Why Choose Live Betting at Bet365?

live betting platform of bet365

I am easily persuaded that Bet365 is the right choice when it comes to live betting on sports. They are expert at what they do. I feel protected with my personal data as I know Bet365 implements a number of security measures and are licensed to operate and I feel secure as far as payouts are concerned. I also feel I’m making the right betting choices since I can take advantage of great odds, special promotions and offers, and the Cash Our feature which allows me to either partially cash out during a live game or auto cash out. T&C apply.

Another great advantage of betting with Bet365 is that I also have access to a wide range of sports betting news. Thanks to Bet365 dedicated team, I am able to read articles about all sports offers, and then I can decide which to wager on. From soccer news to snooker, from tennis during the Australian Open to the Maybank Championship in golf in Malaysia, I have it all at my disposal. The informative articles help me get the latest tips on how to win in the Live Sports betting game.

I am not saying that Bet365 is not without its faults. It is true, though, that I have to look long and hard to find something worth frowning about. I can think of only one real disadvantage, and it is that currently not every country can access Bet365 Live Betting as it is still unavailable for them.

  • Advantages of Bet365
  • Great security measures
  • Excellent odds
  • A variety of promotions
  • Cash out feature
  • Instant access to news
  • Disadvantages of Bet365
  • Cash Out options not always available when betting in-play

Structure, Design, and Navigation

Frankly speaking, I have never had more fun browsing through a gambling and betting website. Bet365 Live Betting Section is as good as it gets as far as structure, design, and navigation are concerned.

To start, the soothing green and easy-on-the-eyes dark grey make for a perfect colour combo. The occasional splash of yellow here and there draws my attention to the important details on the page, such as the Login button and the odds I can choose from.

The functionality of the website is, in my opinion, unparalleled. The wealth of informational data is structured in such a convenient way that I cannot get confused or lost on the pages should I wished to. The sections flow smoothly, and I can in no time find exactly what I set off to find.

The overall design and the ability to quickly navigate through the site means no time or effort is lost on my part. Quite the contrary, I feel at ease and ready to calculate the odds and place a winning bet.

Live Betting Sports

I am spoilt for choice when it comes to what Bet365 has on offer for Live Betting Sports. Their In-Play section is packed with precious information I may use to my advantage when I decide to wager.

Once I go to their Live Betting Sports section, I can choose from 3 options: Overview, Event View and Schedule.

  • With Overview, I browse all games and have quick access to my favourite ones.
  • Event View gives me the option to stream live, compare the odds and markets and make an in-play bet using my bet slip.
  • By clicking on Schedule, I can check out a timetable with all recent past games and those scheduled for live streaming.

Here are only a few of the many sports I can pick and choose from on their platform.


graphic pic of a soccer ballNothing can beat soccer as the number one game to watch and bet in-play. Bet365 is well aware of this fact. So once I am in the Overview section, I see soccer taking the honourable first place on their list of games. In the Event View Section, my attention is immediately drawn to the right part of my screen. A unique virtual pitch shows me who is in possession of the ball (a red dot moving around the virtual pitch) and how many minutes have passed since the beginning of the match.

I can switch to live streaming if I want to or place a bet on my bet slip. The things I can keep track on are the red and yellow cards given, penalties, corners, and of course, the number of goals, percentage of attacks and possessions. To use the Live Streaming service you will need to be logged in and have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

What I like best about Bet365 Live Soccer is the soccer stats I can check out before placing my bets. They can give me comprehensive information on anything imaginable — from overview of the teams and the players to current tendencies in their game.

Markets I can bet on are:

  • Fulltime result
  • Double chance
  • Half time result
  • 1st goal
  • Match goals
  • Alternative match goals
  • First half goals
  • Match corners
  • 1st half corners
  • Asian handicaps
  • Goal line
  • 1st half Asian handicaps
  • 1st half goal line
  • Half time/ full time
  • Final score
  • 3-way handicap
  • Draw No bet
  • Result/ Both teams to score
  • Both teams to score
  • 1st Goalkeeper


graphic of a green tennis ballIn the tennis section, it is easy for me to find information about all the events or go immediately to the top events at play right now. I can, of course, choose between different markets, live stream, and place in-play bets. Here the Event View section displays a virtual tennis court where I track the percentage of points scored so far. I also keep track of the number of aces and double points.


graphic of badminton racket

Badminton is as easy to visualise as the previous two even without the virtual court as a reference. I can switch between all events and only the current ones with ease. The ones that are live are displayed on top with the odds clearly visible. All I have to do is click on those I wish to wager on, and they get accumulated on my slip.


graphic of a basket ballA virtual brown and brick red basketball makes it easy for me to follow the live game without opting for the Live Stream Feature. It saves me on Mobile data if I’m using the Mobile version. What’s more, it allows me to do several things at once like edit my bet slip while observing the game.

Table Tennis

graphic pic of a table tennis racketTable tennis games are not as popular and as many in number as the other Live Sports Betting options. Still, I have the same Live Stream option as well as a decent number of markets to choose from.

These include but are not limited to the following markets:

  • Match Winner
  • Handicap (games)
  • Match Total
  • Game 1 Winner
  • Game 1 Total
  • Game 1 Odd/Even
  • I-Ching Cheng Total
  • Ye Lin Total
  • Match Total Odd/Even


graphic of a white volley ballHere the virtual court is entirely brick red with a white volleyball hovering over it. Under it, I can see details like the longest streak for each team and points won on serve. Above it, I keep track of the current score. Occasionally, the last 6 points appear over the court when the teams don’t rally.

Ice hockey

graphic of ice hockeyWhen it comes to Ice Hockey there are a number of Leagues I can place bets on. I can choose between prestigious ones such as NHL (National Hockey League) and KHL (Kontinental Hockey League) and more smaller ones like the Czech Republica Extraliga or the Finland SM Liiga. My betting options are countless with the ability to wager on all three periods. Here are some other of the choices I have when wagering:

  • Game Lines
  • Correct Score
  • Time of 1st Score
  • Multi Goalscorers
  • Alternative Puck Lines
  • Double Chance


graphic of a greyhound dogLive Betting on Greyhound offers a number of markets. For example, I can place my bets on a fixed win, fixed place, tote win, or tote place. I can also choose tricast or forecast if I want the price taken at the same time I made the bet.

Bet Slip on Live Betting in Bet365

preview of bet slip bet365

When Live Betting in Bet365, I can create a bet to my liking on either a pre-game or in-play event. I can choose to bet on a single selection or place multiple bets (in other words an accumulator).

If I want to bet on a single selection I must:

Single Bets
  • Choose a sport
  • Select a market to bet on
  • Click on the price I wish which will add it to my bet slip (located on the right of my screen)
  • Then I have to enter the amount I want to stake
  • If everything looks good to me, I click on the ‘Place Bet’ button

If I want to place an accumulator, I need to follow these steps:

Accumulator Bets
  • Select all my odds which will be taken to my bet slip
  • I can go with the largest accumulator which will be displayed at the end of the bet slip or choose another multiple bet type
  • I enter the amount I wish in the stake box
  • Finally, I select Place Bet

A feature I really find useful is the Bet365 Edit Bet option. Thanks to it, I can exchange, add or remove selections. I may also higher my stakes if the bets are still unsettled. This will, of course, reflect on the existing prices. T&C apply.

Winnings-wise, I am aware that my payout depends on a variety of condition. For example, maximum limit vary with the sport I’m betting on and, if I have placed a multiple bet with events having different maximum winnings limits, the one I will be eligible for is the lowest limit. For more clarification, I can read the T&C provided by Bet365.

Other Opportunities

As is often the case, I cannot go wrong betting my trust in a company which has made a name for itself in the world of online betting and gambling. They have a lot of other opportunities for their customers, including excellent Live Streaming feature and a Cash Out option.

Live Streaming Features

Being a top-notch betting company means that Bet365 spared no effort when perfecting their Live Streaming features. I need my very own Bet365 account in order to be granted access to this feature. The other criteria are:

  • I have to enable JavaScript on my browser
  • I have funds in my Sports account and/or
  • I have wagered on any sport in the last 24 hours
  • I need to use the same PC/phone/tablet I used to make the before-mentioned bet

This will grant me instant access to all bet365 stream, which I can view live without getting charged. To use the Live Streaming service I will need to be logged in and have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours. I need to bear in mind that Bet365 Live Streaming Feature might not work if the event I want to view is from my country. By looking up my IP, Bet365 will not permit me to stream live any event from the same host country.

Cash Out Option

If I want to return my bets during an In-Play Live Sports Betting event, I can use the Cash Out Option available from Bet365. Before the end of the event, I am eligible to partial or full Cash Out.

Cash Out feature is available on certain markets and events both In-Play and Pre-Match. If I want to use the feature, all I need to do is click on the Cash Out Button. That way I can guarantee some profit or potentially avoid a loss.

I can select Partial Cash Out by clicking on the icon situated on the right side of my Cash Out button. I am given the chance to cash out an amount of my choice while the remainder of my stake will be settled according to the outcome of the game.

This is the option I like the best. As soon as I place a bet on an event, I can go for the Auto Cash Out feature. I click on the cog icon situated on the right side of the Cash Out button. What I need to do next is set a threshold. I enter the amount in the ‘If the value reaches’ section and then tick the ‘Create Rule’ box. During the live game, once the Cash Out value comes close to my set sum, my bet will be settled automatically, and I will balance out. I need to remember that any of the bets I have placed by using the Cash Out option won’t count in regard to the turnover requirements of offers I have entered in Bet365. Other terms and conditions apply.

Mobile Betting

mobile live betting bet365

Offered in a range of languages, for the convenience of the betters, Bet365 mobile version is an excellent way to bet while on the move. The state-of-the-art mobile platform boasts ease of navigation with every sport only a swipe away. I scroll down to get an extensive list of all the games I can wager on. Or I can run a search for a specific one by visiting the menu at the top left corner of my screen.

The colour choices and the simplified sports pictures (usually a pic of the respective ball used in the given game) add up to the experience by making it a joy to browse through the categories.

The Bet365 mobile platform loads commendably fast with occasional lags when switching from one sports category to another. Still, a good enough Internet connection allows me to stream games live without much of a problem. What I like best about the mobile version are its convenience and functionality. It is definitely as good as the desktop platform. What’s more, I save both on space and time by opting for Bet365 Mobile Betting when I am in a rush.

However, for faster access to my favourite Live Sports games and an interrupted live streaming experience, I always have the option to download the Bet365 app. It is available to both iOS and Android users. True, it might take up some of my storage space, but the app is less time-consuming and hassle free. It loads fast meaning I can wager a bet anytime, anywhere.

Payment Methods

Before I delved into betting, I needed more information on the payment methods available at Bet365. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that their Help page on Payment Methods was as informative and easy to understand as I’d hoped.

First of all, I could pick a country out of a drop-down menu to make sure that the info I am looking at applies to me. Then I had no problem locating all that I needed to know as Bet365 had made things clear by visualising all possible deposit and withdrawal methods in a well-outlined table.

The process times vary according to the method I’ve chosen. For all deposits, it is usually processed instantly or within a couple of days while when it comes to withdrawals, they can take anywhere between a few hours and several working days. The minimum and maximum amounts are also clearly designated.


What is ‘My Alerts’ feature and how do I use it?

My Alerts is a great feature available at Bet365, which allows me to be notified and receive live updates on my favourite sports events (marked with a star).

Why am I not receiving any notifications from My Alerts?

Both Event and Bet Alerts are available for me if I use Bet365 app or the mobile site. If I am using the desktop version, I can only receive Event Alerts in case I use Chrome as a browser.

Why don’t I have access to Live Streaming?

I must make sure I have logged in using my funded Bet365 account. If there are no funds or I haven’t placed a bet in the last 24 hours, my access will be restricted.

What if I want to remove my bet?

It is up to me not to make any mistakes while placing a bet as it cannot be cancelled once I’ve clicked on the Place Bet button. There are, though, two options available to me. I can either Cash Out or Edit Bet thanks to Bet365 great features.

I want to view old bets I’ve made but don’t know how.

Bet365 has a feature called My Bets. It allows me to quickly find my unsettled bets and those that have been settled in the last 24 hours. For older bets, I must go to my account history page and take a look there.

How can I find out more about the rules of the sports I’m betting on?

Bet365 has provided me with an alphabetically ordered list of sport rules at their Help page. I can read all the particulars of say Australian rules or a specific sport’s rules, e.g., horse racing, cricket, etc.

I am having trouble with the betting terminology. What can I do?

No matter how experienced I am when it comes to betting, I might still come across a term I am unfamiliar with. In such cases, I simply look it up by typing the term into the search bar located on the Bet365 Help page.

About Bet365

Soon after mobile betting was legalised in the UK, the most influential bookmaker Bet365 appeared on the Internet gambling market. Despite not having a wealth of experience under their belt as many of their competitors, Bet365 is without a doubt a gambling force to be reckoned with.

Bet365 is registered offshore, and although their headquarters is located in the UK, they also have offices in several other countries. I know they are on top of their game for sure as Bet365 was ranked as the number one Internet gaming company in three consecutive years.

Customer Care & Contact Details

I have already mentioned how secure and protected I feel with Bet365 having my back at all times. One of the main reasons for that is their impeccable Customer Support service.

Their teams work around the clock which means I can reach out to them 24/7. Also depending on my location, I might either interact with an English speaking Customer Care representative or somebody speaking my language.

I can reach Bet365 using a variety of ways — from the old-fashioned snail mail to the more convenient option for Live Chat.

Here is what I can do if I want to make an inquiry or raise a complaint:

  • Send an Email
  • Live Chat
  • Send a Mail
  • Use Telebet

For the exact details like phone number and email address visit the Bet365 Contact page from their site.

Final Verdict & Rating

I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience using Bet365 for Live Betting. I’m not sure whether it is due to their unmatched user-friendly interface, or the ease with which I can build a strategy using Bet365 tips. Maybe it is all about the competitive odds and great promotions. Whatever it is, I am more than convinced that anyone would have as much of a blast as I did betting on Live Sports at Bet365. I confidently award them 9.5 out of 10 rating points.

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