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Which are the 2 leading gambling sites in Vietnam and where to bet safely?

Despite Vietnam having restrictive laws and their cracking down on offshore betting sites, online betting is alive and well. In fact, many bookmakers are offering a wide variety of betting services to Vietnamese punters.

However, the climate in Vietnam and the risk of agent betting sites means trustability is key to a positive experience. Therefore, to save you time investigating and comparing bookmakers, here is a list of top-rated bookmakers in Vietnam.

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  • Population: As a country with an estimated population of 97.34 million, Vietnam represents 1.25% of the world’s population and ranks 15th based population density.
  • Active players: Due to the Vietnamese government banning locals from legally gambling, active player data is unavailable. However, the number of bookmakers accepting the Dong suggests Vietnam has a large active player base.
  • Currency: Since replacing the French Indochinese piastre in 1978, the became the national currency in Vietnam. Issued by the State Bank of Vietnam, the Vietnamese Dong is the third weakest currency in the world.
  • Regulated gambling products: The only gambling products regulated in Vietnam are horse racing, greyhound racing, football games, and the Vietnam lottery. All other forms of gambling are illegal, with the exception of several casinos available to foreign citizens.
  • Operator types: The operator types in Vietnam include licensed casinos, horse and greyhound establishments, and state-run lotteries.
  • Designated authority: The Ministry Of Finance of Vietnam is responsible for regulating and governing gambling activities.
  • Status: The gambling market in Vietnam remains tightly controlled by the Vietnamese authorities, and by all accounts, this will remain the case. While they have regulated football, horse and greyhound racing, online betting is prohibited.

Top Rated Bookmakers in Vietnam


One of the top betting sites in Vietnam for football and Basketball, 1xbet openly accepts Vietnamese players. Along with their acceptance of Vietnamese players, their biggest area of contribution is their betting platforms. These have been categorically designed by 1xbet and include flexible navigational features. The bookmaker enhances these with unique features such as Wiseodds, Bet constructor and Big Bets on Tournaments.

Furthermore, 1xBet opens the door to online gaming enthusiasts from Vietnam with an online casino, poker room and live casino. These provide bettors immediate access to superb gaming options and include promotional options and flexible betting limits.

1xbet Vietnam sportsbook
  • PROS:
  • Generous live and pre-match coverage for over 30 sports markets
  • Large variety of cryptocurrency options
  • Accepts the Vietnamese Dong
  • CONS:
  • Website is heavily populated

Link To 1xBet Vietnam | 18+ T&C apply | | Play Responsibly.


W88 is a Vietnamese language betting site that is designed exclusively to cater to the growing number of Vietnamese bettors. Similar to other Asian-centric bookmakers, W88 designed its sportsbook to cater to European and Asian sports bettors. This has resulted in W88 offering 14 sport types and complementing it with fantasy, esports, casino, and lottery betting.

The W88 casino is ideal for Vietnamese punters interested in non-sports betting platforms. It features a generous population of casino games and focuses primarily on Vietnamese preferred table games. There are also a large variety of live dealer games, as there are esports, virtual and lottery games.

W88 Vietnam sportsbook
  • PROS:
  • In-play betting with favourable odds
  • Multiple betting platforms
  • Excellent variety of sports-themed promotions
  • CONS:
  • Limited number of sports markets available

Visit W88 Vietnam | 18+ T&C apply | | Play Responsibly.

Important Things to Know About Betting Sites in Vietnam

By understanding a variety of important things to know about betting sites in Vietnam, you will be better prepared. Generally, most Vietnamese gambling sites offer a diverse, welcoming and entertaining betting environment. Still, let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from Vietnamese betting sites:

  • Betting Environment
    The local betting environment in Vietnam could best be described as restrictive. That results from the laws limiting bettors to all but a handful of options. Unfortunately, those options do not include casino gambling, nor does it permit Vietnamese bettors access to online betting sites.
  • Competition
    As noted above, the Vietnamese government has strict rules governing online gambling activities. Resultantly, the competition is limited to those sites that have yet to be blocked by authorities in Vietnam. However, in competitive terms, 1xBet and W88 are the two strongest competitors in the Vietnamese market.
  • Operators
    The majority of operators in Vietnam operate online and therefore as based offshore. However, you will find a number of land-based casinos catering to foreign nationals, lottery and football betting retailers.
  • Active Players
    As we mentioned earlier, data relating to active players in Vietnam is all but non-existent. This is likely due to the strict punitive laws that create a less than friendly environment. Until Vietnam updates their gaming laws, it will be difficult to ascertain how many people gamble in Vietnam.
  • Key info for Vietnamese Players
    Some of the key info for Vietnamese players to consider when betting is the popularity of offshore betting sites. These provide them with the easiest points of access and allow bettors to use VPN’s as a means to access their betting services.
  • Gambling Taxes and Players Safety
    The Vietnamese government currently does not tax winnings, but they have taxation laws for casinos and other gaming operators. While that is ideal for players, there is limited regulation, and therefore, limited protection services in terms of safety. On the flip side, offshore bookmakers are licensed and provide multiple protective measures.

Sports Betting in Vietnam: An Overview – How We Choose the Best Betting Sites

Like most other Asian countries, Vietnamese punters are drawn to sports such as football, basketball and badminton. While bettors can refer to Vietnam betting tips to narrow their search, we choose betting sites based on:

  • Whether the bookie has a valid license
  • Has a good reputation
  • Offers a viable platform for sports betting
  • Features multiple support options
  • Provides bonuses and promotional incentives
  • Includes alternative betting options

What Kind of Odds Format is Used in Vietnam?

The odds formats used in Vietnam are primarily Malaysian, Indonesian and Hong Kong odds. However, the best online bookmakers in Vietnam will also include options for American, decimal, and fractional odds.

Generally, the odds bookies will be generic but, at the same time, will be based on your geo-location based. There are positives to having multipole odds formats, but most in Vietnam will favour Asian themed odds formats.

Available Betting Markets in Most Vietnamese Bookmakers

betting marketsVietnamese punters are met with a wide range of available betting markets with most Vietnamese bookmakers. It is only natural they include a diverse selection of markets while concentrating on those markets popular in Vietnam.

It is hardly surprising that Vietnamese bookies would focus on sports such as football and badminton. These are generally the more sought-after for betting in Vietnam and traditionally favoured as well.

As far as betting markets are concerned, these share similarities with other countries and seldom differ. However, Vietnamese punters tend to favour markets such as 1×2 as they offer a great degree of diversity.

User Experience

Betting in Vietnam is similar to betting in any country where restrictive laws govern online betting. Online bookmakers make it a point to ensure the user experience is complete with easy access to betting markets. They often include betting predictions, access to results, tutorials and incentives such as free bets.

More importantly, there is a focus on delivering a modern betting site focused heavily on useability. A big part of that is in the navigational features and the logically located call-to-action buttons. These allow bettors to freely browse and focus attention on areas of interest without feeling overwhelmed. And should they ever be in need of assistance, support agents are available to guide them and provide assistance.

Bonuses and Promotions for Vietnamese Bettors

bonusesThe demand for bonuses and promotions for Vietnamese bettors remains a constant for top bookmakers in Vietnam. Their frequency is a contributing factor most Vietnamese players consider when punting online. It is also a key part of a bookies ability to appeal to those with limited budgets.

Fortunately, the top bookmakers in Vietnam understand this and include multiple sports betting promotional offers. These range from introductory bonuses to enhanced odds, ACCA’s, free bets and reload bonuses.

Live Betting, Live Streaming & Cash-Out Features

Generally, online bookies are well-aware of the importance of live betting and include it as a standard betting option. However, bookmakers will include other sports-related features to enhance their live betting platforms. The most common offers include live streaming, as it lets bettors watch events while simultaneously placing live bets.

Another popular feature for bookies is the inclusion of a cash-out feature. Many bettors request this as it allows them flexibility with their bets. Mainly, it is a safety net for when things are not going as planned. It also affords them peace of mind as it reduces their losses to a manageable amount.

Online Casinos in Vietnam

Unfortunately, online casino gambling is not legal in Vietnam, but that has not stopped Vietnamese punters from accessing online casinos. In fact, if not for mobile casinos and the ease of access they provide, Vietnamese players would have zero options. A major component to that is the use of VPNs and the clocking of IP addresses. This prevents Vietnamese authorities from blocking access and identifying anyone who is betting online.

Resultantly, this has seen the popularity of online casinos rise dramatically in recent years. That alone suggests Vietnamese are allocating an increased amount of their recreational income towards online casinos.

Undoubtedly, the most popular games that appeal to Vietnamese are table games such as Blackjack, Pachinko and Roulette. Not to mention, Pai Gow, Poker and lottery games like Tai Xiu are widely played online. Another hot topic is live dealer games, as they simulate the type of experience favoured by Vietnamese players.

Available Methods for Withdrawals and Deposits To Punters In Vietnam

Vietnamese bookmakers are accustomed to dealing with an international audience and routinely support a diverse variety of payment methods. These vary from traditional payment options like debit, prepaid, e-wallet and bank transfers to cryptocurrencies and mobile payment solutions. And, thanks to the capabilities of modern technology, payments can be made via mobile devices, desktops, tablets or laptops.

In terms of available methods for withdrawals and deposits for punters in Vietnam, they emulate those mentioned above. However, we should point out the options often will differ between bookmakers. Some like 1xBet offers a greater variety of options, while others limit bettors to a handful of options. Moreover, the minimum transactional rates differ, as do the processing times for withdrawals.

Mobile Betting and Betting Apps

betting appsDuring a period of increased mobility access, more and more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet. While previously favoured by a tech-savvy generation, mobile accessibility is now cross-generational. Resultantly, mobile betting is just one of the industries that have seen substantial patterns of growth.

Today, it’s near impossible to find a betting site that isn’t compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. Whether they develop apps or rely on mobile browser technology, both are responsive and optimised for performance. If opting to use a mobile browser, accessibility is as simple as entering a website address. After registration, access is instant, as are the various features inherent with mobile betting sites.

Of course, Vietnamese have the option to download apps, but this is less favoured due to current gambling laws. Still, punters can download apps by visiting the respective app stores and searching the app database.

Safety and Security

The best Vietnamese bookmakers all take the responsibility of safety and security seriously. In fact, as part of their licensing responsibilities, they are required to meet a number of mandates relating to security. This includes ensuring the appropriate software is in use to protect servers from being accessed by external parties.

In addition, security and safety protocols ensure operators appropriate enough funds to cover player withdrawals. This is an extension of the requirements that bookies must adhere to when handling and managing player deposits. Moreover, regulatory bodies provide a go-between should there be any discrepancies between player and operator.

Is the Customer Support Good Enough for Vietnamese Players?

Based on our observations with the bookmakers we recommend for Vietnamese players, the customer support is good. All of those we recommended include customer contact methods such as email, live chat and various forms of social media. They are also staffed by qualified representatives, with many offering support in Vietnamese.

Here is a list of the most common methods of communication:

  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • Telephone
  • On-site Messaging Form
  • Social Media


Are sports betting legal in Vietnam?

Yes, sports betting is legal, but only if wagering on football.

Can you bet online in Vietnam?

No, all forms of online betting are illegal in Vietnam. Although, online betting is widely practised by millions of Vietnamese bettors.

What are the best online bookmakers?

The best online bookmakers are those licensed by trusted regulatory bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

What is the best sports betting site in Vietnam?

In our opinion, the best sports betting site in Vietnam is 1xBet.

How can I verify if a bookie is licensed?

The easiest way is to visit a bookie and confirm they are licensed by reviewing the information contained in its site footer. This will identify the licensing authority, to which you can then verify if the license is legitimate.

Will I be arrested for betting online in Vietnam?

If caught illegally gambling, punters can face fines up to 50 million VND. However, this is unlikely as personal information is not shared with Vietnamese authorities.

What is the minimum age for consent in Vietnam?

The minimum age for consent in Vietnam is 21.

Are online casinos in Vietnam safe?

Yes, as online casinos in Vietnam are licensed and regulated, they are considered safe.

Interesting Facts

  • Just to keep things interesting, here are some interesting facts about gambling in Vietnam and the progression of its gambling market.
  • In 2017, Vietnamese Authorities opted to allow locals into land-based casinos if they were 21 or older and could prove a monthly income of at least 10 million dong.
  • If an effort to control offshore gambling, the Vietnamese government blocked the IP address of over 200 betting sites. Unfortunately, thanks to VPN’s, this did little to stop bettors from accessing offshore betting establishments.
  • Until the later part of the 20th century, the only option for legal gambling in Vietnam was the lottery.
  • According to a recent study, Vietnamese men are far more likely to develop gambling addictions than women.

Are There Any Restrictions for Vietnamese Players?

Gambling activities in Vietnam are tightly regulated and limited to lotteries, football, horse, greyhound racing. While locals can visit land-based casinos under the right conditions, most fail to meet the requirements for entry. Thus, the only option for Vietnamese bettors is to turn to offshore betting sites that do not restrict Vietnamese players.

However, some exceptions to that rule will apply. For instance, some bookies may limit access based on jurisdictional limitations, while others will restrict currency and payment options. There are also situations where certain gaming software is unavailable to Vietnamese players. While a nuisance, they are minimal and, for the most part, non-restrictive in the grand scheme of things.


Due to the Vietnamese market being unwelcoming to offshore betting sites, Vietnamese punters need to tread lightly when betting online. This mainly revolves around the existing legalities of betting abroad and is not meant to be a deterrent.

Ultimately, the advent of mobile betting provides bettors with anonymity and the tools needed to bet without the risk of detection. This, coupled with the increased regulatory oversight from offshore betting sites, makes Vietnam a safe venue for punting on sports or other forms of gambling entertainment.

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