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How To Play Irish Lottery At Ladbrokes

There are lots of fun things to try when you visit an online gambling site. Many of them now offer multiple products, including sports betting, scratchcards, casino games and the lottery. These services all have unique features that will keep you entertained and give you the chance to win various amounts.

One popular product that you might have noticed is the Irish Lottery, sometimes known as the Irish Lotto. You’ll find this feature of the Ladbrokes website, along with other products like Daily Millions Lotto.

If you’re eager to find out more, want to learn how to play this fun lottery game and are looking to explore the Ladbrokes website, then this guide will deliver. Firstly, you’ll get a good idea of what Irish Lottery is, and if that piques your interest, then there’s our step-by-step guide to playing is sure to get you going.

What is the Irish Lottery

Irish Lottery or Lotto is like a standard lottery. Ordinarily, you would buy a ticket to invest in the prize pot. Then, depending on how many numbers you match, you would win something. When playing at Ladbrokes, you can buy a ticket elsewhere and play this game.

There are draws on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with a 6 or 7 ball draw, including the bonus ball. You can choose which draw you want to play. It’s the main lotto game in Ireland, but you don’t need to be from the country to play this game.

When you play the Irish Lottery at Ladbrokes, you aren’t buying a lottery ticket. Instead, you’re entering a fixed-odds game, where you bet on the outcome of the lottery. You’re still predicting which numbers will be drawn, but it’s a bet that can exist alongside your lottery ticket.

How To Play

how to play Irish lottery from Ladbrokes

As mentioned previously, this is a fixed-odds game, which is sometimes known as lottery betting. First, you’ll want to decide which draws you’re betting on. The choices are the Wednesday main draw, second draw or third draw, and the same options are available for Saturday. You can tick boxes to enter multiple draws.

There’s also a tick box option for you to decide whether you want to include the bonus ball as one of your possible numbers. This is one of the variations in the fixed-odds format. You can decide whether to predict anywhere between one to five numbers. The more numbers you aim to predict, the higher the odds. For example, predicting two numbers gives you odds of 53/1 or 38/1 if you include the bonus ball.

The maximum odds are 124,999/1 if you aim to predict five numbers without including the bonus ball. On the Irish Lottery page, you’ll find five blank spaces on white balls. You can click on each ball and then choose a number. It will go green and show the number you’ve selected.

If you prefer, you can choose Lucky 3, Lucky 4 or Lucky 5. This will fill out the balls randomly, and the number of predictions you’re making corresponds to 3, 4 or 5. You can reset the numbers if you change your mind about any of your selections before placing your bet. Once you’ve decided on your stake, and have added the bet to your bet slip, you’ll see your potential returns calculated.

Your Guide To Playing

Follow these steps to play the game:

  1. Choose your draw(s).
  2. Decide whether to include the bonus ball.
  3. Choose how many numbers to bet on.
  4. Select your numbers or use the lucky dip buttons.
  5. Enter your stake amount in the box.
  6. Place your bet.

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Deposit And Withdraw

You’ll need a Ladbrokes account to play Irish Lottery. Registration is quick and easy. You’ll need to enter information, such as your name, email address, and residential address. Once you’re registered, the account verification process will need to take place. This involves an identity check, and you might need to supply additional documents.

If you have an account, then you’re ready to start playing. It’s a real money game, so you’ll need to deposit to place your bet. There are lots of options available at Ladbrokes. Recommended methods include PayPal, debit card, ecoPayz and fast bank transfer.

PayPal is a fast and secure method, and it’s also available for withdrawals. Funds can be in your PayPal account within 2 to 6 hours. There aren’t any charges from Ladbrokes for using this option either, which makes it popular for Irish Lottery players. Unlike playing the traditional lottery, there aren’t any checks from the lottery commission. Once the winnings are in your Ladbrokes account, you can make a withdrawal.

What You Can Win

Now that you know how to play Irish Lottery at Ladbrokes, it’s time to focus on the prize. Fortunately, you’re already on your way, as you know how to deposit and access your winnings. Playing Irish Lottery at Ladbrokes isn’t like buying a ticket, although you can do both and potentially double your winnings.

Since the odds of playing Irish Lottery are fixed, you’ll always know how much you can win once you’ve determined your stake. In the standard lottery game, you’ll only know how much you can win once everyone has bought their tickets.

If you correctly predict all five numbers, without the bonus ball, you’ll get £/€/$124,999 for every £/€/$1 you bet. The bottom line is that there are large amounts to be won. Predicting all five can be tough, but you can reduce the risk while still looking to win a sizable amount at 700/1 for three predictions correct.

Feeling Lucky?

You might still want the luck of the Irish, but you’re already in a great place to start playing Irish Lottery at Ladbrokes. It’s a fun game to play, and now you know exactly what to do! If you like to play the lottery, but also want to make some more money from your predictions, then this game is worth trying.

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