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  1. History of Horse Races
  2. Betting Options on Horse Racing
  3. Combinations in Horse Races
  4. Tips and Strategies

Essence and history of horse races

Horse racing might not be among the most popular of sports to bet on in Bulgaria but, in reality, millions of viewers around the world show interest and many earn quite a profit with their knowledge of the sport. There are races every day of the year, and they take place all around the world. The popularity of the sport has already captured the attention in a big way, and more and more races are being streamed live on television for the entertainment of those who like to bet.

Some people follow the sport just for the thrill of it, but many favour it because of the profits. Horse racing is extremely popular in the United Kingdom and Australia. Also, many bookmakers have a special section just for it, and they strive to compete with one another with the best offers, promotions, bonuses and odds for the clients.

horse racings betting tips

Of course, when you bet on a particular event, it automatically becomes more interesting, even more so if you’re a fan of the sport. Happiness over the win of your horse can bring you a substantial profit.

For sure, betting on horse races is among the most popular worldwide with prospects for that to be more and more evident in the coming years. It’s not at all hard to begin, and you can quickly learn the basics and after which try your luck.

In Bulgaria, there are not that many experts of the sport, but if you believe that all horses and races are the same, you are mistaken. The types of races are also very different and favour one horse or the other.

Betting options on horse races and odds

There is a whole bunch of betting options for this sport. There are standard odds for a winner, bet on a horse to be in the top 3 or 4 of the race, bet on exactly which the first three horses will be, as well as many special bets.

1. Win of particular horse

The most standard and most played is a bet on a winner. With this bet you must guess will be first. Then you win. The bet for a place in the race offers that a horse finishes at least in the Top 2 with smaller odds but also a smaller risk.

2. Top 3

The so-called “Show bet” is for a place in the Top 3 with even smaller odds.

3. Triple combicantion (aka “Overboard”)

We can also talk about the “over board” bet. It is a triple combination where you bet on a win, a place and a “show.” If your horse finishes first you win the entire amount. If it finishes second, you win part of the amount, and if it finishes third, you win an even smaller amount. If you don’t guess at all, then you win nothing.

4. Exacta

There is also an option for the advanced. The “Exacta” bet gives you the chance to forecast which two horses will finish in the first two positions and if you guess right you win a large amount.

5. Trifecta

With the “Trifecta” bet you must guess the first three horses of the race. An Inverse “Exacta” and “Trifecta” mean that you must guess the first couple or threesome, no matter which horse exactly will be in the rankings.

6. Superfecta

For the true optimists, there is the “Superfecta” option where you can try to guess the first four horses in the rankings.

There are also combinations in horse races

One of them is the Double win. With this combination, you must guess the winners in two different races. It’s not easy, but it brings in a lot of money. The same goes for the Triple win.

The accumulator here entails any bet on more than three selections in the races. Respectively, for the purpose, bookmakers offer a bunch of combinations with different systems.

Trixie, Yankee, and Super Yankee are only some of them. With these systems, you have the opportunity to make double forecasts, triple forecasts, quadruple and so on. Guessing, however, is not easy at all and you would have to have done your homework.

Tips and strategies

It, however, remains the charm of the sport -The many betting options and combinations. There is no need to be familiar will all of them right away; rather, you should begin with the simpler things and then leap combinations. In Betenemy’s guide we have included plenty of information and recommendations on the subject.

There is no guaranteed system for winning in the sport. But with constant playing and no greed, you can make a nice profit for yourself. You really must be well familiarised with all of the trends, research all of the odds and horses. And of course you will need some luck, but you have to be familiar with the jargon and the winners.

Another popular platform for such bets is Betfair’s exchange. That is a fairly new option for making forecasts. The immense amount of possibilities of this sports exchange, however, makes possible something truly innovative. There you can play the role of the bookmaker. That doesn’t have as big an effect in other sports, but here it’s quite important. You can try and guess which horse will not win and this way it’s more likely that you will win, rather than trying your luck the standard ways.

In any case, it’s best that you bet online where there are constant promotions. At the very least, most top bookmakers are British and promote this sport very much. Their options you can find in our detailed reviews for each one.