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Virtual Betting Sites: How Do They Work?

virtual betting sites

Gone are the days when betting on sports was restricted to football betting and playing the ponies.

Among the first out the gate was the addition of the Olympics, Paralympics, wheelchair basketball, chess and even the elections. At present, we’re living through the advent of virtual sports. What is a virtual sport? Which sports are on offer? How does it work?

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at virtual betting in more detail. First, let’s have a look at some of the virtual sports that are on offer.

Which Kinds of Virtual Sports Are Available?

In this article, we’ll be focusing specifically on the mechanics of virtual football betting. As with all things in the gambling industry, these simulated sports have grown in proportion and popularity. The times are long gone in which Virtual sports were available for baseball alone. Games are now available on betting on football, baseball, horse racing, basketball, dog racing and Formula 1 to name a few.

But where did virtual sports originate? Let’s have a closer look.

The Origins of Virtual Sports Betting

The first of these digital sports came about, as might be expected, as a spin-off of daily fantasy sports. In 1961, a man named John Burgeson coded a basic form of Fantasy Baseball.

Technically speaking, even modern-day forms of virtual sports are a kind of fantasy sports. This is because machines simulate all of the games.

That brings us to the next point, and the real reason for our article: how does fantasy sports football work? What are the principles behind it?

The Principles Behind Virtual Football Betting

There are many virtual football wagering sites out there, and I’m sure that many of us would like to know precisely how they work. We’re going to try and explain this in the simplest possible terms so that we all get the gist of what’s going on.

If you very intensely oversimplify virtual sports betting, then the games involve betting on a simulated sports event. When it comes to virtual football wagering sites, that sport will be virtual football.

How do these simulations work? How exactly are the results chosen? Could someone theoretically know which results are going to be selected before the match ends? Can you cheat the system?

Unfortunately for mathematically inclined individuals, the chances of hacking the system are meagre. The results are chosen entirely at random by a random number generator. But wait, where do these numbers come from? What do they factor in? Let’s have a look.

The Basic Concept Behind Digitised Sports Betting

Alright, let’s start at the beginning. As is the case with daily fantasy sports or any fantasy sports, virtual football betting bases its results on real-life athletes.

Programmers write codes to incorporate the playing data of various athletes. The system then generates a full match, game, or even race, depending on the sport at hand.

In the case of these digital football wagering sites, the software would generate a full football match. The algorithms and software involved are very advanced. They can create an entire animated play-by-play of any section of the game and any goals scored. How does the software decide when to generate goals, which player will score the goals and even which team will win?

The Driving Force

This is the slightly more complicated part of virtual football betting. Each simulation consists of multiple algorithms that measure different things.

One algorithm might determine the likelihood of any specific player scoring a particular kind of goal. This algorithm contributes information to help shape the match, by telling what the chances are of specific goals.

Another theoretical algorithm may determine the likelihood of a specific team winning. Again, this will be based on statistics and probability. However, that particular algorithm is incredibly advanced and intricate. It generates several hundred to several thousand possible outcomes to any given match.

The algorithm gives each outcome a number. Then, a random number generator selects a number which translates into a result. Once the system has selected a specific outcome, then several of the lesser algorithms construct a full football match. These algorithms study the athletes, field conditions and other factors that affect a football match.

Once they’ve done their job, they can show you exactly which athlete scored a goal at any given time in the game. They can show you which athlete got a theoretical red or yellow card.

They can even show you a blow by blow of how specifically the match went down. So, in response to the question: “can someone know the results of a match before the match?”, the answer is no.

Other Things to Know About Virtual Sports Betting

important details for virtual sports sites

There are a few basic things you may wish to know, whether you’re on virtual football wagering sites or you’re playing the virtual ponies.

Firstly, you should realise that the waiting periods for virtual sports are much shorter than the waiting period for actual games. The reasoning for this is simple. Virtual animated athletes don’t need to rest, eat, spend time with their families or do any of the other things that real-life athletes do. They are at the constant beck and call of the sports betting operator.

Therefore, you’ll find that virtual football betting matches are a lot more regular. In just about every other way, however, virtual sports Betting is equivalent to regular sports betting.

You’ll still find the same Moneyline odds, decimal odds and fractional odds. You can even choose a virtual team to be undeniably loyal to. Just as with regular sports, anything can happen. As long as you wager wisely and use a good strategy, then you stand a chance to win big.

Remember, though, there are no guarantees and no sure things in the betting world. Gambling is risky by definition, and we cannot guarantee a win for any of the strategies that we recommend.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this virtual football betting article and that you have given some of the virtual football sports betting sites a try. May the odds be ever in your favour.

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