Legend of Cleopatra Casino Game Review

Playson developed the Legend of Cleopatra online slot. It’s one of their latest releases and the game that pays homage to the beautiful Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. The Egyptian theme is a long time favourite among casino slots, and the Legend of Cleopatra reflects it particularly well.

Some would argue that this is an unoriginal theme and that Playson didn’t try too hard to develop a new narrative. Still, the game does have some creative elements in its design and gameplay style compared to similar casino games.

How popular is Legend of Cleopatra and Why?

The Legend of Cleopatra casino game is not rated as one of the more popular slots around; it has been criticized for having a low-top jackpot and below-average RTP. However, it does have beautiful graphics and a well-designed theme of ancient Egypt. The betting range is big, and the free spins and multipliers keep the excitement levels high.

The Theme of Legend of Cleopatra

As you might expect, the beauty of Cleopatra, queen of ancient Egypt, are the main themes of this game. It has imagery you would expect of this time in history, including pyramids, tombs, treasure, scarabs, and gods and goddesses, as well as other Egyptian kings and queens.

The setting of the reels is a bathing chamber in Cleopatra’s palace, and you can “take a bath with Cleopatra” if you place a high stake. The soundtrack of the game is inspired by authentic Egyptian sounding music that isn’t invasive or irritating.

How to play Legend of Cleopatra?
  1. Step 1: Start the Legend of Cleopatra demo mode and click the “Play Free” button.
  2. Step 2: Choose your bet amount on the left of the play button.
  3. Step 3: Change your auto-play options and enable them with the button on the right of the “play” button. This includes how many spins you want and your maximum spinning amount or respective loss amount.
  4. Step 4: After deciding, press the “play” button.
  5. Step 5: Winning will be indicated by a chime sound when multiple identical icons correspond to an icon in the bonus bar at the top of the roller.
  6. Step 6: The scarabs in the top bar indicate how much your winning will be multiplied by when you hit the corresponding icons.

Legend of Cleopatra RTP (Return to player) & Variance

The Legend of Cleopatra RTP is 95.05%, and it has a medium variance.

Graphics, Sound, Gameplay & Visual Elements

Legend of Cleopatra Playson

Legend of Cleopatra has imagery you would expect of this time in history, like pyramids, tombs, treasure, scarabs, and ancient gods and goddesses, as well as Egyptian kings and queens.

There are six reels (framed in gold) in the graphics set in different sized rows. Reel one has two rows, reel two and three have three rows, reel four has four rows, and reels five and six have five rows. It might seem confusing, but it makes for exciting gameplay because it creates 100 paylines.

There are wild symbols that match with other symbols to make longer lines. There are also scarab scatters for bonus free spins, forming winning combinations if you get three on an active payline.

Symbols, Features & Bonuses

The regular symbols of the Legend of Cleopatra casino slot are the 10, J, Q, K, and A symbols. They have the lowest value in the game but come up more frequently. They appear alongside the Anubis, Osiris, Bastet, Cleopatra, and Legend of Cleopatra Logo that act as the premium symbols with a higher value.

The most valuable symbols with the highest capacity for wins are the wild and scatter symbols. The wild symbols are the word wild in gold, and they can appear on their own or fill an entire reel. When they do fill a reel, another reel is randomly chosen to be filled with wilds too.

The symbols you will be holding your breath for is the scarab which is the scatter symbols. It triggers free spins starting from 2 spins for two symbols and goes up to 15 spins for five scatters on the board. During the free spin bonus round, the scatters might reappear in reels one to five trigger more free spins. You can retrigger free spin rounds up to 50 times.

Can I play Legend of Cleopatra from mobile? (for Android or IOS)

Yes, you can, as it is related to HTML5 technology.

Recommended strategies for Legend of Cleopatra?

Although slot games work with random number generators, here are a few Legend of Cleopatra strategies to better your chances at winning. We suggest you try them out in the Legend of Cleopatra free play.

  • The “3 Stars” technique
    Spin a certain number of times (chosen by you) at a certain wager amount.
  • Martingale
    Double your bet after every empty spin.
  • Anti-Martingale
    Reduce the bet twice after each empty spin.
  • Umbrella
    Change the bet size in a fixed pattern.
  • One play
    Play with the highest possible stake using the button “max bet”.


Are outcomes in Legend of Cleopatra random?

Yes. Each spin is unique.

Can I play in demo mode and win real money?

No, you can’t win real money in demo mode – it’s just for practice. If you want to win real money, you have to play in real-money mode.

How much is the minimum amount to bet on Legend of Cleopatra?

This amount is a 0.01 pay line bet.

How does this slot differ from others?

The Legend of Cleopatra free slot has six reels instead of 5, and they have varying rows of symbols, starting with two and increasing to 3,4, and then 5.

How many free spins is it possible to get on Legend of Cleopatra?

It is possible to trigger the Legend of Cleopatra free spins bonus round up to 50 times.

What is the value of the Jackpot in Legend of Cleopatra?

The Jackpot is worth 500 credits.

What graphics does Legend of Cleopatra have?

It has 3D and HD graphics.

Our Verdict: Legend of Cleopatra Rating & Comment

We give this game four stars.

It is perfect for players who enjoy the Egyptian theme, and it’s not too complicated to play. It has simple strategies, lots of free spins, a pleasing design, and a vibrant soundtrack.

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