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  1. Top 3 Bookmakers in Australia
  2. Betting in Australia - Things to know
  3. How we choose the best bookie
  4. Odds Format
  5. Available Betting Markets
  6. User Experience
  7. Bonuses and Promotions
  8. Live Betting, Live Streaming & Cash-Out
  9. Online Casinos
  10. Preferred Payment Methods
  11. Mobile Betting
  12. Safety and Security
  13. Customer Support
  14. FAQs
  15. Interesting Facts
  16. Restrictions for Players from Australia
  17. Conclusion

Which are the TOP bookmakers in Australia and where to bet safely?

Which bookmaker offers the best betting conditions and where to place your bet risk-free? Get the answers to these questions in our table below. See the TOP 10 bookmakers in Australia and compare their options and offers. The chart is based on our own experience with these companies.

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  • Population: As both a country and a continent, it has an estimated 25.5 million people, making it the 53rd most populous country in the globe. Active players: Of the 25.5 million people, an estimate of 20 million adults are active gamblers in various gambling mediums, including online gambling. If you look at the percentages, we can say that this accounts for almost 80% of the entire population in Australia.
  • Currency: Most of the popular gambling websites that cater to Australians offer the use of the AUD or the Australian Dollar in their platforms. These websites allow players to use this currency for funding their respective accounts as well as withdrawing money from their accounts.
  • Regulated gambling products: Gambling products that are available in Australia include retail gambling establishments, casinos, keno, lottery services, and online sportsbooks. All of these need to have the necessary licenses in order to operate. Do take note that sportsbooks require a different license as compared to other operators. Sportsbooks will require a bookmaker license aside from the standard Gambling Operator License.
  • Operator types: The operator types available include online sportsbooks and casino establishments. So far, the laws do not give provisions on online casinos, so it is technically not legal yet.
  • Designated authority: There are several regulatory bodies for gambling in Australia, depending on the region. The following include the Australian Communications and Media Authority; Western Australia Department of Racing, Gaming, and Liquor; Australian Capital Territory Gambling and Racing Commission; New South Wales Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing; and South Australia Independent Gambling Authority. These are only a few of the prominent ones, although there are also a few more.
  • Status: So far, the gambling market in Australia is regulated by the IGA or the Interactive Gambling Act. This act only considers sportsbetting racing and lotteries as the only regulated gambling mediums. Other types may not be regulated by the law. Do take note though that local racing and sportsbetting platforms are not allowed to market their products.

Top 3 Foreign Bookmakers in Australia


Unibet is a big bookmaker founded in the late ‘90s. They’re known for providing a high-quality experience for punters with their wide list of sports betting options and high odds.
Along with the superb Sportsbook, Unibet also has a good casino platform and poker platform. Unfortunately, their customer support is not as compelling as compared to the other two bookmakers. Still, this company has a lot to offer to its Australian customers.


1xBet is a popular bookmaker that was founded in 2007 and rose to become one of the biggest names in the business. They’re known for their very attractive bonuses, high odds, and a whole range of betting options which also includes eSports.
Other than that, 1xbet also has a cash-out system for risk management. However, their platform limits players from a lot of countries. Thankfully, they do accept Australians to the platform.


Last on the list is none other than the arguably most famous bookmaker in the UK. Founded in the 19th century, the company Ladbrokes has an amazing platform that allows live streaming, cashouts, and great experience in the live betting market. Other than that, you’ll find a lot of really nice betting options here as well as a great racebook if you’re a horse racing fan.
They also have a nice casino, live casino, and a virtual sports section. Finally, they have a great set of bonuses that you can enjoy whether you are a new player or an old player on the platform. While their cash out isn’t as efficient as most other bookmakers, the overall experience that you can get from this bookmaker overshadows that.

Important Things to Know About Betting Sites in Australia

By knowing some important facts as well as the top 3 most popular sites in Australia, it’s time to take a deeper look at the market by looking at the betting environment. The betting environment encompasses the various players in the market, taxes, and player info. Let’s take a look at that.

  1. Competition
    First off, let’s talk about competition. In our list above, we noted that there were three very popular bookmakers in the Australian gambling scene. These were Ladbrokes, Unibet, and 1xbet. Other competitors of the three include Betfair and 22bet. Local Australian bookmakers are also present here. These include Beteasy and Neds.

  2. Operators
    Most of the operators in Australia are online, wherein online sportsbetting and racing are pretty prominent. However, you’ll see that there are physical casinos and retail lotteries as well.

  3. Active players
    As mentioned above, the number of key players in Australia reach up to around 20 million adults who are roughly 80% of the population.

  4. Key info for players in Australia
    When taking part in the Australian gambling market, it’s important to take note of the most popular sports among the players. So far, the sports that get the most traction include Aussie football rules, rugby, cricket, basketball, and tennis.

  5. Gambling taxes and players’ safety
    There are currently no taxes imposed on players who have winnings from gambling activities. However, there are some taxes that gambling companies may have to pay in the form of stipends regularly.

Sports Betting in Australia: An Overview – How we choose the best betting site

If you’re planning to play in Australia, how exactly do you choose the best betting site? Well, we have a certain set of criteria that we usually follow:

  • Has to hold a local license
  • Must have a good reputation among customers
  • Has to have all mediums for reaching support
  • Has quality products and odds
  • Includes bonuses for players

What Kind of Odds Format Is Used in Australia?

The odds formats that are usually used by betting sites in Australia are fractional and decimal odds. However, some other bookmakers may have different types, as well. Nevertheless, these two are the most common.

Available Betting Markets in Most Bookmakers

While Aussie rules football, basketball, tennis, and rugby tend to be the most popular in Australia, there are other betting markets as well. These include horse racing, greyhound racing, NFL, MMA, and many others.

User Experience

You’ll see that international bookmakers are popular in Australia because they offer a full user experience with high standards. With that, Australians get to have a really good user experience when they gamble.

Bonuses and Promotions for bettors from Australia

Bonuses for Australian players

Bonuses and promotions are also popular among most bookmakers in the country. These bonuses are given in order to entice new players to join the website and get some cool freebies.

Live Betting, Live Streaming & Cash-Out Features

Live betting is a staple for most Australian bookmakers. A vast majority of bookmakers have it. As for live-streaming and cash-outs, you’ll find these two features in most big and reputable bookmakers– especially the newer names.

Online Casinos in Australia

It’s hard to say whether online casinos are legal in Australia because the law doesn’t support them. Physical casinos are pretty popular in Australia, but there apparently is a demand for online casinos as well. Once the laws establish online casinos properly, the market should grow even bigger, given the increasing popularity of the domain.

Available Methods for Withdrawals and Deposits

Various payment methods are available depending on the bookmaker you choose. But the most popular methods include Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, and Neteller. Others may also be offered, such as bank wire or bank transfer.

Mobile Betting and Betting Apps

Every betting site is leaning toward mobile betting already since mobile betting apps are growing. All the choices that we’ve mentioned above have their own respective betting platforms to cater to mobile punters.

Safety and Security

Most bookmakers have an SSL security standard followed in order to protect the identity and information of punters. Aside from that, safety is also assured through the necessary licenses and certifications the bookmaker has. The more licenses and certifications present, the safer.

Is Customer Support good enough for players from Australia?

The international bookmakers ensure that their customer support reaches a certain standard for their players, including those from Australia. The customer support is definitely good enough for Australian players as they offer a wide range of mediums available to contact support.


What is the best betting site in Australia?

We’d say that Unibet is the best betting site in Australia. Ladbrokes is another very popular sports betting website there. As for local betting websites, we’d say that Beteasy is a candidate for one of the top platforms.

Are sports betting legal in Australia?

Yes, they are but highly regulated.

What is the best online horse racing betting site in Australia?

Unibet is very popular for its sportsbook as well as its Australian horse betting market.

Is arbitrage betting legal in Australia?

Yes, it is legal to arbitrage bet in Australia since it is legal to do sportsbetting in the continent.

Do Australian bookmakers accept Australian Visa electron betting?

This depends on the bookmaker. In general, they do accept Visa Electron betting.

Do Australian bookmakers hold Australian politics betting markets?

Generally, most bookmakers do, but this really depends on the bookmaker. Most bookmakers focus on current world events like the US presidential elections, Brexit, and others.

Do Australian bookmakers have football tips?

Yes, bookmakers do offer tips usually in their blog section or other parts of the website.

Is golf popular among Australian online gamblers?

While it isn’t as popular as the sports mentioned above, golf markets do have their own target audience. There are quite a number of Australian bookmakers that do bet on certain golf games.

Interesting Facts

  • The Australian sports betting market reached up to $18 billion annually at an average.
  • A total of 40% of Australians love poker as compared to other sports mediums.
  • 20% of all slot machines in the world can be found in Australia.
  • Australian Casino pubs have a jackpot cap which is $10,000.
  • The Australian government is the biggest winner in the country’s gambling scene. It earns billions of dollars from gambling taxes every year.

Are There Any Restrictions for Players from Australia?

Local Australian bookmakers are not allowed to provide online casino products to players although international bookmakers are somehow not covered by that rule. As for the sports betting platforms, Australia has some pretty strict rules on the local platforms. However, they seem to be pretty lax on international bookmakers.


The thing about Australia is that there are no definite laws yet regarding online gambling. Most of the clauses in the IGA focus more on the physical gambling establishments – especially casinos. They seem to be very strict with online gambling casinos (these are still considered illegal). The funny thing is that international online casinos can still actually get in. With international bookmakers and casinos present in the market (and very popular), you can see that there is an actual demand for these types of services. The only thing left for the Australian government to do is to regulate and concretize the policies regarding the gambling industry as a whole, and you’ll definitely be able to see the Australian gambling market fly.

Of course, this means that local Australian gambling markets do have a fighting chance against their International counterparts as well, which is a good thing for the local punters.

In any case, the Australian market is definitely ripe for the picking since 80% of the population is into gambling activities. The Australian gambling industry has a long way to go with regard to policy-making, but it definitely has a lot of potential for growth. It’s safe to say that the gambling arena in Australia is bound to grow further and expand.

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