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Every bookmaker has its own quirks and benefits that make it unique. For most, they’re usually the generous and consistent bonuses. However, with Bet365, they go the extra mile by introducing the partial cash out system on their platform. Because the platform is the first to introduce this method, many bookmaker fanatics take advantage of this, thus making it popular among players all over the world.

For those who want to experience something new in their routine, Bet365 is an excellent choice, and I can tell you this because I have tried it myself! They do not only have multiple sports and casino betting games for their players, but they also have the partial cash out system integrated into their platform. We can now have something fresh and exciting to look forward to. If you’re one of us, who want to check out what Bet365’s partial cash out is, then here’s what you need to know.

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What is Bet365 Partial Cash Out?

To put it simply, Bet365’s partial cash-out feature allows us to cash out or withdraw a portion of our stake to an ongoing bet. We can even leave the other half of our bets active just in case our bet wins. Here, we will have the chance to withdraw an amount of our bet without waiting for the end results of the game we entered in. We can also choose to track down our selections and cash out on our chosen event or game through the site’s featured slider – a convenient way of tracking our activity. This makes cash-outs in Bet365 quick and easy for us players.

With this method, if I think that I’m about to miss on a bet, I can just remove a portion of my stake to avoid losing bigtime. On the other hand, if my bets happen to succeed, I can still receive some winnings. Hence, it’s a win-win situation for me.


However, take note that not all casino games and sports events are eligible for partial cash-outs. Thus, get to know the platform first. Before I start betting and using this feature, it was important that I checked out what’s open for cashouts so that I wouldn’t get my hopes too high. Right now, the feature is open to sports like Basketball, Cricket, Horse Racing, Soccer, and Tennis. In addition, only single bets and accumulator wagers are allowed for partial cash outs, so look at the updates from time to time for any changes.

Lastly, keep in mind that some games can change odds really quickly such as tennis matches. That is why players should always think twice and keep on the lookout for any changes in the results. Besides, Bet365’s slider feature is displayed visibly on the dashboard, so I won’t miss it. If you’d like a step-by-step guide as to how this works, here’s a short guide for you.

Steps in Cashing Out

Cashing out on Bet365 is simple as it does not require too many steps. If you’d like to try cashing out now, here’s what I did:

  • Step 1: I have opened a browser and search Bet365. For mobile users, open the mobile version of the platform. If you don’t have it on your mobile, go to the app store and simply download it.
  • Step 2: I have logged in my account. Once I’m in, simply go to the ‘My Bets’ section of the screen. It is found at the uppermost part of my dashboard.
  • Step 3: Here, I can now select what games or events to cash out. I click on the slider and decide how much I’d like to cash out. The potential returns and my remaining bets will be shown on the cash out button.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cashing Out Partially?

Knowing that I can already partially cash out anytime, it’s convenient for me to bet without constant anxiety. Plus, it’s advantageous for me when I place a bet multiple times. If I think that I am on a losing streak, I can just simply withdraw the money. Hence, it’s easier for me to place higher stakes as I will not only be provided with the odds, but I’ll also be provided with a fast option to cash out without too many steps.

The only downside of this feature is when I cash out too soon. Especially when the winning streak is consistent, it could get too tempting for me to cashing out early in the game. Although this is considered a good strategy sometimes, I might miss the opportunity to place a winning bet because of the fear of losing a great deal in the long run. This would result in receiving less and regretting after the game or the event, though I could still get some winnings somehow.


All in all, the partial cash out is a beneficial feature that I can always avail. Aside from its simple and easy-to-understand layout, I can also check out my potential returns and my remaining bets, which are conveniently placed on the cash out button located below the dashboard.

If you’re like me who enjoys the uncertainty of betting but still has the chance to withdraw anytime, then this bookmaker is where you should be. Because the site is considered as one of the leading bookmakers of today, you will definitely enjoy your stay on this platform not only because of its vast casino and sports betting offers but also because they have the partial cash-out system as well. Plus, the odds and the number of bonuses on this site are quite high, making it appealing for all players worldwide. If you’d love a good game with a high level of enjoyment, you should give Bet365 a try.

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  1. bo
    20.10.2018 at 14:32
    Bet365 stole me money on cashout!!! I CONFIRMED cashout on 350 $, and after that i check my account , they put just 287 $ in my account. Every other time when cashout sum changed, they would give you different amount to cinfirm it again. BUT NOT THIS TIME. How cen this be right? When they see that you are winning player,they will do anything to make you harder to win. Before i dudnt belive that they are capable to do such things,but now i know. Scums. In softwere,when i watch live, on right side in the middle i my bets option,where you can see on what bets you hawe that pair, and everyth
    Read more
    ing was ok for months, now, it only works for 30 seconds,and it disapierce, and after that,i have to refresh,to get that option again, for 30-40 seconds. They will do anything to get your money. After that ,i withdraw all money.