Treasures of Egypt Casino Game Review

The Treasures of Egypt casino game from Mr Slotty takes players into the depths of a pyramid in hopes of uncovering a lost treasure. This game has five reels and 25 adjustable paylines for you to enjoy.

How Popular is Treasures of Egypt and Why?

The main draw of this game is its attention to detail graphically. This, combined with the flexible style of its gameplay, creates an exciting experience every time you spin.

The Theme of Treasures of Egypt

The Treasures of Egypt casino slot takes you on a tour of Egyptian ruins in search of untold riches. The background of the slot is beautifully rendered and helps immerse you fully in the quest for buried wealth beneath the sand.

How to Play Treasures of Egypt?

When playing Treasures of Egypt online, you’ll need to first select the menu underneath the spin button to adjust your settings. This slot offers 25 adjustable paylines, so make sure to place a wise wager. Once you’ve selected your stake amount, exit the popup menu and click the spin button to test your luck.

Treasures of Egypt RTP (Return to Player) & Variance

The Treasures of Egypt RTP is 94% and medium variance. Although this is well below the industry average, its volatility allows flexibility between playstyles. It is a solid choice for any player.

Graphics, Sound, Gameplay & Visual Elements

Treasures of Egypt

The game itself is incredibly immersive, with the symbols, background, and sound design meshing together to create a complete atmosphere. Treasures of Egypt blows expectations out of the water. The spinning process is smooth with little to no graphical disparities to mention.

Symbols, Features & Bonuses

Each symbol in Treasures of Egypt takes the form of a historical artefact. You’ll find (from lowest to highest scoring) a scarab, a cat, a scroll, a vase, an eye, an ankh, and a golden pharaoh’s mask, with the wild symbol being a pyramid.

One bonus in this game is won by revealing at least three scatter symbols, which in this case take the form of a bust. You can earn anywhere from one to 10 Treasures of Egypt free spins this way.

You’ll also have access to a gamble feature on winning spins.

Can I Play Treasures of Egypt from Mobile? (for Android & iOS)

You’ll have access to this slot from an in-browser view on either Apple or Android devices. Some virtual casinos additionally offer mobile applications, on which you can also access this slot.

Recommended Strategies for Treasures of Egypt?

Our main suggestion in terms of Treasures of Egypt strategies is to test it out first. You’ll be able to play for free at Betenemy.

A cautious better would also set win and loss limits before sitting down for a session. This game’s medium variance and adjustable paylines put a lot of power in your hands in that respect – you receive no benefit to betting the maximum.


Are outcomes in Treasures of Egypt random?

Yes. The Treasures of Egypt casino slot utilizes a random number generator to ensure fairness at all times.

Can I play Treasures of Egypt and win real money?

Yes. You can win real money while playing this slot, though we recommend trying a Treasures of Egypt demo first.

How much is the minimum bet amount to play Treasures of Egypt?

The minimum bet (all lines covered) is 0.25 coins.

What is the maximum bet amount to play Treasures of Egypt?

The maximum bet (all lines covered) is 25 coins.

What is the volatility of Treasures of Egypt?

This slot features a medium volatility/variance.

How many reels do Treasures of Egypt have?

This game offers five total reels, each with three rows.

Where can I play Treasures of Egypt?

Treasures of Egypt is available at hundreds of online casinos. You can find the Treasures of Egypt free slot right here at Betenemy.

What is the best symbol in Treasures of Egypt?

The best symbol in Treasures of Egypt outside of the wild and scatter symbols is the golden pharaoh’s mask.

Our Verdict: Treasures of Egypt Rating & Comment

Treasures of Egypt is a well-designed slot machine that we recommend for anyone from the casual gambler to the high roller. This is truly one of the most beautifully designed games on the market today – check it out first at Betenemy.

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