types of sports bets

In this part of our guide, we have included several of the most popular sports as well as the particular types of bets offered for each sport. Those mentioned below are far from all that is offered, but they are the primary and most popular in most sites as well as among physical bookmaker checkpoints and sports bars.

Along with every type of bet, we have added a detailed explanation, making sure that even those of you who are just starting will understand everything most pleasantly and straightforwardly.

1. Variety of bets on football matches

  • Final result – this is a forecast that has three varieties – home win, X, or guest win. A win for the home team usually marked with an odd of 1, a draw is precisely an X, and a win for the guest team is a 2. You must guess the exact result of the match to win.
  • Double chance – a double chance reduces your risk since it gives you a 67% chance of guessing the exact result of a given match. With the double opportunity, you can combine two of the options, for example, 1 and X in a bet of 1X. Then you need the match to end with a win for the guest so you can win. Of course, here the odds are usually way smaller.
  • To qualify – this type of bet is usually on elimination matches of a group phase, in a league and so on. In reality, you are betting on whether or not a given team will qualify from, for example, two elimination matches of a Championship league, if the team will be eligible for the Euro Cup if they will be eligible first in the group and so on. These are more long-term bets, and they also have smaller and averaged odds.
  • Under/over some goals – this is one of the most popular options for clients of online bookmakers. You have the right to forecast under or over some goals that will score in a given match. There is a standard of under and over 2.5 goals, but there are also options such as under/over 0.5 goals, under/over 1.2 goals, under/over 3.5 goals and so on; sometimes you can go up to under/over 9.5 goals. This is especially practical in live matches where you can often catch big odds for such a game.
  • Exact result – this is a game where you have to guess exactly how many goals both teams will score. Or make a forecast that the match will end at 0:0. With these bets the odds are, and there are many varieties such as exact result, half-time result, correct result up to a certain minute, and exact result at any time.

    The exact result is played mostly by fans of a football strategy from a particular championship which has been solidified over time as one of the most successful.

  • First half-time/end result – yet another popular bet in which, if you truly are confident in the success of a given team, you can increase your odds. Here you bet on what the score will be at half-time and later again on an end result. For example, a forecast of X-2 will mean that at half-time the match was at an X, and then it became 2. And here you can sometimes see odds of over 100 if, for example, you try with the success of a favourite team at half-time and a loss later on. Or you can just bet on your favourite team to be winning at half-time and the end.
  • Both teams to score – an incredibly popular option which often appears in circulations. You forecast that both teams will score and from then on you don’t care about the result. It can be 1:1 or 10:1, you bet is still a success.
  • Asian Handicap – a fast-rising handicap where you have quarters or halves lead for a particular team. The goal is to dodge a draw as a possibility so your chance of winning can rise to 50%. Here, your bet divided in 2 and you can either win the entire profit or half of it.
  • Corners – making a bet on the number of corners there will be in a match. Once again you have the option of under/over. You can try with over/under corners by half-time, corners for a particular interval of time or up to a certain minute in the match.
  • Cards – similar to corners, you can bet over/under some cards that there will be in a particular game, up to the first half-time or during a specific interval of time.
  • Next goal scorer – next goal scorer or first goal scorer is a forecast on who will score the next goal in the match or who will score first of there haven’t been any goals yet. The odds are often the lowest for the best scorers of both teams.
  • Goal scorer – this is a bet on which football player will succeed in scoring a goal during the full 90 minutes. There are also many varieties such as a player scoring 2 or 3 goals in the match. The odds are great.
  • Time of goal – this is a somewhat risky bet but with reasonable compensation. You have to guess when a goal will be scored in minute intervals, usually 10. No matter who scores, you win, unless you put down exactly who you think will score that goal in those 10 minutes.
  • Goals even/odd – here you have to guess if the match will end with an even or odd number of goals. If you put down even then, you need an X or a win with an even lead for one of the teams. If you put odd, you need the success of a one-goal difference for one of the teams or an odd lead.

2. Tennis bets

  • Winner – The most standard bet on who will win the match. You have only two options – 1 or 2 since there is no X in tennis bets or the game at all.
  • A set winner – here you have to guess who will win a particular set. You have to indicate which set you have made your forecast for. From then on, the end result does not matter to you.
  • A bet on each separate game – you can bet on who will win a particular game and if you are betting against the server the odds are high. You can also bet on a false line in favour of one of the teams.
  • Bets on points in a game – you can try and guess how many points there will be in the match in different ranges.

3. Basketball bets

  • Winner – here, once again, it is incredibly rare to have a draw. It depends on how you’ve played the game; sometimes overtimes are part of the end result where there is always a win for one of the teams.
  • Handicap – usually a lot of the matches are with a false line in favour of one of the teams so it can be more exciting and the odds can be more appealing.
  • Over/under some points – you can bet on how many points over there will be for one of the teams at a quarter-time or any other time interval.
  • Even/odd number of points – once again you can try and guess if the points at any interval of time will be an even or an odd number.
  • Points by a player – you can make a forecast on how many points will be made by a particular player on the team.

4. Volleyball bets

  • Bet on a winner – there is no draw here, one team always win in 3-5 games or sometimes in 2-3.
  • Set winner – you can bet on a particular game and who will win it. Most often there are odds for the first game, but it all depends on the bookmaker.
  • Bets on under/over a number of points in a game and match – there are a lot of possibilities for betting on over or under the number of points made in a particular game or match.
  • Points made by a player – you can try and guess how many points an individual player will make.

5. Bets on boxing/martial arts

  • Winner – here there is a chance for a draw but it happens very rarely, and the odds are enormous.
  • In which round the match will end – you can try and guess if there will be a knockout from one of the contenders if the match will be played till the end and so on.
  • How many rounds will each player win – here you have to try and guess how many rounds a particular contender will win.

6. Hockey bets

  • Winner – you bet on who will win the entire game.
  • Winner of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd third – you only have to guess who will win a particular third which you have chosen. If you don’t guess, you lose your bet.
  • Division champion – this is a long-term bet in which you have to guess who will win a particular championship or tournament.
  • Bet on goals – you have to guess over and under the number of goals that will score in a game.
  • Exact result – you win if you guess the exact result of a particular game.