5 Dazzling Hot Casino Game Review

“Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling me you built a time machine?” – Marty McFly, in the movie “Back to the Future.”

Yeah, that’s how we feel: It’s like EGT has built a time machine with the 5 Dazzling Hot casino slot. When you play a five-reel, five-payline fruit slot, you’re going back in time.

Read on to find out why this isn’t a bad thing.


How popular is 5 Dazzling Hot, and why?

5 Dazzling Hot online is popular because it has:

  • The much-loved and wildly popular fruit slot theme
  • Uncomplicated gameplay and functionality
  • Easy-to-understand dynamics
  • Five reels and paylines
  • Free play on the 5 Dazzling Hot demo

The theme of 5 Dazzling Hot

Fruit everywhere. That’s about it. Here and there, you’ll see a “7” as well.

This 5 Dazzling Hot casino game turns back the clock to a time where “fruities” were at the top of the slot machine food chain. All the favorites are there – oranges, lemons, watermelons, and cherries.

How to play 5 Dazzling Hot?
  1. Pressing the blue “I” button opens the paytable, which shows the symbol values.
  2. The orange button next to that starts the autoplay sequence. Unlike other slot machines, the number of auto spins can’t be set.
  3. Your credit balance is shown just above these two buttons and is represented as diamonds.
  4. To place a wager, you select a number in the bottom-center portion of the screen. Selecting a number starts the reels automatically.
  5. Your winnings are displayed to the far right at the bottom of the control panel and are added automatically.
  6. After each win, there is a Gamble function that gets activated below the winnings. This opens a Gambling card game where you get to predict the outcome of a playing card for a chance to increase your winnings.

5 Dazzling Hot RTP (Return to Player) & Variance

The 5 Dazzling Hot RTP is 95.74%, which is average for modern slots.

Volatility is low on this video slot, which means small but frequent wins are commonplace.

Graphics, Sound, Gameplay & Visual Elements

5 Dazzling Hot

Lemons look like lemons, and oranges look like oranges … you get the point. The design and layout of the symbols are vibrant and colourful. 5 Dazzling Hot isn’t designed to dazzle you with its graphics and three-dimensional video sequences, but it gets the job done.

Whenever the fruits form part of a winning payline, they go up in flames. Pretty dazzling, we felt. It added a small amount of excitement to the game, which could become bland very quickly.

In terms of sound, well, there isn’t much to report on. Reels sound like most other video slots, and a winning payline sounds like a small sequence to notify you of your win. No fancy orchestral scores or award-winning symphonies here. Just plain and simple – and we loved it that way.

Symbols, Features & Bonuses

So you want 5 Dazzling Hot free spins? You won’t find them here. Want a bonus mini-game? Look elsewhere.

This video slot doesn’t want to dazzle you with its modern (sometimes overstated) mini-games and bonuses at every spin. This is a straight shooter that offers five reels and five paylines.

Your best friends are those Lucky 7s. Depending on your betting amount, these can pay up to 100,000 credits. How do you like them apples?

Grapes and watermelons offer up to 10,000 credits, while lemons, oranges, plums, and cherries all pay a juicy 4,000 credits if the betting amount and paylines all lineup.

Can I Play 5 Dazzling Hot from mobile? (for Android & iOS)

5 Dazzling Hot can be played on your mobile device’s browser on Betenemy.com.

Recommended Strategies for 5 Dazzling Hot?

Endurance – this is one of your best 5 Dazzling Hot strategies. Sure, it has only five reels and paylines, but matching three lemons in a row can prove challenging. Just stride through it, and the wins will start coming.

Luckily, the low volatility makes for easy play, so your patience won’t get tested.

To get a gaming strategy that suits you, there is a 5 Dazzling Hot play free demo available.


How much can I win from 5 Dazzling Hot?

Up to a dazzling 100,000 coins.

How much is the minimum stake?

Just 10 credits.

Will I lose my money in the 5 Dazzling Hot demo version?

The 5 Dazzling Hot free slot plays on the demo version, will not use real money, and is entirely risk-free.

Does 5 Dazzling Hot have a progressive jackpot?

No, it does not offer a progressive jackpot.

Can I play 5 Dazzling Hot on Android?

Yes, it is available on a mobile browser on Betenemy.com.

What’s the RTP for 5 Dazzling Hot?

The 5 Dazzling Hot RTP (return to player) is 95.74%.

Is 5 Dazzling Hot random?

Yes, it uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure fairness of play.

Our Verdict: 5 Dazzling Hot Rating & Comment

EGT didn’t set out to dazzle you with bonuses, mini-games, multipliers, or elaborate graphic sequences. They gave you a simple video slot that offers effortless gameplay in a neat package.

The gamble feature, if you’re brave (or lucky) enough, can offer you the chance to double your winnings up to five times. That’s enough to dazzle even the greatest critic.

Simple is good. We like simple and so would you. We score 5 Dazzling Hot, a 4 out of 5.

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