About this guide

This current guide has been created by our team with the sole purpose of helping all fans of betting with choosing the right strategy for online betting. All of the gathered information is separated for convenience so that even the most uninformed client in the world of online betting can get into the rhythm and soon become a master of predictions.
In this guide, we have included betting strategies, the types of combinations which you can try out, basic concepts of the full world of bookmakers, and predictions. Besides all that, you will also find lists with possible bets, a closer look at betting on particular sports and interesting tendencies about the industry over the last few years.

betting guide by Betenemy

What have we included inside

It is guaranteed that this guide has been created by a team in which each member has huge experience in betting and stands by what is written. The world of online betting is quite extensive, and any information is gladly received by those who wish to enrich their knowledge.

Moreover, you can also find a bunch of topics in the guide. And they are the following: “A list of terms in betting,” “Advice for online betting,” “How coefficients are analyzed,” How to bet on soccer matches,” “How to bet on tennis meets,” “How to bet on horse races,” “Methods for withdrawals and deposits,” “What is Asian handicap,” and “Types of bets in different sports.”

Targeted audience

The goal isn’t to just give your money to bookmakers, relying only on luck. In this reality, it is essential to have patience, wait for the appropriate moment, and not to be tempted and bet your entire capital way too fast.

benefits from our betting guide
The guide is meant for all those who are interested in online betting. We do not separate people into groups of experienced and inexperienced. The important thing is that anyone with little or more access to betting will have the chance to learn something new, to enrich their thoughts and be a lot more prepared for his strategy the next day.

This manual is for people who look at betting as an investment, rather than just pointlessly throwing away your money on a reckless bet. You will be able to learn about the maximum time you must spend on betting and many more such specifics.

You must be aware of the tactics you can use to increase your chances for success. That is what we offer you in this guide.

What you will learn after reading it

From this guide, you will benefit from all the experience that our team has gathered through mistakes and successes with bets over time. You will have information served to you on a platter; information that bookmakers would rather you not know. You will be much more aware of all the different professional combinations that would put you in a better position for an ultimate gain.

Additional information

Betting is like life – you must set specific goals for yourself and strive to achieve them. You won’t have much success with free bets which might or might not regain your initial investment. This way you will keep betting, and in the end, you will lose your nerve. You must not look at betting as a way of compensating for the lack of money in your life. You should have a strict fund meant precisely for betting that will not affect your spending money. If you invest £100 and you manage to make them £500, you should withdraw £400. This way you will understand the actual benefits of gambling.

Here, you will find ways of betting, statistics, an expert prediction from our team, recommended bookmakers, and many, many suggestions. To be good at betting doesn’t necessarily mean that you must understand soccer better than the companies with which you are betting. However, you can be a great manager of your funds and try to increase your winnings.

As of yet, no strategy has been thought of which to guarantee a 100% win all the time with online betting. You should run from people who offer you such a guarantee! And always calculate your chances for a particular bet. Of course, luck may be present, and we wish you bundles of it. You must also remain calm and rational in a series of failures; logic doesn’t always rule over bets, but it is definitely present. Keep following your strategy and way of betting, and in the end, you will come out a winner. Do not act on impulse, so you do not go into debt and complicate your life. Set certain limits for yourself and never surpass them. The responsibility is yours.

Will we keep developing this guide?

Of course, we will keep developing and updating our guide so we can help you with your choices, even more, to make you more experienced players and in the end, be useful not only to all of you but to ourselves as well. If you have any concerns or questions about this guide, do not hesitate to contact us via email: support@betenemy.com.