Football Predictions

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What are predictions?

A prediction for football games is a hypothesis of the end result of the match. This is precisely our goal. We offer you predictions which are very carefully researched. All predictions found on this website are entirely justified, and all arguments for a particular prediction are clear. Statistics, the team’s status, injured and punished players – these are only a few of the things which we research and base our predictions on. Besides that, we follow any news surrounding the teams so we can always offer you complete and current information.

What type of predictions do we offer?

On our website, you will find expert predictions that are completely free for all of our visitors. The forecasts are published daily, and in this way every day we offer you the opportunity to take advantage of our experience and knowledge in the world of football. We will always try to provide you with the most accurate predictions based on our expert analysis and pre-checked current information on the status of each team.

How do we form our predictions?

We take on a different approach for each match. As you may have already heard, no game is identical, and that’s why we give special attention to each one. In different tournaments; different teams have many different specifications. We don’t only look for matches where the favoured team is clearly expressed, and the chance for a win is very high. Among our predictions, you will always find the most exciting and disputed matches from every circle from the most prominent football championships.

Are there any guarantees in the predictions?

There is never an entirely accurate prediction since the chance that a given event comes out as predicted is never a 100%. There is always a chance, even if minuscule, of a surprise turn in the game. That is exactly why we cannot say that we offer a 100% guarantee of success for our predictions. We systemize our forecasts for the output of a given match and share them with you, having analysed and justified our prediction beforehand. Our goal is to allow you to use betting strategies and combine them with our prediction of the particular game, basing it on facts and statistics.

Which championships are included in the predictions?

We offer you the most interesting and disputed matches from every circle of the following tournaments:

  • England – hands down the most interesting tournament for many -The English Premier League.
  • Spain – the always disputed and unpredictable – Primera Division.
  • Germany – always the enticing Bundesliga.
  • Italy – the best of the Apennines, the Italian Serie A.
  • France – Passion and devotion; that is the highest level of French football – Liga 1.
  • Champions League – the largest club tournament of Europe, always offering disputed and interesting matches.
  • Liga Europa – the second most powerful tournament of Europe, a fight with many overturns in every match.
  • Copa America – the oldest tournament for national teams in which the countries of North and South America participate.
  • World Cup – Follow with us the biggest football event on which the best national teams in the world participate.
  • European Championship – we have not forgotten the matches of the UEFA European championship, which opposes the best national teams from Europe.

Where can you find the predictions?

For your convenience, you can find the predictions for all the aforementioned tournaments placed in categories on the website. You can also find them daily on our social media profiles as well:

We have to mention that our predictions are entirely accessible to all of our visitors, and each one is free. We receive no money from the bookmakers whatsoever for this. We express our predictions freely, and we don’t guarantee success, we have no way of doing that. Our goal is not to take your money, and we cannot call ourselves the best tipsters. What we offer is a well-researched and justified prediction so you can increase your chances for eventual success on your bets.

Good luck!