Reasons why people like gambling
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If you ask a gambler why they like gambling they would probably tell you to have fun. However, due to its nature, there are multiple reasons for loving gambling. Some people gamble to obtain sheer enjoyment, others to be more successful betting. There are also gamblers who see gambling as a way to make friends or exercise their brains while enjoying gambling.

Some people who gamble have been lucky enough to make it with risking less in the first several rounds. These lucky events make them start loving this form of entertainment and come back for more. Others get hooked on gambling as a way to escape from their daily routine or stress.

There is a range of motivational factors for gambling and they vary from person to person. One thing is certain – the uncertainty of gambling is its main attraction. The most common reasons why people like gambling are listed below:

  • To have some returns
  • Media advertisements
  • Entertainment
  • Socialising
  • To deal with personal stress
  • To support economy
  • Excitement
  • To exercise brain
  • Loving casino architecture
  • Time killing
  • To feel better

Let’s take a closer look at 11 reasons why people like gambling.

1. To Have Some Returns

People like gambling to find value bets and make returns. Although the reward is uncertain, they play gambling games as a source of income. These people see gambling as the only option to solve their financial problems or afford things they would not be able to otherwise.

However, only a small number of gamblers manage to make a living by gambling. They are mainly professional gamblers who play skill-based games like blackjack or poker where they can apply strategies to beat the house or other players. Others are motivated by small wins and hope for a stroke of luck that could result in a life-changing event.

2. Media Advertisements

Media advertising can also be one of the reasons why people love gambling. Although some countries with regulated markets ban advertisements that promote casinos and gambling games, people still can encounter these ads online or offline. In ads, casino gambling is usually presented as a glamorous pastime activity with smiling models. These alluring images can lead to false expectations that gambling can change lives for the better.

3. Entertainment

Some people like gambling for pure entertainment. The people in this category play gambling games for the sake of fun. Although each gambler likes to risk less, money does not motivate these individuals to gamble. For them, it is all about having a good time. In most cases, these gamblers play games of luck like slot machines where they do not have to learn complicated rules or apply complex strategies. Players from this group rarely have a gambling problem, yet they should keep an eye on their bankroll and manage their budget well.

4. Socializing

Socialising is one of the common reasons why people like gambling. While some online casino games offer ways to get in touch with other players, like live dealer games or online bingo, gamblers from this group typically like to visit brick-and-mortar casinos. At these facilities, they can meet new people or hang around with their friends. Gambling can give players a sense of belonging and confidence, which may be the reason why they chrome back for more.

5. Deal with Personal Stress

One of the most common reasons why people start gambling is to deal with personal stress. By engaging in this form of entertainment, gamblers try to forget about the problems that caused stress. These players are highly fragile and susceptible to developing a gambling disorder. If they do not manage their bankrolls efficiently, the losses they generate can increase stress levels and worsen their emotional state.

6. To Support Economy

While most players gamble to have fun, some gamblers are conscious of the impact this form of entertainment has on local and state economies. Besides, some casinos and betting companies raise money for charities like helping the poor or other causes. These causes can make people feel better when gambling even if they lose.

7. Excitement

As a reason to like gambling, excitement has an important impact because this form of entertainment makes players feel high even when they lose. Developers of gambling games introduce various innovative bonus features that add more excitement to the gameplay, thus keeping gamblers on the edge of their seats.

8. To Exercise Brain

Some people like gambling to exercise their brains. One of the main benefits of gambling is picking up concentration and thinking skills like focus. This notion particularly applies to the games of skill like poker. Aspiring poker players should cultivate concentration and find ways to improve focus to make the most out of playing the game. While gambling, players can also improve their math skills as well as pattern recognition.

9. Love Casino Architecture

There are people who like gambling because they are attracted to casino architecture. If you have ever visited a land-based casino, you must have felt as if you had stepped into a parallel universe. There is much more to gambling facilities than what we see on the surface. Each corner of a casino is designed to make visitors stay longer and spend more.

One of the notable examples of casino architecture is the design of the Bellagio, one of the most popular Las Vegas gaming venues. This style of casino architecture is referred to as Playground Design as it maximises comfort and ensures that gamblers are having fun. High ceilings, lots of light, glamorous, spacious lobbies and luxurious decor anaesthetise players, making them forget about their losses.

10. Time Killing

People love gambling because it kills time. Gambling is an entertaining pastime activity. Many people do not have hobbies and easily get bored when they do not have to do anything. Since online casinos are just one click away, they play casino games on the internet to kill time. Others may go to land-based casinos and engage in some real casino action on-site to have fun and elevate their spirit.

11. To Feel Better

Gambling makes people feel better, which is one of the common reasons why some gamblers engage in it. Dr Jennifer Love, a psychiatrist who specialises in addiction medicine says that enjoyable activities provide people with a pleasurable dopamine reward. It compares gambling with cocaine consumption as it provides the brain with a rush of dopamine which is greater than people get from eating their favourite cake, for example. Dopamine is known as a feel-good chemical that encourages people to keep gambling.

How can you understand that you like gambling?

To understand whether you like gambling you have to talk to yourself openly. Ask yourself a simple question like “do I like to gamble” and answer it frankly. If your answer is yes, you should look for the reasons why you enjoy gambling. It may be for fun. Once you understand that you like gambling, make sure to set your budget and time limits to enjoy this form of entertainment responsibly.

Why is gambling fun?

The psychology of gambling is a subject many scientists have been interested in. They have tried to identify the psychological processes behind gambling and why it is fun. As we have previously mentioned, our brains react to the uncertainty of rewards. It motivates gamblers to play along with other reasons, like stimuli used by casinos. Flashing lights, engaging music and sound effects along with various incentives make gambling fun.

Why do gamblers keep gambling?

The more the gambler plays casino games, the less the brain releases dopamine. Depending on their type, gamblers can develop an addiction by playing gambling games more and more to keep dopamine at the same level. Other factors also can contribute to triggering gambling addiction, which is a serious, progressive disorder that can have multiple repercussions and affect one’s life.

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