What are the best ways for wagering on football?

Football has become one of the most popular sports on which to wager. Records reveal that over half the punters opt for football betting throughout the world every year. However, it’s challenging to get the edge and be responsible at the same time due to factors such as player performance and team errors.

This article looks at the best ways to find low-risk wagers when football betting. It includes wagering strategies as well as tactics that you can use for specific football markets. Additionally, we’ll investigate the different types of stake betting in this world-renowned sport.

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Strategies for football betting

While there are punters who gamble simply by placing bets on any football market, veteran gamblers rely on trusted strategies. It provides a reliable method of being responsible when football betting while reducing the risks. We’re going to discuss some of these strategies below.

strategies for football betting

Predictions models
Statistical information is arguably the best system available for football betting. While many gamblers collect stats and develop models, there are those bookmakers and betting corporations that offer prediction models. These systems make it easier for registered members to decide how to place their bets.

Of course, you need to find a trustworthy prediction model. It requires trial and error while comparing your data to ensure that you’re getting the most from the strategy. As well as helping to predict match outcomes, it can also assist in finding value bets where bookies odds are slightly off.

Football betting tips
If you’re not in the mood to do all of the work, or if you don’t have the energy, then you can turn to football betting tips. Some blogs and bookmakers provide these tips, hinting at gambling opportunities in upcoming matches. There’s no shame in relying on this information for football betting.

You must find accurate football tips. Some gambling sources base their predictions on what they ‘feel’ will occur. While they hinge the information on experience, it’s better to locate tips established by statistics and mathematical calculations.

Tracking records
Have you ever made a record of your football betting? It may sound absurd, but keeping track of your wagers will assist you in the long run. You can effortlessly spot trends where you’re betting on the same types of bets, as well as identify the markets in which you often lose.

Most bookmakers provide a betting history in your account profile. In effect, this online records system does all of the hard work for you.

Nonetheless, you should arrange the data in such a way that you can easily recognise more low-risk patterns in your punts.

Odds comparisons
Many gamblers make the mistake of sticking to one bookmaker with which they’re satisfied. There’s nothing wrong with loyalty. However, you may be missing out on better odds with a different bookie, which means missing out on more responsible wagers.

We recommend shopping around and comparing your sportsbook’s odds with a few others online. As with prediction models and football tips, you can also source gambling associations that calculate these comparisons for you. You must ensure that the odds comparison tools are accurate, though.

If your bookie provides loyalty points or bonuses for betting with them, then we understand entirely why you would stick with them. Yet, the free bets or rewards need to cover the investment that you could have made with better odds somewhere else. All we’re saying is that you should do your homework.

Trends and patterns
Prediction models are notorious for recognising trends within a football season or league matches. While the model systems rely on statistics, identifying patterns relies on conducting proper research. You may be able to predict the outcome of a game by recognising when a team is starting to underperform.

You can generally identify it when teams have heavy schedules. Moreover, specific teams tend to perform worse at single matches that don’t form part of league competitions. If you have a knack for recognising the conditions under which players excel or flounder, then you’ll be risking less more often than not.

Kicking against the wind
One football betting strategy that may alarm you is wagering against public opinion. While there’s a high degree of risk involved, you’ll undoubtedly receive more edge off higher odds. Yet, you’ll need the utmost confidence that you’ve identified the perfect opportunity.

Bidding against the grain includes wagering on teams that are losing with some indication that the game might change. You can bet on the underdog to strike back, or that the losing home team might draw the game with a final goal. Whichever way you decide to play it, remember that you need absolute certainty that the results will turn in your favour.

Determine your niche
You can identify in which football leagues you’re better at betting with the help of your bet tracker. If you find that you’re better at a specific football league, then make that your niche. You have a passion for particular teams or competitions and should take financial advantage of it.

Consistent strategies
We recommend sticking to one or two strategies that work for you, rather than being all over the place with hundreds of methods. Even if your plan loses a few times, adjust it slightly until you’re back to low-risk wagers.

Useful football betting tactics

football betting tactics

The previous section dealt with methods and strategies for making responsible football bets. In this section, we want to run through popular wagering tactics for different football markets quickly. These tactics are used by experts all over the world to potentially increase their chances.

Back and lay wagering

Halftime/fulltime betting


Double chance

Last-stretch goals

Head-to-head rivalries


Lucky 15

System bets

Scorecasts and Wincast

Football staking systems

Types of staking systems

Football strategies and tactics are only two types of ways of betting responsibly. Using staking systems is a third. These systems revolve around determining what type of stake you’ll make over a series of games. While there are numerous staking methods used all over the world, the list below provides the most popular ones.

  • All in: when you place all you have left in your bankroll on a bet.
  • Fibonacci: increasing your stake exponentially, with your new bet amount being the sum of the previous two wagers (£/€/$10, £/€/$20, £/€/$40, £/€/$60).
  • Martingale: increasing your stake exponentially by doubling your previous wager (£/€/$20, £/€/$40, £/€/$80, £/€/$160).
  • Fixed: always betting the same stake regardless of the outcome (£/€/$20, £/€/$20, £/€/$20).
  • Adjusted fixed: always betting the same percentage of your bankroll (4%, 4%, 4%)
  • Kelly staking: consists of a formula which calculates the optimum stake over a series of wagers.
  • Labouchere: a progressive staking system towards a primary goal.

Staking recommendations

While football betting strategies determine the ‘how’ and ‘when’ of gambling, staking systems identify the ‘how much’. Going all in is irresponsible and, therefore, not recommended. Moreover, progressive staking systems may make you bankrupt given enough time.

Both the Fibonacci and Martingale systems rely on you increasing your stake with every loss. This factor implies that you expect to be successful at some point. Fixed betting also means that you’ll keep betting the same amount, no matter how much funds you have left. Your bankroll may run empty before that happens, though.

For this reason, we recommend the adjusted fixed method. It takes into consideration the amount left in your bankroll, and you’ll only stake a percentage of what you have left. If you lose, then your next stake will be lower and vice versa.

The Kelly staking system is similar to the adjusted fixed method. However, it’s an improved system that takes both your bankroll size and the best odds over a series of bets into consideration.

Pros and cons of football betting

Before we finish up, let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of football betting.

  • Advantages
  • Big gambling industry
  • Hundreds of markets and matches throughout the year
  • Small stakes are better for lower-risk wagers
  • Strategies, tactics and staking systems can assist punters
  • Numerous bookies publish football betting tips
  • Disadvantages
  • Strategies require energy, time and commitment
  • Not all bets are guaranteed
  • Obsessive gambling may lead to addiction

Final Words

Our detailed article reveals exactly how much effort goes into football betting when done right. There are many ways of betting responsibly and with a lowe risk, but not all of them are guaranteed to be successful all of the time. Experts spend days calculating statistics and predictions for an upcoming football match.

Even if you’re simply gambling on football for entertainment, you can employ any of the tactics to secure improved results. Just remember to bet responsibly and to manage your bankroll correctly.