How to find working strategies for sports betting?

There are numerous types of sports online on which gamblers can wager. The best bookmakers have extensive listings in their sportsbooks, featuring a range of popular as well as small niche sports. Many also offer both esports and virtual sports categories.

If you’re new to sports betting, then you may be wondering what the best way to wafer responsibly. We’re going to analyse various methods that are at your disposal below. Furthermore, we’ll find out how wagering at sportsbooks can potentially lower the risk.

Where to find sports markets in sportsbooks?

where can be found sports markets in bookmakers sites

A first-time punter might be confused upon first entering an online sportsbook. We don’t blame you. From the second that you open the bookie’s website, there’s a tremendous amount of detail on the page. However, sports betting will go more smoothly as soon as you understand how the layout and design work.

There are two specific areas for you to wager on matches. The first is the primary game section labelled ‘Sports’. While the left side menu provides all of the sports available, the central part of the page gives you an overview of all of the matches and markets for the top competitions.

The second section is the ‘In-Play’ menu. Selecting it brings up all of the information for sports games that are currently live. Not only will you see the in-play markets, but as a registered member, you can also watch the live feed in the right panel.

All of the action happens when you choose a sport. You’ll find all of the available events to wager on, as well as the markets linked to them. If you want to wager on any of the sports markets, then simply click on the game for the full details to appear on your screen.

Understanding sports markets and odds

The above statement is the perfect segue for the next section. In order for you to find working tips for sports betting, you should first understand how the markets and odds work. Furthermore, learning what the top markets are to bet on will go a long way to helping you find some value bets.

It’s not within the scope of this article to teach you how markets and odds function. Instead, we want to highlight how essential it is that you understand them. Many new gamblers make the mistake of wagering on sports without fully comprehending exactly what they’re betting on.

You can start your journey by browsing through the bookie’s available sports and by selecting any game. When the event markets appear, read through them. Moreover, perform research online to obtain a better understanding of what they mean before you wager on any of them.

The following advice is intended for both new and veteran punters alike. If you scroll down to the bottom of the bookmaker’s site, then you’ll find a link to its sports betting rules. These regulations spell out the do’s and don’ts for wagering on each type of sport on its site.

We’ll expand on the topic of the significance of this point when we discuss specialising in sports betting further below.

Pre-match and in-play sports betting

pre-match and in-play sports betting

We’ve already indicated that operators split their sports betting into two segments. There’s a specific reason for this separation. While each of the sections contains different types of markets, there are also various working strategies available for both.

What types of markets you can find is evident from the titles. For pre-match markets, you’ll see all of the bets that you can only wager on before a match starts. Conversely, in-play betting refers to punts that can be made while a game is ongoing.

Once you learn how markets and odds work, you’ll understand how best to apply that knowledge to pre-match and in-play markets. Both approaches offer ample opportunities to bet on sports. If you master any of the strategies that we’ll discuss later in this article, then you can calculate which markets will give you the better edge.

However, it’s necessary to realise that in-play betting is the more volatile of the two categories. While pre-match provides, potentially, medium-term bets by the end of the game, in-play betting offers instant opportunities, but higher risks. Markets open and close at a furiously fast rate. Bear in mind that you can lose your bankroll just as quickly.

Specialise, don't generalise

Now that you have a better understanding of the sports markets and odds, it’s time to decide on the sports in which you’ll specialise. It’s a common mistake to jump in and start betting on all of the games that offer the best opportunities to get the edge at sports betting. However, we strongly advise against it.

As you read through the subsequent points in this article, you’re going to realise how much work goes into sports betting. While you should view gambling as fun and entertainment, throwing caution to the wind y by betting on every game available isn’t financially responsible. Instead, it’s better that you focus on a few select sports to develop a wagering strategy.

Spend time analysing which sports offer the top chances at value bets. Furthermore, investigate which games are the most popular matches on which to gamble. While we recommend choosing at least one sport to start with, you can move up to about three sports to specialise in once you master obtaining expertise in your selected category.

Research teams and players

Specialisation in betting can assist when it comes to researching teams and players. Once you’ve chosen your sport, analyse the various opponents in leagues and competitions. This step is crucial if you want to lower your risk when betting.

While researching the history of team matches is essential, you’re better off checking out league and season fixtures. For instance, Manchester United may have performed exceedingly well in the previous season, but might find themselves near the bottom of the league for the current one. Keep an eye out for potential contests where a team has a record for beating another in head-to-head rivalries.

Reading up on team information is only one aspect. Knowing your players is just as significant. They may be in top form or are low in performance, based on busy schedules or personal circumstances. Furthermore, you may get in-play bets correct if you correctly anticipate which players are likely to score the first points or whether or not a player might reach a specific milestone in the match.

Researching teams and players might also identify the conditions under which they perform better. For example, a tennis player may have a penchant for playing better on grass surfaces as opposed to clay courts. As any Formula 1 fanatic knows, a specific racer may excel in rainy weather.

As you can see, paying attention to the details of sports matches is essential. You can learn valuable information that will help you to find working strategies for sports betting.

Tailored sports strategies

Gambling gurus have spent years developing the best strategies for wagering responsibly on sports. This fact is yet another reason why we recommend specialising in a few selections. While you can generally utilise certain strategies with several sports, some target a specific category.

A popular strategy is 1X2 betting. If you open up matches where three outcomes are possible, then you’ll notice ‘1’, ‘X’ and ‘2’ symbols above the odds. Most sports have this setting, including soccer, tennis and rugby.

The ‘1’ indicates the home team or favoured player, the ‘2’ refers to the away team or outsider, while the ‘X’ represents a draw. The system provides an opportunity to gamble on more than one outcome. Veterans of the strategy know which combinations to bet on for the best chance at finding better bets.

Another strategy used is 1.01 betting. As indicated by its name, it refers to betting on markets with 1.01 odds. It may sound like a strange notion since you won’t receive much, but it’s an almost guaranteed bet. Gamblers who use this system spend a tremendous amount of time hunting 1.01 odds and focus on slowly building their bankrolls.


There are many more strategies available that you can find online. However, please remember that these plans of action require expert wagering and close attention to detail. Furthermore, if your operator catches you out using a system that abuses its sportsbook, then it will probably close your account.

Read the latest tips, news and updates

A safer way to find working strategies for sports betting is to read the latest betting tips. If you’ve selected which games you want to specialise in, as recommended above, then sign up for the latest betting tips for your selection. You never know when you’ll receive a hint that will bring you some returns.

Blogs and newsletters are also essential. They provide updates and news about sporting events. While we’re sure that many of you would prefer not sifting through the news online, we advise that you stay ahead of the game this way nonetheless.

Some operators have a news page for all its sporting events. It’s categorised per category, so you can quickly switch to the selections in which you’re specialising. Moreover, you can access the news section on your mobile device.

Of course, the bookie may not have all of the latest information available. For this reason, it’s vital to also sign up to newsletters from outside sources. You might find useful tips and betting guides (like this one) to aid you in betting responsibly.

Use betting credits for low-risk punting

We’ve left the best for last. Some bookies offer numerous opportunities to get a bonus in their sportsbooks. While some bonuses come in the form of a risk-free bet, operators also reward members with betting credits. The primary method of doing so entails signing up with the welcome bonus.

New members may receive betting credits to the value of the first deposit and stake of up to 100%. While this offer is exciting for new customers, there are some promotions for existing members too. For instance, some operators feature horse races that reward you with a free bet for the next race. You’ll also receive a refund if you lose the free bet.

These are only a few examples of how to get bet credits in online sportsbooks. They provide you with opportunities to test any of the strategies we’ve Hindicated with low risk in losing your funds. With this in mind, remember to gamble carefully and do your homework before placing any wagers.

Final Words

Some people believe that wagering requires luck. While the nature of gambling implies chance, there’s a specific skill set found among those punters who have mastered the art of sports betting. Sure, some strategies and tips will let you down at some point. However, the guide above will help you to secure more successful bets than if you simply bet on any markets hoping for a lowe-risk bet.

However, it’s essential to note that finding the perfect working strategy for sports betting is never guaranteed. You should always gamble responsibly. We’ve done our best to guide you in the right direction. Nonetheless, it’s up to you to effectively manage your bankroll and practice wisdom with every bet you make.