Everyone has felt that unpleasant feeling being a beginner at something, be it some career or some other occupation or activity. Placing bets online is a serious step especially if you are a beginner and you are just starting to familiarise yourself and looking for a way to get started. Precisely for this reason, we here at Betenemy.com have created this page which includes tips for beginners in the world of sports (and not only) bets.

betting tips and recommendations for beginners

Each beginner should learn the basic rules of betting and also what to look out for and how to be safe. If you follow our valuable tips, then you will inevitably increase your chance for success, decreasing the possibility of potential loss.

Before taking any action whatsoever at any bookmaker site, you first have to think about why you want to bet and what kind of emotion rises within you while you do it.

The points mentioned below are the necessary and most important recommendations which every new player should read before beginning.

Basic recommendations for those who are just starting out in the world of betting

1. Learn more about betting

It’s not enough to only be able to play a given sport or to have watched 1-2 games on TV so you can begin betting professional on such games. Otherwise, you will just be throwing your money away. You need time and effort so you can carefully learn the rules of different sports. The internet is full of detailed information for all sports, and you only need time to attain it. Of course, you must just trust legitimate sources.

Turn to friends who already have experience playing at different bookmaker sites, even if they are unsuccessful. Experience is made up of mistakes, and you can accumulate it from your friends and their dealing with online bookmakers.

2. Look for the best deal offered on the market

More and more bookmakers are fighting to attract new clients with really spectacular promotions. On websites like ours, you can find a rating of the most popular bookmakers in Europe and the promotions and bonuses that they offer. They are appealing in different ways to different players, but overall, for newcomers, each bookmaker really does offer safe promotions and a good start.

Compare how large the bonuses are, how easy it is to turn them over and to withdraw them. Check what kind of promotions the sire offers for clients who are already registered.

find the proper offer and markets

Learn about where the most significant odds are, which sites offer the most variety when it comes to events on which you can bet.

And figure out where you can watch the most events live. See which bookmakers have the best platform for playing live and for betting overall. Where accounts are limited the least and which bookmakers work with the smallest profit.

After that, you just have to choose the one that is best suitable for you.

3. See where you are the strongest

Although you might turn out to be a fan of casino games on the website or poker, see if your knowledge isn’t more developed for sports bets, for example. Or perhaps you are more suitable for electronic sports? It’s essential to optimise your chances for success, and this can only happen if you are more versed in an area. Many slot games seem more exciting than betting on a hockey game for example, but often, precisely hockey brings a higher profit since it doesn’t depend on a single random spin.

Pick the right sport. You might be a fan of football but if you find that you are much better at guessing the result of NBA games, go with it and continue to develop in that area. Develop your strong sides so you can really be competition for bookmakers and win long-term.

4. Create a budget strategy

Use the system BBB – which means Budget, Budget, Budget. Look at your initial account as an investment; as a new business venture. You have to set your budget so you can go on with what you have for a certain period. Do not throw yourself into betting large sums just because of the thrill if you do not have the necessary experience.

Prepare yourself exceptionally well and this way you will decrease your losses and increase your chances of winning. You will dodge disappointments from significant losses at the beginning with can provoke you to place another reckless bet. You can start out with one solid strategy based on statistics from different teams and their current presentation.

The best players don’t have just luck on their side. They have experience and bitterness from previous disappointments.

5. Set some sort of priorities

Decide whether you want to play only for the thrill and the fun of it, filling your free time. Or you see in this endeavour a chance to make real profits. However, you must put in quite an investment for that to happen. You could want both at the same time, but then you have to achieve your set goals. Don’t go playing the slot machines with the hope of immediately hitting the big jackpot. You probably won’t get so lucky on video poker with some bonus just like that.

Your goals must be realistic. It will be hard to win a million on sports bets if you have bet 5 leva. You must be able to measure the risk and know when a specific forecast or bet is worth it.

6. Do not be greedy when playing

Mainly those who are greedy fall victims to bookmakers. Almost always players lose precisely because of their greed. They win a few bet-slips or hands and immediately decide that they aren’t capable of making mistakes but rather only increase their profits. Such players get angry at other people’s correct forecasts and immediately the desire to win more rises within them. And this means more bets which, in turn, lead to more losses.

Sometimes, if you lose you can still be content with whatever funds you have in your account. Greedy players, however, want to restore the lost money right away and they keep trying with bets to the end.

If you see that this is not your day, get up from the computer, leave your phone. Come back the next day or just change the sport. It was obviously not your moment to shine.

Don’t immediately bet everything! The only one to blame for losing, ultimately, is you. Play smart and never exceed your limit!

7. Create a game strategy

Don’t become obsessed with playing at bookmaker sites. Sometimes a client is so consumed by the bookmaker’s program that he spends hours on end on the website; endless hours. This only harms your personal and social life and fogs your sober judgment of the matches. Do not give in to the temptation of having thrill after thrill from more and more new bets!

build betting strategy

Do not get affected by the moment! Set a time limit for yourself as to how many hours a day you will spend on the website. It has been calculated that 90 minutes is the optimal time for betting no matter what kind of player you are. The amount of time you stay on the website is key to whether you will succeed or fail with your bets.

8. Get a second opinion

As we already mentioned, do not get a second opinion only when choosing a bookmaker. You can ask a colleague or a friend with more experience about everything, from picking the right a correct forecast to a strategy for a long-term game. It’s not necessary for this to be the only way. There are numerous opinions in online forums about betting. They are from ordinary people just like you, and they are precisely for your benefit. Always follow the latest comments and posts so you can be familiar with the latest trends in this dynamic industry.

You should also read professional websites such as ours where there’s lots of information about everything from the smallest detail regarding playing at online bookmaker sites.

9. Carefully read every little work on the websites

This is very important when it comes to conditions of bonuses and promotions of online websites. Sometimes they look very appealing and favourable for visitors but, in reality, it’s not that simple receiving the bonuses, and sometimes they aren’t even real.

Read all of the conditions and rules of every bookmaker. True, it’s really, and it can take some time but this way you won’t be misled with some bonus, promotion or special offer. If the list of conditions is not on the website, you should contact customer support so they can provide it for you.

You must be fully insured before beginning with your betting strategy. Precisely for this reason, you mustn’t skip even a single sentence with a smaller font in which relevant information could be hiding.

10. Do not trust just Google

When deciding where to bet, don’t pick just like that from one of the top search results. This doesn’t mean that you are choosing the nest bookmaker. More likely, you are selecting a bookmaker that has paid a lot of money for advertisement, and it might not even have any good offers.

Instead, you should watch out for the bookmakers who have been rated by our website or other similar ones where experienced teams have spent a ton of time dissecting every aspect of the game at different places.

However, the primary recommendation is one. Gather information and play intelligently! Have fun, be sure of the game and inform yourself from reliable sources.