football betting tips

Why are football bets so favored?

Football bets are probably the most popular types of bets in Bulgaria at the moment. Many people, with even the smallest interest in the area, get drawn in. The goal is to guess the end result of a given match correctly and, according to your bet, get the edge. If your forecast is wrong, however, you will unfortunately lose your bet. It’s not complicated. Yet, you must figure out whether your overall game strategy is for the thrill and fun of it or you have decided to take everything seriously and be more responsible with your gamble.

Gamble ResponsiblyBe aware of the chance nature of betting. Weigh your risks at all times!

The most common way to place a bet is by using a bookmaker. Nowadays, the most popular are online bookmakers which offer different types of promotions. Actually, this is a variant of the earlier bet with a friend who is rooting for the opposite team in a given match. Of course, the bookmaker prepares the odds at their own discretion for every possible outcome, and it’s the client’s choice to place their bet. The industry of football bets is huge, and there are many sites with a bookmaker’s intent in the entire world. And on websites such as ours, you can find a rating for those bookmaker sites.

How to bet on football using a variety of bets

There are plenty of different types of bets from which to choose. That variety can even be seen as slightly confusing to a beginner, but actually, it offers an extensive range and greater chance for success. Of course, some bets are a lot easier to accomplish than others but, in the end, if you are well informed, every one of them can be understood. For those who are new to this sport, it’s a good idea to keep to the more simple bets in the beginning until they learn more about it. If you wish to be successful in your play, then you will have to begin with more complex bets. Very often considerable odds and favourable signs can be seen with such complex bets, and you must keep in mind that in different countries specific betting terms have different names and meanings. That’s why on our website you can also find a wide range of terms with explanations. You can even always get help from the support team of a given betting site.

1. The first and very popular bet is for a Win

This is the simplest example. One of the most popular bets on the internet is exactly that and easy to understand. In football, there isn’t always a winner, and that’s why there are also odds for a draw, the so-called X. Such odds for a certain match will depend on who’s the favourite and who’s an outsider. The team with the smaller odds will be the one anticipated to win. For example, if Barcelona and Gijon are playing you will most likely expect Barca to win so you will bet on the favourite, even if the odds for this team are smaller.

2. Handicap is another very popular bet in matches

It is similar to that for a win, but here you play an artificial advantage for one of the teams. It can be for one, two or more goals and, respectively, make your forecast depending on that. This way, for example, if you bet on Barca against Gijon, but with a handicap of -3 goals for the Catalans, you will hope that they win 4:0, for example, so you forecast will be successful. This is very useful when you are after larger odds and believe that a given team can win with a difference. It can also be used in cases where, according to you, the super favourite will not win by a lot or won’t even win against the opponent.

3. Bets on over/under a number of goals

This type of bet has gained a ton of popularity in recent years. And it is offered in a large variety at most bookmakers. The idea is to guess exactly how many goals there will be in a given match, a given team, a half-time, for minutes and so on. Your bet will be successful if at least 3 hits are indicated in the match. In the past, the standard was precisely under or over 2.5 goals. Now, however, there are all kinds of variations, such as over 0.5 goals, over 1.5 goals, over 3.5 goals, over 4.5 goals and so on, as well as the “under” equivalents. Live games allow us to go as high as over 9.5 goals. The idea is if you are hesitant of a sign but believe that you will get a lot of hits, not to look for an end result but rather a number of goals.

4. You have the opportunity to bet on an exact score

Be it an end result, half-time result, exact minute and so on. Then you will have to correctly guess how many goals both teams will score and indicate that in your forecast so you can be successful. Here the odds are large, and often you stake less.

5. You have another bet which has gained popularity – goal/goal

Once again, if you are unclear who will win, but you believe that both teams will score, you can bet on very appealing odds and in most case, bet on both teams scoring.

6. You can’t forget the variant of half-time-end result

Here you can predict which team will be in the lead at half-time or will be at a draw and which team will win at the end or be at a draw again. This is great when you believe that a given team is a favourite and can be in the lead at half-time. This way you will catch larger odds. If you believe in surprises, you can put the first half-time in advantage to one of the teams, and the end results in the advantage of the other at huge odds. The same goes if you are confident that there will be a hard draw or a draw through a twist in events.

7. Other popular bets are the special bets

Sometimes they are just for fun, but a lot of serious players use them as well. These bets don’t always affect the outcome. Such examples are first goal master, corners in the match, cards in the match. With goal masters, you can bet on one who will score for the entire match, score more than one goal or more than two goals. Of course, with every bolder forecast, the odds get bigger. The cards you can play by the minute, the entire match or half-time. For example, Barca-Gijon will have 4 cards for the whole 90 minutes, 2 in the first half, 1 in the interval of 1-10 minutes. All of these variations can be found in the list of betting possibilities. With corners the same variety is valid.

8. Another type of bet is the long-term bet

You can use this bet for the winner of a league, tournament or some other competition. For example, you support Barcelona to win La Liga before the season you will have to wait till the end of the campaign to see if your team brings you victory. Of course, you can bet during the event itself.

9. A combination of bets

The so-called accumulators are not easy to guess, but they bring you great edge. They include some of the forecasts as mentioned earlier, combined in a certain way – be it in a straight column or system. With the first variant, all of your forecasts must be successful so you can potentially succeed. And the margin is calculated by multiplying the bet by the first odds by every further odds. Of course, there are many systems which give you the right to one mistake, for example, but your chances are lowered. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and that leaves you with to figure out what you are looking for and which combinations are better.

10. Live bets

These types of bets have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Top bookmakers make big investments precisely with these types of bets, and the interest is huge. We at Betenemy have also written about a strategy that has proven itself over time – a strategy regarding live bets which can help every player increase their chances. With live bets, you can follow a particular event and bet in real time on its outcome, or one of the possibilities mentioned above and take advantage of better odds or search for a surprise which wasn’t there earlier. For example, Gijon can hold up against Barca for 30 minutes with no goals and this way bet on bigger odds for the Catalans believing that they will indeed have the edge. This is also a risky bet because a lot of people play without following the match, but rather, believe in their intuition. That is a mistake; the important thing is to objectively follow the match and find a loophole in the odds of the bookmaker.

A lot of professional players accumulate bets precisely in this way. Overall, live bets are pretty serious, and they bring benefits as long as you are well versed in them. From our website you can directly watch both, result from matches streamed live and detailed statistics for them.