Classic Blackjack Gold Casino Game Review

The Classic Blackjack Gold casino game by Microgaming presents blackjack with amazingly realistic graphics and fun, intuitive gameplay. You have the best seat in the house at this table, and the designers wanted to make you as comfortable as possible by including prompts for insurance bets, for example. This game even has a ‘Quick Deal’ feature to speed things up should you demand more immediate gratification.

How Popular Is Classic Blackjack Gold and Why?

  • One standard deck
  • Dealer stands on 17
  • No peek
  • Double down on hard 9, 10, and 11
  • Split once for two hands
  • Splitting aces with multiple cards

The Theme of Classic Blackjack Gold

The theme of Classic Blackjack Gold is classic blackjack play at a photo-realistic virtual table identical to standard land casino tables. For the online player that appreciates exceptional graphics, there’s ample detail to feast your eyes on. Although you can turn sounds off in the settings, the female dealer’s voice is an addition to the game that successfully adds to the virtual experience.

How to Play Classic Blackjack Gold?
  1. Step One: Click on the arrows next to the chips on the bottom left of the table. As you click the arrows, chips of different colours and values are revealed
  2. Step Two: Select the amount of the chip you want to play
  3. Step Three: Click on your betting spot, which says “Tap to place bets.” You’ll put one chip of the value selected onto the table. To increase your bet, click again, and you’ll add a chip of the same value to your bet
  4. Step Four: Click the “Deal” button. (A small hand holding an ace of spades). You will be dealt two cards face up, and the dealer is dealt one card
  5. Step Five: Click on “Hit” or “Stand.” A hit will deal you a card, and standing will initiate the dealing of cards to the dealer
  6. Step Six: Click on the “Re-bet” button to bet the same amount again. You’ll now be ready to press “Deal” again

Classic Blackjack Gold RTP (Return to Player) & Variance

The Classic Blackjack Gold RTP is 99.91%. A variance rating does not apply to this game.

Graphics, Sound, Gameplay & Visual Elements

Classic Blackjack Gold

This video card game has realistic rendering with exquisite detail, making gameplay all the more enjoyable. The cards flip as they’re dealt, and the chips glisten tastefully. The game instructions on the table are expertly drawn, as are other details from the show to the currency slot.

The Demo version has no background sound, while the paid version may have the sound of a land casino in its soundtrack. During gameplay, you’ll hear the dealer’s voice who says the number of the sum of your cards as you play. The voice will also say “push,” “player wins,” and the question “insurance?”

Gameplay is fun and easy. If you don’t want sound or want to use the “Quick Deal” feature, you can customize your play accordingly.

Symbols, Features & Bonuses

Classic Blackjack Gold online has a Re-Bet button (blue arrows around some chips). You may find this to be an added convenience if you’re satisfied with your bet amount.

Look for the double down button when you get a hard 9, 10, or 1 (some blue chips with x2 on it).

Can I Play Classic Blackjack Gold from Mobile? (for Android & iOS)

Yes, Classic Blackjack Gold online can be played on all leading mobile devices, tablets, and smartphones. Microgaming has optimized this game for mobile platforms and no download is required.

Recommended Strategies for Classic Blackjack Gold

Your Classic Blackjack Gold strategies for play could include starting by playing free. If you play the Classic Blackjack Gold demo, you can save money while you practice. Other methods may include always betting on insurance or always doubling down.


Are outcomes in Classic Blackjack Gold random?

Yes, the outcomes in this game are random because it uses a random number generator (RNG).

Can I play in demo mode and win real money?

No, you can’t win real money because you get Classic Blackjack Gold play free in demo mode.

How much is the minimum bet in Classic Blackjack Gold?

The minimum bet in this game is 1.00 coin.

Is there a progressive jackpot in Classic Blackjack Gold?

No, there’s no progressive jackpot in this game.

What year was Classic Blackjack Gold released?

Microgaming released Classic Blackjack Gold in 2006 and updated it in 2020.

How much can I win from Classic Blackjack Gold?

There’s no fixed win amount because it depends on how much you staked.

What are some similar games to Classic Blackjack Gold?

Some similar games to Classic Blackjack Gold are Hi Lo Blackjack (Realistic), Mike Tyson Blackjack (Inspired Gaming), and Blackjack MH (Play’N GO).

Where can I play Classic Blackjack Gold with real money?

You can play Classic Blackjack Gold online at online casinos on our site.

Our Verdict: Classic Blackjack Gold Rating & Comment

Classic Blackjack Gold gets a five out of five because it has an intuitive interface for blackjack play and has particularly stunning graphics. You can almost feel the green felt of the game table and the shiny wood finish. Microgaming worked with the best designers for this one, and it shows.

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