Rise of Ra Casino Game Review

The Rise of Ra casino slot aims to cash in on the ever-popular Egyptian theme. It offers a variety of modern video-slot technology rolled into a neat package.

How popular is Rise of Ra and Why?

The Rise of Ra casino slot is popular for the following reasons:

  • Five reels over three lines
  • 15 fixed paylines
  • Easy gameplay
  • Rise of Ra play free demo is available to fine-tune your strategy

The theme of Rise of Ra

Ra, the sun god, is probably the most important god of ancient Egypt. It was believed that he ruled over the sky, the earth, and the underworld.

In this video slot, you’re an Egyptologist studying all the artefacts regarding Ra. In the tomb that you’re exploring, you’ll uncover a multitude of priceless Egyptian artefacts that each hold their own power and value.

How to play Rise of Ra?
  1. By pressing the blue “i” button, you’ll be able to get accustomed to the gameplay.
  2. The orange rectangle next to “i” is the autoplay button, which can be set to spin until the credits are depleted.
  3. To the far left, just above the aforementioned buttons, your credits are shown, represented as diamonds.
  4. To place a wager and spin the reels, choose a number from 15-300 – note that there isn’t a separate “Spin” button.
  5. When you’ve won credits, the amount is displayed to the far bottom-right of the screen.
  6. Below that, you have the chance to “Gamble” your winnings – if you choose this, you try to predict the next card – if you pick the correct colour (red or black), you stand a chance to win a handsome return.

Rise of Ra RTP (Return to Player) & Variance

The Rise of Ra RTP is 95.97%.

Volatility is high-medium, so a fair amount of patience (and a sizable betting budget) is required to play this game.

There is also a free play Rise of Ra demo version to plan your strategy for this game.

Graphics, Sound, Gameplay & Visual Elements

Rise of Ra

Rise of Ra online offers decent graphics. The Egyptian-themed symbols are easy to recognize and their colours are brilliant. We especially like the dark background of each symbol, which makes you feel that you’re in a dark tomb with only a torch to light the way.

There are multipliers in the form of the wild symbol, which doubles in value when it substitutes for a symbol. The scatter symbol unlocks the Rise of Ra free spins mini-game.

Sound is not the game’s strong suit. EGT has made use of traditional slot sounds and has opted to not produce an Egyptian-themed soundtrack.

Symbols, Features & Bonuses

There are 11 symbols present on Rise of Ra online, so it’s easy to be overwhelmed as an Egyptologist. To add to the excitement, we still have a scatter and a wild symbol on top of that, for 13 total symbols!

Ra and his queen pay up to 15,000 credits if you’re lucky enough to have a full payline of 5 winning symbols. The hieroglyphic drawings on the tomb walls will reward you with a maximum of 8,000 credits.

The Eye of Horus and the Sphinx will reward you with 5,000 credits each. Ra’s signature symbol, the Falcon, along with the Ankh and an ancient vase, will all reward you with 2,000 credits each.

The Hound of Anubis and the staff will pay 2,500, and the treasure chest, ironically, pays the least at 2,000.

All these values are doubled when a wild symbol is part of the winning payline. And if Ra’s favor is upon you, the wild symbol can pay an astronomical 200,000 credits.

As a bonus, there is a scatter symbol that will unlock Rise of Ra free spins, where all your winnings are tripled during the 15 free spins.

Can I Play Rise of Ra from mobile? (for Android & iOS)

Rise of Ra is mobile-friendly, as EGT is a mobile-friendly specialist.

Recommended Strategies for Rise of Ra?

Rise of Ra online is a high-medium volatility slot, so patience is required when exploring the tomb’s tunnels. Treasures might just be around the corner, but you’ll need to search hard for them.

One of our favourite Rise of Ra strategies is to place medium wager amounts that won’t deplete the kitty entirely but will still offer enough to Ra to appease him.

If you’re not into that, there is Rise of Ra play free demo, where you can work out your gaming strategy.


How much can I win from Rise of Ra?

You can win up to 60,000 during free play. There aren’t any free spin games, but there is a gamble feature, if you want to attempt an increase of your winnings.

How much is the minimum stake?

The minimum stake is 15 credits.

Will I lose my money in the Rise of Ra demo version?

Rise of Ra free slot play on the demo version doesn’t use real money and is risk-free.

Does Rise of Ra have a progressive jackpot?

No, it doesn’t offer a progressive jackpot.

Is Rise of Ra random?

Yes, it uses a random number generator (RNG) to ensure fairness of play.

Our Verdict: Rise of Ra Rating & Comment

There are many Egyptian-themed video slots available to play. Rise of Ra online is one of the better ones.

It offers an exciting gameplay with myriad Egyptian symbols and enough multipliers and free spins to keep you spinning for hours.

Grab your torch and come explore the Rise of Ra. We give it a 4 out of 5.

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