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Bet on Tennis Meets – How to Do It

Tennis bets have gained serious popularity – this can see by the increasing statistics of players betting online on the sport. For example, only at some bookmakers, on women tournaments, you can see overall bets for millions of pounds, most of them usually on live meets. And that’s not even counting star tournaments from the big four – Nadal, Federer, Murray and Djokovic.

betting on tennis - tips and advices

How to bet on tennis using a variety of bets

The most common type of bets remains that on an end result

The plus side for this type of bet is that there are only two outcomes – a meet does not end in a draw like in football. Of course, the odds are smaller because of this. But bookmakers (such as Bet365, Efbet, Sportingbet and Betfair) also make mistakes and sometimes you can find odds close to 1 for a tennis player and an even bigger one in another place. Even so, this remains a serious bet if you’re after a sure win with a lot of money.

Bet on a set are also not to be missed

Here the odds are more profitable but are also harder to guess. In a 3-set match you have four possible outcomes – player 1 to win 2:0, win 2:1, lose 0:2 or 1:2. This way, with good knowledge of the tournament and faith, for example, that Federer will beat Dimitrov in two sets, you can bring yourself a bigger profit from a bet on a win for the master. It’s good if you’re a beginner, to the first start with forecasts for a win and then consider how you will do in these more precise forecasts.

The result in the first and second set is yet another possibility for a forecast

Most online bookmakers offer options for an exact result for the first set and separately for the second one. However, here you must be a professional. Of course, you can also bet live on this option, believing in a turning point or using your impression of the game of a particular tennis player.

A bet on a winner of the first set is also widely spread online

Here you have to guess who will win only the first set, not caring what happens later on in the game. You have to be clear as to which tennis player is known as a clever contestant and then this bet can turn into something more secure.

Tournament winner

Of course, there is always the chance to bet on a winner of the tournament. That is very profitable if you believe in a new title for Rafael Nadal, Roland Garros or the domination of Serena Williams in yet another women’s tournament.

Live bets once again

If we must touch on live bets again then we must mention that there are many profitable strategies.

Other Types of Bets

There are also other bets. Usually, bookmakers offer more than 20 markets for single matches. They include options such as the winner of the second set, handicap, one tennis player receives a certain number of games advantage against bigger odds for the other if there will be a tie-break in the meet and so on. There is plenty of variety. The question is to be able to choose the right forecast. For this, you need to have studied the rivals and carefully evaluate the odds.

For example, one of them is the prolonged game on advances. You can choose a match, usually with women or mixed couples, in which to chase after an advance in each subsequent game. With a tournament outside of the Top 50 of the rankings usually, both contestants are not that stable at the serve, and there are plenty of advances. The strategy played with one bet from the first game which gets doubled if your forecast isn’t successful. The good thing is that here you can find odds for an advance in each game sometimes from 4 or more. In reality, with a 1 euro bet you can lose three times before hitting the advance with 8 euro from the 4th time and win 32 euro. With such a success you begin again with a 1 euro bet.

Betting strategy

Other similar strategies can be found in our section “strategies” and more accurately a strategy for bets on serves. The important thing is to familiarise yourself with the game of tennis, to do your homework, to play for a while with small amounts before diving into the deep. You have to be clear as to why you’re playing – you’re looking for the thrill, or you believe that you know to win big. It’s important that you don’t get too greedy. Tennis offers fewer surprises, but there is still a chance for them. A win of 10-15 per cent from your long-term investment doesn’t sound so bad.

Unfortunately, lately, there have been several scandals about arranged matches from tennis tournaments on a very high level. So you should be careful when betting. Ask advice from a friend, if needed, follow forecasts of other professionals; it’s always good to get a second opinion.

Tennis is a fantastic sport and you can win from it!