Chinese New Year Casino Game Review

We find ourselves in 2021, which in China is the Year of the Ox, and Play‘n GO has a slot game based on exactly that.

The Chinese New Year casino slot offers 15 paylines, a bonus game, wild and scatter symbols, a multiplier, and autoplay – a whole slew of perks to keep you spinning. Your Chinese New Year could be fortuitous, too. Keep reading to find out how!

How popular is Chinese New Year, and why?

The Chinese New Year casino game is popular with video slot players for a variety of reasons, including:

  • 15 paylines
  • Five coins per line, for an increased chance of success
  • Chinese New Year free spins are available with the correct combination of symbols
  • Minimum one coin bet
  • Autoplay function
  • Chinese New Year free slot play on the demo version

The theme of Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year casino game, very simply, is based on the various symbols of the Chinese zodiac.

All of the animals of the zodiac are present: rat, ox, dragon, dog, goat, rabbit, snake, tiger, pig, horse, monkey, and rooster.

Each animal, according to Chinese folklore, brings a different element to that specific year. This game also offers different values with each symbol.

How to play Chinese New Year?
  1. To place a bet, press the button with the three horizontal lines on the right side of the screen.
  2. At the top of the screen that was opened by step one, you’ll find different tabs at the top of the screen. Adjust bets under the “Bet” tab.
  3. To spin the reels, press the round green button on the side of the screen.
  4. By clicking anywhere on the screen as the reels are spinning, you speed up the stoppage of the reels.
  5. When a winning payline is struck, you either have the chance to Gamble or Collect.
  6. If you Gamble, use your winnings to predict the outcome of a card game for either colour or suit. The winnings can be collected at any time during this, returning you to the slot game.

Chinese New Year RTP (Return to Player) & Variance

The Chinese New Year RTP is 96.65%, which is average for modern video slots.

Chinese New Year online is a medium volatility slot. Normal spins yield small but frequent wins. Chinese New Year free spins and bonus games, however, can garner significant gains.

Graphics, Sound, Gameplay & Visual Elements

Chinese New Year

As mentioned previously, the slot reels of the Chinese New year casino game contain assorted animals of the Chinese zodiac as its symbols. The animals all have individual characteristics and are very well rendered. Every animal you’ll see (except the ox, for some reason) is smiling at you. Very charming, we think.

The game enters a different level when one of the mini-games is set off. Getting the monkey symbols to spark the Chinese New Year free spins triggers a cut scene, where the mischievous monkey bangs a gong and lights the spinning wheel filled with the entire Chinese zodiac.

Another bonus game is the lighting of the firecrackers that take off and explode, bringing good fortunes. Ahem, coins, I mean.

All these graphics and bonus games are beautifully crafted and are enough to put most modern video slots to shame.

Sounds fit in perfectly with the Chinese theme. The Chinese lute music meshes perfectly with the other modern electronic sounds. While the game is idle, the music is soft and calming; it increases in tempo and grandeur as you approach a winning payline or activate a bonus game.

Symbols, Features & Bonuses

What struck us immediately about the Chinese New Year casino slot is the lack of the usual playing card symbols of 10 through ace. It’s refreshing.

Each animal represented on the reels have different values, of course. The tiger is the wild symbol and can pay up to 5,000 coins, depending on the bet. The dragon is the symbol that sets off the bonus firecracker game, where you can win up to 150x your initial bet. To play the bonus game, the dragon needs to be stopped in reels three to five.

The monkey is next in line, and when stopped in reels one, three, and five, it can pay 5x the original bet and gives you Chinese New Year free spins. The amount of spins gets determined by the animal that is selected on the zodiac spinning wheel.

All other animal symbols pay between 5 and 1,000 coins.

Can I Play Chinese New Year from mobile? (for Android & iOS)

Unfortunately, Chinese New Year online is desktop-only.

Recommended Strategies for Chinese New Year

Don’t modify your bet repeatedly – this is one of the best Chinese New Year strategies we found. Play the same stake continuously, as this gives the highest chance of getting free spins.

To hone your strategy, there is a Chinese New Year demo version.


Where can I play Chinese New Year for real money?

On our trusted online casinos where Play‘n GO slot games are offered.

How much can I win from Chinese New Year?

Up to 150x your bet.

How much is the minimum stake?

A low $0.01.

Will I lose my money in the Chinese New Year demo version?

The Chinese New Year play free demo uses no coins.

Does Chinese New year have a progressive jackpot?

This slot is not a progressive slot.

Can I play Chinese New Year on Android?

No, it is not available on mobile devices.

What’s the RTP for Chinese New Year?

The Chinese New Year RTP is 96.65%.

Is Chinese New Year random?

Yes, it uses a Random Number Generator (RNG).

Our Verdict: Chinese New Year Rating & Comment

The Chinese New year casino slot has loads to offer. The colours and shadings are superb and we loved the bonus game and Chinese New Year free spins cut scenes. Fantastic visual sequences coupled with a great musical score make this one a certifiable hit.

The iron ox arrives every 60 years, more or less. We suspect you’ll be playing this one until the next iron ox comes around. It’s outstanding.

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