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  4. Sports Betting
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  8. Edit bets feature
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NairaBet Review

NairaBet is very popular in its origin country, Nigeria and in some other African countries such as Kenya. And its popularity is growing in other countries such as the United States, Canada, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. It is one of the fastest-growing betting sites as of late. It offers a sports betting platform that equals that of other giants in the online gambling industry.

NairaBet Registration

NairaBet’s registration process is quick and easy. In just a few minutes, you’re officially registered by filling up the necessary information. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to register at NairaBet’s online registration.

nairabet registration
  1. Step: Go to your computer’s internet browser and visit
  2. Step: Once you’ve entered the site, click the ‘Register’ button located at the top right corner of the webpage.
  3. Step: Fill up all the necessary information to set up your account, answer the ’yes’ or ‘no’ question of whether you have a promotional code, assure that you are 18 years old and above, and agree to the terms and conditions. Then, click ‘Proceed’. You’ll be taken to their ‘Congratulations!’ page as a welcome greeting.

Create an account

Activating and Verifying Your Account

You can’t start betting in NairaBet if you haven’t activated your account yet. To activate your account, log into NairaBet. Once you’ve logged in, locate the ‘My Account’ button and click it. Then, go to ‘Withdraw’.

You’ll see in the ‘Withdraw page’ a ‘Select of Manage Your Accounts’ section. That is where you’ll select your banking company and input your bank account number and bank account type. After, click ‘Save’. This is where NairaBet will deposit your winnings for withdrawal.

But before you can start withdrawing, NairaBet will verify your account first. To know whether your account has already been verified, check the icon beside ‘Select bank details’ if it’s already highlighted in green. If it’s still red, that means your account hasn’t been verified yet. Usually, the verification process only takes a day.

How to recover a forgotten password?

Recovering your account password in NairaBet is very quick and straightforward. Just click the ‘Forgot Password’ button on the password input box. The password recovery page will appear, and you’ll encode your account’s username in there. After, click ‘Proceed’. Another page will appear stating that a temporary password has been sent to your email address. Just check the email NairaBet sent you containing the temporary password. You can change the temporary password provided to you into a password of your choice once you’ve logged in.

Website Review – Layouts and Navigation

nairabet homepage

The website is full of information, especially the homepage. The homepage is loaded with tons of data; even a non-member can view them. This gives NairaBet a proper introduction to someone willing to register, and you can also see ongoing bets of different games.

When browsing and clicking the different icons on the site, it is very responsive, and the pages load efficiently, making the platform easy and fast to navigate. The design of the site is simple but functional, making everything readable and clear. The colours scheme of the site is just blue and white.

Betting on Sports

NairaBet is widely known for being a sports betting website covering almost every major sports league in the world, especially football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, and rugby. The site offers multiple features and bonuses that will satisfy your betting experience. Check out the list below.

You will have the option to bet on various sports and events. There are games for all of the popular and leading competitions as well as matches from leagues and tournaments which are not amongst the top ones.

Betting Options

The most popular sports featured in NairaBet that you can bet on are football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, and rugby. These games have the most number of sporting events in a day on different leagues from different countries. Leagues such as the Premier League, LaLiga, NBA, and NHL are among the most in demand. But there are also other numerous sports events that you can choose to place your bets on such as:

  • Tennis
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Cricket
  • Boxing
  • Badminton
  • Snooker
  • Dart
  • Handball
  • Aussie Rules
  • American Football (NFL)
  • Cycling

About the Odds

As a better, knowing the odds is always essential. As much as possible, we bet for those with the best chances. Thus, you’ll win more frequently, and you’ll earn more attractive prizes on every bet you place.

NairaBet provides you with odds of every match in every sport. Most notably to the most in-demand sports leagues and events. There are three formats to choose from in viewing the odds namely:

  • Fractions (ex. 13/5)
  • Decimals (ex. 3.60)
  • American (ex. +260)

Live Betting

nairabet live sports betting

The in-play function in NairaBet allows you to bet while games are currently in action. You can switch to other games quickly as well, and you can see the live-score and stats of the games changing as they progress. You can easily navigate to other sports events by clicking on the buttons located below the ‘In Play’ text at the upper left corner of the page.

On the right side of the page, you’ll see a layout of a sports field or court. It shows you what action is happening in the game as of the moment, but it does not show you an actual live feed of the game. It’s called live tracking which is part of their In-Play’s interface. Live tracking also shows you what side of the field or court the players are, and when a referee blows his whistle to signal a call. This helps you follow the game even if you’re not watching it live on TV.

Cash Out Feature

With Nairabet’s cash out feature, you can earn money even before the game you bet on reach its conclusion. Whether the team you rooted for is about to win or lose, it won’t matter. During the match, you can opt to cash out your money during the game anytime you want.

For instance, you placed a bet on a team that’s winning, and you don’t want to see the match’s final results, money to cash out will be offered by NairaBet. On the other hand, NairaBet also offers compensation money in case your team is not looking good and about to lose the match. Keep in mind that the value of the money you can cash out continually changes as the game progresses.

Live Streaming Services

NairaBet does not have a live streaming service. However, they have a live tracking feature that can help you keep track of a match, but it’s not a live video feed. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy betting on Nairabet. If you want to bet while watching live events, you always have the rest of the internet, and you can always search for sites that offer a live streaming feature.

Edit Your Bets

In NairaBet, you can change the accumulator of your bets even if you have already placed and submitted it. This is very useful when you’ve changed your mind about your bet or made a fatal mistake that may cost you.

For instance, you’ve betted for Liverpool to win against Barcelona, but you’ve heard the news that Van Dijk and Salah are not playing. Meanwhile, Barcelona’s first eleven is very strong with Leo Messi healthy and ready to play. To make your odds of winning high, you can change your bet by placing it on Barcelona.

However, there are a few general conditions in ‘Edit Your Bets’:

  • You can apply it to any sport.
  • The bets that qualify are only those with a minimum of 5 games.
  • You can remove some games on your bets as long as there are not less than 5 games.
  • You can add more games as much as you want.
  • You cannot reduce your stakes; you can only increase it.
  • You can only reduce your bets once.


nairabet virtual sports

NairaBet has a total of five games in their Virtuals section namely:

  • League
  • Eurocup
  • Tennis
  • Horses
  • Dogs

League and Eurocup are virtual football matches while the other three are games that their names indicate. League features local teams from major European cities while the Eurocup features teams that represent a European country. Each match shows you the odds just like in an actual real-life match. The same goes for Tennis and the two racing games Horses and Dogs.

Try Virtual Games


nairabet casino

NairaBet has a wide variety of casino games. Each casino game has its own unique theme such as a Christmas theme, sci-fi theme, gangster theme, treasure hunting theme, and more. The casino games are very entertaining and very interactive. You can enjoy bingo and keno games, instant win games, scratch card games, video slots, classic slots, and roulette.

The games run smoothly especially if you have a stable internet connection. The graphics look simple yet artistically made, and each game has its own unique and easy-to-comprehend set of rules and mechanics. With NairaBet’s casino games, leisure and instant prizes await you.

Options for Deposit and Withdrawal

Here are the methods in depositing and withdrawing money from your NairaBet account.

Payment MethodDeposit MinimumDeposit MaximumTime for DepositMinimum WithdrawalWithdrawal MaximumTime for Withdrawal
Visa LogoVisaNo limitNo limitInstant₦1,000₦500,0001 business day
MasterCard LogoMasterCardNo limitNo limitInstant₦1,000₦500,0001 business day
GTBank LogoGTBankNo limitNo limitInstant₦1,000₦500,0001 business day
Sberbank LogoSberbankNo limitNo limitInstant₦1,000₦500,0001 business day
Verve LogoVerveNo limitNo limitInstant₦1,000₦500,0001 business day

Keep in mind that only winnings can be withdrawn. Withdrawing deposits are prohibited.

Mobile Version Services

nairabet mobile site version app

NairaBet is also accessible in any mobile device with its mobile website version. The site version is mobile-friendly, which means that it can operate well in any mobile device. However, it drastically looks different from the desktop version to make the interface more comfortable to read on smaller screens. However, their colour schemes and patterns remain the same.

All the services of NairaBet in mobile devices are available and accessible just as they are on the desktop version. You can bet, withdraw, watch live and ongoing bets, play casino games, and enjoy other features on the palm of your hands. Basically, every transaction that you can do on the desktop version, you can also do on the mobile site version.


Being an affiliate in NairaBet is very advantageous. As an affiliate, all you have to do is invite and refer your friends to register in NairaBet. Once they’ve officially joined, within 6 months, NairaBet will pay you 50% of the revenue made from the friend you’ve successfully referred.

Applying to be an affiliate in NairaBet is as easy as registering for an account. All you have to do is go to their affiliate registration page wherein you’ll provide your contact details and other necessary information. Once you’re done filling in the registration form, click “Join Now”. Within 48 hours, you’ll get a response whether your application has been accepted or rejected. However, affiliate applicants are usually, and you will be provided with everything that you need as an affiliate, such as an affiliate code. You can log in from time to time as an affiliate in their affiliate login page.

Questions & Answers

Here are some questions you might have in mind about NairaBet and their answers.

1. Does NairaBet have a mobile app download or an APK file for mobile device instalment?

Unfortunately, NairaBet has not made a mobile app yet. However, the betting site is accessible in mobile device browsers.

2. Does the site have its own tutorial for new members?

Yes, you can click the tutorial button located at the upper right side of the homepage above the bet slip browser.

3. Do they offer voucher codes, bonus codes, and promo codes?

Yes, they offer voucher cards and codes that have tremendous advantages. There are even some that offer free bets.

4. What’s the meaning of the phrase “To win either half”?

It’s when you predict that a team you’re rooting for will win a half in a match. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first half or the second half.

5. What are the top casino games that give players the best chance to win instant handsome prizes?

NairaBet placed their most popular casino games in one place in the Top Games category of their Casino section. Here’s a list of their top casino games:

  • X-O Manowar
  • Tokyo Nights
  • Zodiac Fortune
  • Royal Charm
  • Santa’s Workshop
  • Lucky Keno
  • Rio Bingo
  • Roulette

6. Does NairaBet include major international events such as FIBA and FIFA World Cup tournaments?

Absolutely, just look out for announcements in case a major international tournament is fast approaching. Promos may also be offered.

7. In football matches, what is the meaning of the term “corner handicap”?

It involves a weaker team enjoying corner kick advantages given by a stronger team. You’ll either subtract the number of corner kicks from the actual in-game corner kicks of the stronger side or add corner kicks of the same amount to the actual in-game corner kicks of the weaker team. To win, the team you’re rooting for is required to have more corner kicks against the opposing team.

Company Info

NairaBet is an online sports betting company founded by a Nigerian entrepreneur and company owner, Otunba Akin Alabi. The betting company mainly offers online sports betting. They cover almost every major sporting event such as basketball, football, rugby, tennis, volleyball, boxing, and many more. NairaBet is a member of the Association of Nigerian Bookmakers, and it is regulated and licensed by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission.

Contacts Information

You can contact NairaBet via email, landline, or live chat. Here are the details:

Conclusion and Rating

NairaBet is undoubtedly one of the best online betting websites nowadays. In the years to come, it won’t be a surprise if they become the number one betting site in the world. They offer great bonuses for all of its members, it has an excellent interface that makes betting convenient and easy, and you’re provided with the best chances possible to win.

However, they do not have a mobile app. NairaBet could function more efficiently on mobile devices if they have a mobile app. Therefore, NairaBet gets a rating of 7 out of 10. But probably in the near future, they’ll develop a mobile app, and that’ll likely earn them a perfect score. Nevertheless, NairaBet is an excellent sports betting platform for both beginners and big-time bettors alike.

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