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Payment methods available on Betway

If you’re looking to use either the Betway casino or its sportsbook, then you’ll want to know what payment methods are available. Whether it’s for a payout or deposit, this article will discuss all of the options.

Due to a recent UK Gambling Commission law, gamblers can no longer use credit cards on online gambling sites. However, you can still use a debit card, Paypal (via debit card), or bank transfer.

Deposits should appear almost instantly in your account. However, Betway suggests waiting for 10 – 15 minutes between making deposits to avoid any issues.

Things to keep in mind when paying out

There are a few factors to keep in mind when you want to withdraw your winnings. You can only withdraw money by the same method used to make deposits.

Different payout options involve different processing times. If you use a debit card or bank account, it can take up to two days. Paypal is a lot quicker – usually within 24 hours.

Both the Betway casino and sportsbook sections are subject to strict procedures. This means that if it’s your first payout, Betway has strict security protocols. They’ll also go through procedures if you make a large withdrawal or change the payment method. To avoid any fraud, you may have to provide identification documents. If this happens, the payout is subject to a ‘pending approval’ period. This usually lasts no more than 72 hours, although it may be longer on weekends.

Is it possible to cancel payouts?

The UK Gambling Commission recently noted that cancelling or reversing a payout may feed into less-than-ideal gambling behaviour. Responsible gambling is a big issue for many bookmakers, on- and offline.

As such, you can’t cancel or reverse a withdrawal on Betway casino or sportsbook. If you have questions about this, you can contact the bookie directly.

Are there any special cases?

There aren’t really any individual cases to consider. Betway takes all precautions necessary to curb irresponsible gambling habits. For example, it’s not possible to withdraw to a different account or use another person’s payment details.

Different money transfer times

The only way to guarantee a fast transfer of funds is to use an eWallet service. Betway casino suggests Paypal in particular. For example, if you withdraw money from your Betway casino account on a Monday using Paypal, it should appear in your Paypal account by Tuesday.

However, if you make a withdrawal on Monday using a debit card or bank transfer, expect it to appear in the respective account on Wednesday.

These times don’t account for any processing times used by the financial provider. In other words, although the bookmaker has transparent payout time guidelines, there’s always the chance it’ll take a little longer.

If a withdrawal is slower, this depends on the individual player. You may have to verify your payment details upon your first payout.

This is an extra security measure Betway casino implements. It’s to ensure the cash is headed to the right person or place.

Betway might take further steps. They may delay a payout if it’s a large sum of money, or cancel it. Again, these all involve security protocols as per regulations from the UK Gambling Commission.

Is it possible to speed up a money transfer?

There’s very little you can do to speed up the withdrawal process. That’s because Betway makes sure they follow all legal guidelines.

However, in the case of Betway asking for identity verification, it’s best to provide it as quickly as possible. Ordinarily, Betway requests relevant documents electronically. If this isn’t possible, then you’ll need to send physical copies to the Betway customer care team.

When is it necessary to contact customer support?

Betway customer support

There are a few reasons you may need to contact the Betway customer support team:

  • Your payment details are declined
  • You need to change your payment method
  • Betway requests documentation to verify your identity
  • You receive an error message that can’t be solved via the site’s FAQs
  • If you have trouble logging in to your account

If any of this happens, you can contact customer support via Live Chat. You’ll have to log in to access this function. If you’re having issues with logging in (or don’t have a Betway account), you can still get help by clicking ‘No Account’.

What are the reasons Betway doesn’t payout?

Since the UK Gambling Commission has started to clamp down on undesirable gambling, many sites have had to reinforce their rules.

Betway is no different. It’s not illegal to gamble in the UK if you’re under 18, which is one reason Betway confirms players’ identities. If you somehow manage to register and are underage, then Betway won’t allow a withdrawal once they find out. Funds in your Betway casino or sportsbook account could be voided.

They also won’t payout if you try to withdraw the bonus money. These are examples of free credit, not cash. Once you meet the stated wagering requirements, you can withdraw the funds.

You also can’t withdraw money from your account if the balance is less than £5. Finally, Betway casino (and sportsbook) won’t allow a payout if they suspect cheating or any kind of fraud.

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