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Not Recommended Online Casinos

Online betting at casinos is an entertaining activity. However, be careful when you come across a new brand – it might be a legit casino or a scam! To do this, check out our blacklist of casinos we don’t recommend to avoid problems:

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An alternative:

Of course, not all casinos are a bad choice. If you want to see alternatives, you can check these online casinos, which are tried and tested. You will also find a detailed review of each of them exemplifying the reasons why we recommend them.

Warning Signs of a Shady Casino

Some clear signs will warn any observant player to avoid a shady site. As is the case with blacklisted bookmakers, the scam casino sites can also be spotted quite easily. Watch out for any of the following issues at every new casino you encounter.

Lack of license and regulations

No information about a license on the site most definitely means lack of valid license. This is quite worrying, to say the least. Besides, if there is no SSL certificate either, just close the site and never reopen it again.

Too many bombastic promotions

Yes, it is true. Most if not all of the best casinos are known for their generous offers. But they are quite infamous for their high rollover requirements. Now imagine a suspicious casino brand that offers a very generous welcome offer with no wagering attached. This has to alarm you of the potential danger of signing up with the casinos.

Annoying pop-ups and banners

Admit it! It is not only annoying to have to deal with pop-ups and notifications all the time, but it is also distracting and counter-productive. Steer clear of such sites as much as possible.

No live chat support

There are only a few casinos that offer top-notch support. Still, most do have a live chat option on their site. Its absence along with no on-site message form must speak volumes to experienced players – this is definitely a casino you should avoid.

Mostly negative reviews online

It is in the nature of people to voice their opinion. So, both positive and negative reviews flood the internet daily. However, should you notice that real users tend to rate very lowly the same casino, beware! It might be a brand not worth your time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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