBet login mobile details. Once you log in to your account, you can start playing.

Can I use other browsers to access the mobile website aside from Google Chrome?

Yes, you can use other browsers other than Google Chrome. Other good browsers that work very well with the mobile website include Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari. However, Google Chrome seems to offer the best in terms of performance.

Does ReloadBet have any plans to make a ReloadBet app for free download anytime in the future?

There is still no news as to whether ReloadBet is going to create an app for Android or even iOS devices any time soon. Meanwhile, you can just enjoy the mobile website as it is.

Is there a live chat option available in the mobile platform?

Yes, there is a live chat button found at the lower right portion of the website. Once you click on the Online Chat option, you’ll have the chance to chat with a live customer support representative who can attend to any of your questions or concerns.

About the Company

Since its inception sometime in 2018, ReloadBet has been slowly climbing its way to the top of the online sportsbook industry. It is currently under the ownership of its parent company Media Entertainment N.V. and also currently has a licence granted by the Curacao gaming body.

The aim of ReloadBet is to reach out to as many countries as possible in order to grow their market. That’s why they offer a wide selection of languages to their players. Not only do they offer English, but they also offer Russian, Swedish, Spanish, and many more.

Even though ReloadBet is still pretty young, it does have the potential to grab a big slice of the European and even the Russian market. All it needs is some time to grow so that it can improve its services. The mobile platform, in particular, is very easy to use and appeals to straightforward punters who just want to play.

App Rating and Conclusion

Design & UI89%
Mobile Version91%
Payment Methods92%

Now that we’ve gone through all the aspects of ReloadBet mobile let’s take a look at whether it’s a mobile sportsbook/casino that’s worth your money or not.

First, let’s talk about aesthetics. As compared to a number of its competitors, we can’t say much about the design of ReloadBet. The design of the mobile platform tends to be a little too simplistic and maybe not very appealing to the younger market.

The advantage of having a simple page is that it is very easy to navigate and quick to load. Most mobile platforms have long loading times due to all the features and functions crammed into the page. Since ReloadBet doesn’t add too many features, graphics, and animations, loading takes less than 4 seconds. If you’re a punter who is very particular with the loading speed, you’ll appreciate the effort put into creating the ReloadBet page.

Another aspect that you can appreciate about the ReloadBet mobile platform is the mobile odds. In a sportsbook, the odds are an extremely important aspect to look at because they increase the chances of you grabbing more profits. The better the odds, the bigger your earnings. The mobile odds offered by ReloadBet are rather impressive and a bit higher than the market standard.

Of course, a big disadvantage of ReloadBet is that it doesn’t have a dedicated app for Android and iOS devices. While this isn’t such a big deal because most punters or casino players don’t mind playing on mobile websites, there are app lovers who don’t play on anything but mobile apps.

Since ReloadBet doesn’t offer apps, they can’t reach out to this particular market segment. Nevertheless, ReloadBet does have its own specific target market. It is a mobile gambling platform that has an immense potential despite being a young bookmaker, not to mention it has a lot of room for improvement.

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ReloadBet is available on these devices

SamsungS6, S7, S8, S8+, S9, S9+, S10, S10e, S10+, S20, S20+, Tab, Edge, Edge+, Note, Mini, A41, A71, A51, A90, A3, A5, A7, A8, S, pro, Xcover 3
HuaweiP10, P30, P40 Pro, P40 lite, P9, lite, Mate 10 Pro, 20 Pro, plus, Mate S, XS, 30 Pro, Y6, Y6s, Y7, MediaPad T5, M5
HTCNexus Series, One mini, max, A9, A9s, S9, 10, Dual SIM, U11+, U12+, U Ultra, Play, Lifestyle, Desire 19+, 12, 12+
SonyCompact, Premium, Compact, Plus, Xperia M5, 1 II, 5, 10, Z5, ZR, E5, V, L, SP, ZL, XZ, X, XA, XA2, Ultra, XZ2, Tablet Z4, Z3
LGG5, G6, G7, G8, Q6, Q7, Q60, Q Stylus, V30, V40, X Power, mach, K8, K9, K11, K40, K41, K50, K61, Q60, LTE, X cam, screen, Flex 2, V10, Class, 5X, Mini, G Pads 7.0, 8.0, 8.3, 10.1
XIAOMIRedmi 8, Redmi 9, Redmi K30 Pro, Mi 10 Lite, 10 Pro, 9 Pro, MIX Alpha, Note 10, 10 Pro, Note 9S, Note 9 Pro Max, 8A Pro, 8A Dual
OnePlus8 Pro, 8, 7T Pro, 7T, 6T, 5T, 3T
MotorolaMoto e6, One Zoom, One Action, razr, G power, g stylus, edge+, edge, Moto E, moto g fast, one fusion+, one, moto g7 play, moto z4
AppleiPhone 5, 5S, 5C, SE, 6, 6S, 7, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XR, 11, iPad, Air, Mini, Pro

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