Space Race Casino Game Review

Houston, this is Moon Unit Alpha. We’re entering the lunar trajectory, and we’re ready to place our bet on 20 paylines. Play ‘n Go has given us a bonus game to reach the moon, but there are loads of meteor showers that allow Space Race free spins.

How Popular is Space Race, and Why?

Space Race online is a popular video slot, and here’s why:

  • Bonus games
  • Space Race free spins are activated with the meteor shower symbol
  • Coin values are adjustable to suit any betting budget
  • Space Race free slot plays when using the demo version

Space Race Theme

Mankind has always been fascinated with space. Space Race casino slot takes advantage of this fascination to give a clean playing and simple video slot that offers a chance to don a spacesuit and explore the great unknown.

How to Play Space Race?
  1. Wager options are at the center bottom of the screen.
  2. Adjust the coin value from 0.01 to 1.00.
  3. Adjust coins one to five, over one to 20 paylines.
  4. Press “Space” on the keyboard (pun intended) or the spin button to spin the reels.
  5. The autoplay button is located at the far right of the control panel.
  6. The yellow “i” button to the left of the control panels displays symbol values and paylines.

The Space Race RTP (Return to Player) & Variance

The Space Race RTP is 94.23%, which is a bit lower than expected for modern video slots.

The volatility of the Space Race casino game is medium. It requires an amount of patience to score a big win. The Space Race play free version is available to play so you can hone your gameplay strategy.

Graphics, Sound, Gameplay & Visual Elements

Space Race SlotS

pace Race casino slot plays on the back of mankind’s obsession with space exploration. All graphic symbols and gameplay are akin to the allure of extraterrestrial travel. Earth, moon, space traveller, and a satellite are the various themed symbols you’ll see.

Released in 2013, Space Race online is starting to show its age. The graphics, although in line with the theme, are dated and could use a refresh.

All the sounds used in the Space Race casino game sing a familiar space-related theme song. The woosh sound when spinning and the zips and laser-like sounds as the reels start and stop are much like those you’d hear in a sci-fi film.

The bonus game, with a meteor strike to attempt the destruction of the landing module, has decent visuals. The explosions caused by the strike are adequately styled.

Space Race free spins aren’t spins, as a matter of fact, but rather a meteor shower running across each reel. The meteor shower, accompanied by screen shaking and an excellent soundtrack, was our favourite feature.

Symbols, Features & Bonuses

Space Race features the conventional A, K, Q, J, and 10 card symbols in addition to the space-themed motifs. The wild symbol is the one titled “Space Race” with a badge-like appearance that looks like it could be at home on an astronaut’s pressure suit. This substitutes for various symbols to strike a winning payline, just like you’d find in any video slot.

Meteor showers are used as scatter symbols. When three of these are struck in the reels, it activates the “Warning – Meteor Shower Approaching” signal and activates Space Race free spins. It offers an extremely generous 15 free spins and an increased chance to score a win that will catapult you into the space age!

The bonus game is activated with three lunar module emblems. Here, you attempt to land on the moon by selecting your coordinates on a grid. Each level brings you one step closer to the moon but also decreases the size of your coordinate map. One meteor strike isn’t enough to end your chances, fortunately, as your module has a shield protecting it. Enduring another meteor strike, however, ends your chances of a successful landing mission.

Can I Play Space Race on Mobile? (for Android & iOS)

Space Race online is only available on the desktop.

Recommended Strategies for Space Race

This slot game has medium volatility, so one of the best Space Race strategies is to have patience and not change the betting amount or coin value often. Choose a strategy that suits your budget, and stick to that as far as you can.

Space Race free slot plays on the demo version will give you the chance to test fire your launches and spacewalks to avoid meteor collisions when travelling to the moon.


Where can I play Space Race for real money?

You can play it on our website where Play ‘n Go slots are offered.

How much can I win from Space Race?

You can win up to 5,000 times the original bet.

How much is the minimum stake?

The minimum stake is 0.01 coins.

Will I lose my money in the Space Race demo version?

The Space Race demo uses free credits.

Does Space Race have a progressive jackpot?

No, it doesn’t.

Can I play Space Race on Android?

Space Race is for desktops only.

What’s the RTP for Space Race?

The Space Race RTP is 94.23%.

Is Space Race random?

Yes, it uses a random number generator.

Our Verdict: Space Race Rating & Comment

Space Race fails to launch. Dated graphics and a stale soundtrack cause an engine misfire on this one. If you do play it, the bonus game and meteor strike Space Race free spins are worthwhile. We score it 3 out of 5.

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