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Bookmakers – When Can I Get a Refund?

If you’ve ever requested a refund, then you’ll know that there are usually conditions attached. Companies providing goods and services tend to have their own policies in place to manage refund requests. In the online gambling arena, it’s a tad bit more complicated than pitching up at a store with a receipt, damaged goods in tow.

That’s not to say gambling sites and bookmakers don’t entertain requests of this kind. However, due to the nature of the industry, they’re understandably strict with handing out refunds. Of course, if you have a bona fide reason that’s in line with their policy, then they’re usually happy to oblige.

get refund from bookmakers

Bookies also know that sports, much like gambling, is somewhat unpredictable. Things happen, schedules change, and unanticipated events occur. These are typical elements of sports betting. That’s why knowing when you can get a refund is crucial.

At many top-notch bookmakers, you can wager on a wide selection of sports including betting on football, rugby, tennis and horse racing. Live or in-play betting are other popular attractions. Some sportsbooks even have a casino section with slots and table games.

There’s a bookmaker to cater to just about every kind of punter out there. What happens if you hit a snag, though – can you get a refund?

In this article, we’ll explore some of the possible circumstances, general information and when you could be offered a refund. We’ll also take a look at the difference between a refund and a cash-out, what it is and how to use it.

You Won’t Get a Refund at an Illegitimate Bookie

It might go without saying. If you’ve found yourself at a bookmaker with a not-so-sterling reputation, then you may as well kiss any chance of a refund goodbye.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of scams or fake gambling websites. That’s why a blacklist exists (which you can find also in our ‘Bookmakers’ section).

To ensure that you’re even vaguely eligible for a refund, first, make 100% sure that you’re using a credible and legitimate bookmaker. Here’s a quick list of crucial aspects you’ll find at any trustworthy bookmaker:

  • Licenced by a regulatory authority in your jurisdiction such as the UK Gambling Commission, the European Gaming and Betting Association, the Swedish Gambling Authority, Gibraltar Betting & Gaming Association etc., with information about these authorities being readily available on the website in question.
  • Seals of approval like Verisign, International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA), Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) etc.
  • Affiliations to Responsible Gambling authorities like GamStop, GamCare, etc.
  • Terms of service, privacy policy, contact details and promotional T’s and C’s all plainly displayed and easily accessible.
  • Security measures detailing how the site protects your sensitive information.

Apart from the above, reliable and licensed bookmakers also have a good reputation with the online gambling community. Make sure that you do your homework, research your bookmaker and ensure its legitimacy before creating an account.

When Can I Get a Refund at Bookmaker’s Casino?

refund at bookmaker’s casino

Some bookmakers also have a casino offering. If sports aren’t your only hobby, then you can find one that has casino slots, table and even live dealer games. You can usually try your hand at poker, blackjack, roulette or baccarat, while still placing wagers at these kinds of sportsbooks.

Of course, what’s available and the quality of the games depends on what bookmaker you’re using. This is why it’s crucial that you only sign up with a reputable one.

State-of-the-art software is synonymous with top-class bookmakers. However, just like human error, sometimes things go awry. How does this affect your game, your winnings and your pocket? Do you get a refund?

Well, generally speaking, refunds are a measure of last resort. Bookmakers, just like other companies, don’t particularly enjoy issuing refunds because it means that they lose money at the end of the day. Most bookmakers have stringent rules in place for this reason.

Each gambling site has its own refund policy.

For the casino section, these could include one of the following:



Video Poker

Live Dealer

Other Casino Game Disconnections

Poker Tournament Refunds

When Can I Get a Refund at a Bookmaker’s Sports Section?

In sports betting, unpredictability is a central component of punting and comes with the territory. Games get cancelled, the unforeseen happens and matches are postponed. Each sport, and therefore betting market, has its own set of rules that might affect your eligibility for a refund. Most of the time you’ll find a comprehensive list of rules on your bookmaker’s website for this reason.

Postponed or Cancelled Sports Events, Tournaments & Leagues

In the event of a postponement or cancellation, a bookie gathers relevant information before determining how to settle your bet. If it ends up being voided, you’ll usually get an automatic refund. This typically applies to all outright betting markets. However, keep in mind that your bookie might do things differently.

Venue Changes

In most cases, bookmakers refund all bets placed when an event changes venue. This is because playing a game away or at home affects the overall performance of a team, which in turn affects a game’s outcome.

Voided Bets

A void settlement can occur for a myriad of reasons. These include cancelled or postponed events. When this happens, a bookmaker usually returns your stake automatically.

If you’re not sure why your bet became void, you can have a look at your history or contact customer support. However, remember that each bookmaker has its own way of doing things, so double-check the process for voided bets in advance.

Asian Handicap Refunds

This kind of wager is popular among footie fans, with a variety of Asian lines on selected fixtures, so it’s worthy of a quick mention. You could get a refund under specific conditions. To find out, you’ll need to read through the rules or contact a customer support agent.

Refunds on Multiples & Singles

In the event that one of your single selections doesn’t participate, and is therefore deemed void, you’ll usually get a refund. On multiples, most bookmakers settle your wager on the remaining selection(s) when one doesn’t participate.

Request a Refund

If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. While your bookmaker is sure to have strict rules on refunds, the chances are that they’re also not unreasonable. Perhaps you’re unsure as to why you didn’t receive a refund or maybe you’d like to understand the reasons better.

It doesn’t hurt to ask for a refund either, as long as your request is legitimate.

Reach out and find out. Most bookmakers have a live chat feature to connect you to an agent directly. If that isn’t the case, you can generally email or phone customer support.

What is Cash Out and How Do I Use It?

Cash-out is a feature offered by various bookmakers on selected bets. It gives you greater control over your wager by allowing you the option to cash out a bet before an event has finished. You can cash out, either entirely or partially, leaving a portion of your stake in the running. This feature can help you to ensure a profit or negate a loss, depending on the event in question.

If a game is going well, but you’re afraid the opponent is inching too close to stealing the win, then you can use the cash-out feature to get your winnings plus your initial stake. On the flip side, when you can see that a game is going under, you can cash out your bet before losing entirely.

The cash-out amount on offer, much like live odds, is adjusted as an event plays out. It isn’t available throughout the entire duration of a game. Obviously, if you cash out while the odds are still in your favour, then the amount offered will be higher. Likewise, cashing out of a losing game means that you’ll end up with a lower amount, but that’s still better than losing your bet completely.

This feature is typically available for a range of sports including football, cricket and horse racing. Various pre-match, in-play, multiples, singles and accumulator bets can have the cash-out option.

However, not all sportsbooks have this function, so make sure that you know whether your bookie has cash-out available, and if so, its limitations and any other rules. For that purpose, we made a list of online bookmakers with a cash-out option. If you see your bookie there, everything is fine.

The Final Word

Bookmakers deal with various eventualities in the sports betting and online casino industry. Refunds are one of these. From poker to football, there are some situations in which you’re eligible for a refund. For specifics, it’s best to read up on the T’s and C’s, though.

Moreover, most refunds are automatic depending on the sportsbook you use, but even then, one could always slip through the cracks. If you truly feel like this is the case, then you can take the matter up with your bookie. You’ll never know if you don’t try, right?

Just remember the difference between a cash-out and a refund. The former is a fantastic tool available at some bookmakers, while the latter is something that all service providers must account for. When in doubt, contact customer support to see if you can get a refund.