How Can You Get a Bovada Loyalty Bonus

Bovada loyalty bonus and how to get it

With all the available betting operators out there, there’s a lot of competition for the market. In a crowded business environment, companies typically introduce gimmicks to help attract customers. In the case of the gambling world, operators don’t produce themed coffee mugs or give free coffee at the cafeteria.

Instead, they produce bonus codes. Are you familiar with the bonus codes? If you are, you’re about to become more familiar with them. If not, you’re about to have your first introduction. This article is all about bonus codes, and specifically how you can get a loyalty bonus on Bovada.

What Is a Bovada Promo Code?

It is standard procedure for an operator to use promotional code or bonus code as a way to build clientele. Usually, an operator will offer several different promotional offers and bonus codes. By doing so, they offer gamblers the opportunity to pick the offer that best suits them.

What do they mean to you as someone who wagers on sports? Can they help you in any way? What does a promotional code give you? Let’s take a closer look.

Common Promotional Code Offers

Typically, a promotional code will give you one of a few things. One of many popular options is allowing you to make a bet without using any of your own money.

Another popular option is to match your first deposit into your operator account. This means that, whichever amount you deposit, the operator will match – either partially or entirely.

Yet another popular promotional gimmick at sports wagering operators, is to allow you to make a bet, with a catch. They’ll reimburse you with bonus funds if your bet meets the requirements and loses.

But What About Bovada Specifically?

Bovada is one of those fantastic operators that try to keep their clients from getting bored. As with many other things on the website, Bovada regularly mixes up promotional offers. Things that may not appeal to one group of sports bettors may be undeniably appealing to another group. And so, we won’t be detailing any of the current offers as they are liable to change.

We’ll tell you that having a look at the promotional offers currently available will be well worth your while.

In fact, we’ll get you started. Our website has a specific bonus code that you can use at the Bovada operator. We’ll be telling you how to use Bonus codes later on in the article.

How Does it Work?

If you have a Bovada bonus code at your disposal, what do you do with it? As we mentioned earlier, the main point of bonus codes and promotional codes is to reward new members for signing up.

Accordingly, the majority of these codes are only available to people who are not yet members of the operator.

Important information

Please don’t try and create a second account to make use of a new bonus code. It is entirely against the principles, terms, and conditions of any operator, and it’s quite likely that you’ll get banned if you attempt to do so.

Creating an Account

registration form of Bovada
Preview from registration form of
  1. Step 1: Now that we’ve straightened out that bit, here’s what you need to know. Firstly, a bonus code is not the same thing as a loyalty bonus, and we’ll discuss it later in more detail.
  2. Step 2: The principles for signing up using a bonus code are very basic. Simply navigate to the website and click on the ‘join’ button in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. Step 3: The website will now redirect you to a digital form that will ask for all the relevant personal and banking information. If the banking information is not requested at this junction, you’ll have to set that up later on from your deposit and withdrawal screen. When you’re gambling online, this screen is also known as your cashier.
  4. Step 4: During the process of signing up at Bovada, either in the first form or on a secondary form, you’ll find a field specifically for bonus codes.
  5. Step 5: This is the crucial part. Ensure that you insert your bonus code when you see this field because this is the only opportunity that you’ll have to do so.
  6. Step 6: Once you’ve filled in all the registration information, you’ll receive an email to confirm your membership. If you remembered to use your bonus code, congratulations, you’re not only a member of Bovada, but you’ve also managed to use your very first bonus code.

Open an account at Bovada

How Could You Use the Bonus?

If you’re new to using bonus codes, promotional codes, and loyalty bonuses, you may not be entirely sure what to do with them. In truth, we would need an entire article dedicated to the subject, to tell you about all the ways in which you could use a promotion or bonus. For now, we’ll give you a few essential tips and strategies you might consider using your bonuses.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is one particularly popular strategy that involves the use of bonus offers and promotions. In this strategy, you take advantage of various promotional offers. It can help you to increase your betting bankroll without too much investment.

As with all things gambling, it’s not foolproof, nor are there any guarantees. Yet, if you’d like to adopt a new strategy, this is one you might want to read up about.

1.01 Betting Strategy

Another betting strategy that’s particularly popular among beginners is the 1.01 betting strategy. This is not a strategy for high rollers necessarily, because although the winds are regular, they’re also small. When you’re getting started, though, it’s a strategy well worth considering because it will get you used to the ins and outs of the wagering world.

General Tips for Using Bonuses

Just to help you on your way, we thought we’d throw in a few general tips on things to look out for and avoid when you’re using a promotional bonus.

The first thing that you should do whenever you take advantage of a promotion is really quite simple. It’s something that most of us dread doing, simply because it’s monotonous, tedious, and mind-numbing.

The first thing you must do is to read the terms and conditions. There are very many things hidden away in an operator’s terms and conditions or privacy policy that could affect you.

Many bonuses and promotions have terms and conditions specific to them besides the website terms and conditions. Failure to familiarise yourself with the conditions of a bonus could result in your forfeiting. Not only forfeiting the bonus funds but sometimes your entire account.

Pay specific attention to any clauses, such as a risk-minimizing strategy clause. Many operators include this clause. It states that if you get caught using a strategy which reduces risk, you could get banned.

Apart from reading the terms and conditions, this is our number one tip. Gamble responsibly.

Choose wagers that give you good odds, and fit into your budget. Never try to make your budget fit your gambling. Always make your gaming fit your budget.

Another good strategy to adopt when you’re wagering is to bet on what you know. You will almost always have that success when you pass on things that you’re already knowledgeable about.

Last but not least, knowledge never hurts. Educate yourself and learn as much as you possibly can about strategies and wagering topics. The more you know, the better you’ll do.

How Do You Qualify for a Bovada Loyalty Bonus?

But what about a Bovada loyalty bonus? Surely a loyalty bonus can’t be for newbies or new members? There wouldn’t be enough time for them to prove their loyalty. Indeed, that’s the case — loyalty bonuses or specifically for long-standing members. Well, by long-term members, we mean members that are no longer new.

How do you qualify for a loyalty bonus at this operator?

It’s a relatively simple answer. All you have to do to qualify for loyalty bonuses at Bovada is wager regularly. You’ll get awarded loyalty points for every bet that you make. Also, you’ll get rewarded for your poker play, for any table games that you play, and many other gambling activities.

They offer a myriad of promotional offers and loyalty bonuses for existing members who wager regularly. You can choose when you’d like to exchange your loyalty points for cash bonuses, or other promotions if they’re on offer. There’s only one way for you to discover the wonders of Bovada’s loyalty program fully. Sign up and stay loyal.

What Is the Difference Compared to All Other Bonus Codes?

What is the difference between a loyalty bonus and bonus codes? Is there a difference? Absolutely. Bonus codes and promotional codes typically serve the purpose of encouraging new members to join the operator.

Loyalty bonuses serve the opposite purpose. They reward loyal members for having stayed loyal to one operator. Besides which, bonus codes and promotional codes require just what they say: codes.

In the most general way of speaking, loyalty bonuses typically don’t require any codes. Instead, the operator will notify you that they’ve credited a bonus to your account and can use it.


This concludes our article about bonus codes on promotional codes. We’ve focused on loyalty bonuses and promotional codes that are available for the operator Bovada.

If you stay loyal and wager regularly, you will likely pick up some Bovada loyalty bonuses along the way. Whether you decide to make use of bonus code, and this operator, or not I hope that you find what you’re looking for.

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