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  4. Virtual Tennis
  5. Virtual Greyhounds
  6. Virtual Motor Racing
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  8. Virtual Trotting
  9. Virtual Cycling
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With all the gaming and sports betting portals on the web, is my choice as they offered a clean and easy to navigate site. As a relative newcomer to the world of sports betting I was attracted by the variety of virtual sports that they have. Although I enjoy sports of all kinds, I had little experience in betting on sports. That is why I figured that virtual sports might be the best option for me.

Bet365 has just about every other live-action sport available and a host of casino and slot games on their site, like all the others, but the virtuals on their website are what got my attention. Being a newbie, I was concerned with the usual stuff like safety and internet security, but my mind was set at ease after a quick online chat with their helpful staff.

They had me set-up with an account and helped me with the verification process so that I could get going in no time at all. I was pleased to find that bet365 is one of the favourite gaming sites in the sports betting community. No surprise in the excellent service and support when they have more than thousands of employees worldwide.

In less than a coffee break I was up and running with my account, and I was ready to take on the virtual betting world.

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Virtual Soccer

Bet365 virtual soccer

As a football fan, I decided to try out my football knowledge in Virtual Football. I was pleasantly surprised to find not only my favourite Premier League teams playing there but also the European teams as well as the World Cup teams!

When I first thought of virtual sports I did not know that it would be so close to the real thing, the Bet365 video streaming was awesome! The graphics and sound effects had me fully engaged in the game from the first second! Premiership Soccer has a new game every 3 min, and they play without fail for the whole day. The teams are so close to the real-world teams, and I soon found my winning team.

The Superleague mimics the format of the EU champs, and just like the Premiership the games are crystal clear on the screen, and the betting is so easy in the way Bet365 displays them. At first, I was a little dumbstruck with all the odds and types of bets that I could place, but in a few minutes of playing the games I got the hang of it, and I started making bets with some real money.

Virtual Horse Racing

Bet365 virtual horse racing

I have always wanted to spend a day at the races, that’s horse races, but I have just not gotten around to it ever. Bet365 helped me tick that off the bucket list. Their virtual horse racing is just like being trackside at the local race track. They have 3 tracks that run races all day long and with anything up to 15 horses running over various distances I was in racing heaven. Even the odds were easy to get a grip on, every horse in every race has the odds next to their name and with a few clicks you soon have yourself a full bet slip.

Virtual Tennis

Bet365 virtual tennis

Tennis is not everyone’s cup of tea, but at 3 min per point and every point with new odds and players, virtual tennis becomes an awesome game. The fun for me was that each new game was with a new set of players, so the style of play and visuals were changing all the time. I really enjoyed sharpening my betting skills on the variety of odds that were on offer!

Virtual Greyhounds

Bet365 virtual greyhounds

Racing dogs were never on my radar till I sat down a watched the virtual greyhounds running after the hare a couple of times. Maybe not my favourite virtual sport, but I still enjoyed the betting so I can’t complain. Bet365 has 2 options when it comes the dog racing, with about 2 min between races, so you got time to choose the fastest hound.

While I was watching the racing, I had an interesting thought, I wondered who was doing the hard work? the Greyhounds or the Hare.

Virtual Motor Racing

Bet365 motor racing

I really enjoy motor racing and especially oval track racing. I am a big fan of the Indy Car series, and I was extremely excited when I saw that the Virtual Motor Racing is open-wheeled oval track racing. The races have 12 cars each, and the race winner gets you the winning pot. Again, I was pleased to be able to see the odds for the vehicles listed below the video stream so that you can quickly figure out who is the fastest driver.

Virtual Speedway

Bet365 virtual speedway

Hardcore track bike racing is always fun and exciting. Speedway is pure adrenaline with 4 guys and modified bikes screaming around a track going sideways for just about the whole race. The Virtual Speedway track is a dirt track, and the bikes have spiked tires, and just because its virtual don’t think for one second that there is now spray from the tires or loud rumbling from the bikes! Two laps and lost of dust and spray to boot and the winner is crowned. As is with the Motor Racing, you get odds on the race winner and placed racers, first and second in the Speedway and up to third place in the Motor Racing. Again, I must admit I really enjoyed the 3 min race intervals, my heart was getting some good exercise!

Virtual Trotting

Bet365 virtual trotting

Ok, so I did not fully understand what Trotting was until I just placed a bet on a race and watch the virtual chaps calmly race around the track. As the name suggests, the horses trot around the road with a jockey on a miniscule buggy (chariot?) edging them on. I did not realise that in a full trot that horses can get a move on like that, they were quick! In virtual trotting with Bet365, you can bet on the race winner of course as well as a second and third place with some really great odds. And because they can only trot, you know that race pace is pretty even so its skill and technique that wins the day!

Virtual Cycling

If you are reading this, then go check out the indoor virtual cycling. I did not know what to expect, but I was confident as the rest of the virtual sports were great, and I had already found some new favourite past times amongst them. Indoor cycling is nothing like road cycling as you would see in the big outdoor events on the telly. These guys only have 1 gear and its all about brute strength and speed. There are between 6 and 9 cyclists in the races, and these guys mean business, they have a running start with a pace “bike” that sets them off and then is all out to the finish and more often than not it’s a photo finish.

I enjoyed betting of the spread, what Bet365 calls the Forecast and Tricast bets as it gives you more change and a better winning bet. Race winner is always great, but no win means no win. I would recommend that if you don’t really know the field or the sport then spread the bets for better results without breaking the bank.

Bet365 cycling

Live betting on Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports are not live but are generated from random algorithms by a gigantic computer somewhere. Ok maybe not so extreme but the facts are that virtual sports albeit very lifelike are not live. That means that you cannot bet live on virtual sports which I think is a great idea. I mean who wants to spend their time figuring out a bet when the race is on?

So, no live betting on virtual sports but you are welcome to check out the real-world sports and casino games where you can bet live on the events.

Virtual Sports Mobile Betting

I was pretty comfortable behind my laptop screen and did not really entertain the idea of playing on my smartphone. But when I had to travel on the train to a friend for a birthday bash, I passed the time playing my virtual sports on my mobile phone. It was the fastest 5 hours train trip I ever had! I had so much fun I did not even realise the time flying past, and I almost missed the station.

The app and the mobile site is as easy to use as the website, and if I did not know that you were playing on a mobile device, I would not have known the difference. The site and app are one and the same, an aspect that made me very happy.

Payment options

When I was searching for a gaming site, one of the most important things I was checking was the safety of my hard-earned cash! Bet365 has made sure that every t is crossed and i is dotted when it comes to my money. I was able to quickly check the rules and stipulations for depositing funds into my betting account on the website. As I selected the UK and GBP, the page updated with all the way I could make payment. They really made it easy because they have direct transfers and card payment options and they even have e-pay choices too. A lot of eWallet methods are all available, and many more that I have not even heard of and the great thing is that each of them has all the details about minimums and maximums right there next to the name.

Some of the methods are instant, and a couple are slightly delayed so before you press that button, make sure that you have all the details down.


Is Bet365 safe for gaming and sports betting?

Yes, Bet365 is fully licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission and is registered to operate in many countries worldwide. Full details can be seen on the site under the help section.

Can I bet on a virtual sporting event as I do on live events?

Virtual Sports are only open for betting pre-event and the betting closes shortly before the events start. There is no live in-play betting on virtual events from Bet365.

How do I withdraw my winnings from Bet365?

Depending on how you made the deposit into your betting account, you can withdraw your winning in the same manner.

Are Virtual Sports based on real-world sports and stats?

The virtual sports are generated by random algorithms that are designed to deliver a lifelike experience. As much as real-world data is used for the creation, Bet365 Virtual Sports are virtual sports events.

Can I see what Virtual Sports are coming up when I view the Virtual Sports page?

Yes, the landing page for the virtual sports displays all the virtual sports in the menu bar as well as the time until the next specific event in each.

What is the best time to bet on the Virtual Sporting events?

Bet365 virtual sports are available 24 hours a day, so you can choose when is the best time for you! But do remember to practice responsible gambling principles.

Can I bet on multiple virtual sports at once?

Yes, you can, you are able to multiply the virtual video feeds on your screen to view more than one sporting event at once.

Rating and Conclusion

Bet365 have made me more of a sports fans than I was and they have gained a customer for life! Their site is great, their service is great, and I can even play on my phone. I am not going to mince my words folks, Bet365 is awesome in my opinion.

Not one to give full marks cause I always want something more I will rate them 9,5/10! Bet 365 days a year!

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18+ T&C apply | | Play Responsibly.
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