How to download Bet365 casino mobile casino app for Android?

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Finding the Bet365 casino Android app proved to be a very simple task. Like with most major names in the business, I was able to locate it via the Google Play store. After searching for Bet365 Casino in the search bar, it was the first non-sponsored result.

How to install the Bet365 casino app for Android?

To install the Bet365 casino app, I followed the process I would for any other app.

  1. I first tapped the green install button and waited for the Play Store to download the app for me.
  2. After a brief wait, the app was fully installed and ready to go.
  3. Still, on the same page, I then tapped the ‘open’ button to launch the app.

Download Bet365 Casino on Android

How to download Bet365 mobile casino app for iOS?

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Looking to see if Apple users could also enjoy access to a dedicated app, I headed to the App Store. Here I searched for Bet365 casino and was greeted by the official app. I noticed the app is listed as 17+, but this does NOT mean a 17-year-old can use the app. Gambling, either via the app or elsewhere, should not be done by anyone under the age of 18. Bet365 take this exceptionally seriously (as they do when attempting to promote responsible gambling in general).

How to install the Bet365 casino app for iPhone?

Being on the App Store meant installing the Bet365 casino app was very straightforward.

  1. I simply tapped the ‘get’ button and then signed in using my Apple ID to confirm the download.
  2. The installation then took a little time as the file is quite large. Those of you very low on storage space may need to free up some room before installing the app.
  3. Once ready, I then found the app on my home screen and tapped the icon to load it up.

Download Bet365 Casino on iOS

How to use the Bet365 mobile casino app?

Once I had the app open and ready to go, I found it very easy to use. I used the same details as my personal sports betting account with Bet365 to log in, and then I had the option of placing a deposit. I looked at the range of available casino games by browsing through the different categories. Whenever I found a game I liked, I simply tapped on the game icon. After this, the game would load in just a few seconds. In some cases, I needed to tilt my screen horizontally to play.

Casino mobile version of Bet365

bet365 mobile casino website version

Even the most agile of laptops cannot compare to a smartphone when it comes to portability. In my opinion, this is the biggest advantage of having the Bet365 app downloaded on a smartphone. My phone is rarely more than a few meters away, which means I could hop into the casino whenever I want. The only thing you need is a signal or a Wi-Fi connection, and it is not often you will be without one of these in modern times.

As well as being able to play anywhere, the mobile version is better suited to shorter stints. If I have a 10 minutes break and I wish to play, I do not want to spend three of those minutes waiting for my PC to boot up. A phone can go from standby to the app in just a few seconds, allowing for the maximisation of any available leisure time.

Mobile Bet365 Apps for Android devices

Rather than having one all-encompassing mobile casino app on Android, Bet365 has several different applications for various parts of their site. Having tested them all out, I will give you a quick overview of what each one entails, based on my own experience and opinions.

  • Try Bet365 Games App on Android
    The first thing I noticed when trying out the Bet365 Games app was the similarity to the casino app. The pair have a lot in common, including their appearance and the games they have. When using the Games app though I was able to access a wider variety of options including arcade games and virtual sports. In this sense, I felt that ‘Games’ is shaped more towards casual players rather than hard-core casino fans.
  • Play Bet365 Poker App on Android
    Using my normal Bet365 details, I was able to take a look at the range of available poker tables. The collection was large as there seems to be a vibrant and busy poker community here. The app also supported several different poker formats with many different styles provided, including my own favourite, Texas Hold ‘em. Using the app, I could choose to opt into tournaments and take advantage of poker-specific promotions.
  • Bet365 Bingo App for Android
    For anyone who loves bingo, you will be pleased to know you can download a Bet365 Bingo app. Personally, I was impressed with the number of available rooms. Some of them supported extremely low stakes so there is never any need to gamble more than you would like to. Although the social side of things does not fully compare to an actual bingo hall, the live chat feature does help give it some social aspect. For me, it is a worthy trade-off too as with the app you receive plenty of extras exclusive to online play.
  • Bet365 Vegas App for Android
    I could not help but feel the Bet365 Vegas app is a little redundant. It does not fill a hole that the current Bet365 range is missing, in my opinion, rather offering more duplication. On the app, I could play slots, table games and jackpots, but these are all things I can do on the casino/games app. It is not as though the app is designed to have any real Las Vegas resemblance either, merely following a standard Bet365 template.

Mobile Bet365 Apps for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad)

Apple users also have the same range of apps to download on their iPhone or iPad rather than just one mobile casino app. I generally found the iOS apps to be extremely reliable, never suffering any glitches or frozen screens. In terms of their content, they offer everything discussed above so I will not try and repeat myself too much.

  • Play Bet365 Bingo App on iPhone
    If you want to play bingo at Bet365 using your Apple device I would strongly recommend the app. It provides a social bingo experience throughout the day with all types of players welcome.
  • Try Bet365 Poker App on iOS
    One thing I like about the Bet365 Bingo application is that it supports low stakes, and this is also true of the Bet365 Poker app. On my Apple device, I could take a seat at a table and bet with just a few pennies. Bigger-staking players are welcome too of course, but the low minimums encourage responsible gambling.
  • Bet365 Games App for iPhone
    Much like the Android alternative, the iOS games app serves as a slightly more casual alternative to the main casino app. There is a broad range of games on offer, for example, keno and instant wins, making it ideal for many tastes.
  • Bet365 Vegas App for iOS
    When downloading the Vegas app for iOS, I noticed how popular it was in the App Store. Despite not offering anything unique in terms of games, people seem to be fans of the app. If I were to suggest why I think this is, it would be the slick interface. The Vegas app is more minimalist than the main casino app, lacking features such as a search bar. The benefit of this is that it is one the best-performing apps, always being very quick to load in my experience.

Bet365 mobile casino

For Android

Quite simple but fully effective, the Android mobile casino app makes it easy to find and play games. I was able to access table and card games, jackpot and video slots with just one touch of the screen. The number of available games was not overly large, but I believe it would be sufficient for almost all players, particularly slots fans. Each time you play a game you particularly enjoy, I recommend tapping the star icon to add it to your favourites.

For iOS

The iOS app also provided a high-quality casino experience. Again, the collection of games was not huge, but the quality was impressive. Out of all the games I tested, none felt cheaply made nor did any perform poorly. Across the app, the experience was smooth and intuitive, even when altering my account settings or changing the language of the app. Another benefit, which is also true of the Android app, is that I could also easily access available promotions.

Bet365 mobile live casino

For Android

Bet365 brings an authentic casino experience straight to your screen through their range of live dealer tables. I think the live casino here is among the best in the business when looking at their design quality, dealers and range of games. Using the Android app, I was able to see all sorts of tables such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and hi-lo plus several inspired by game shows.

For iOS

On Apple devices, the live dealer experience is just as wonderfully authentic. The iOS application provided me with all tables that are available on Android during what was a virtually identical experience. This included the range of Bet365 exclusive games, which I found particularly exciting and professionally presented.

Bet365 mobile bonus

I was not able to access any exclusive mobile promotions on any of the Bet365 casino apps. I was, however, able to view all their standard promotions, ones which I have seen on their desktop site.

System Requirements and Compatibility

The vast majority of Android and Apple devices will be capable of running any of the Bet365 apps. I used two devices, which are several years old, and there were no issues getting any app up and running. On the App Store/Google Play, you can check the required operating system for each app.

Mobile deposit & withdrawal payments

As a huge global provider, it was no surprise to me that Bet365 accepts a good number of payment methods. They also offer what I consider to be very fair minimum and maximum deposit/withdrawal limits. If you want to find out what currencies are available in your country, sign up or log in and then tap on ‘deposit’.

Questions & Answers

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Which app should I choose to download?

Mobile Rating and Conclusion

Design & UI94%
Mobile Version93%
Android App95%
IOS App95%
Payment Methods90%

Overall, I was impressed with the Bet365 casino apps. On both Android and iOS, the apps were reliable, smooth and easy to navigate. I was not a huge fan of the colour scheme, but I appreciate this is mainly a matter of taste. The games catalogue across both apps was also a little smaller than I expected but still ample. Responsible gambling is a big thing at the moment, and on the apps, this was very easy to set up. By placing limits, you can put yourself fully in control, something that is particularly important when you have such easy access to the app.

If you are someone concerned about online security, I think this is a casino app you will like. As I had not been on my account for a while, I had to enter additional information before it allowed me to login. There were also several steps I needed to take before resetting my password. At all times, I felt not only safe but that every game I tested out was fair, win or lose.

The only real thing I did not like about the mobile gambling experience at Bet365 was the abundance of apps. Most places tend to have just one, maybe two apps but not at Bet365. There are so many apps to choose from. It is hard to know which is right for you. With many overlapping in their content, I cannot help but feel they could consolidate their collection somewhat. For anyone new to the brand looking to download an app, the number of available options may be rather confusing.

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