About me

My name is Maria, I am 24 years old, and I live and work in the city of Plovdiv. Keep on reading if you want to know more about me and my responsibilities as a content writer working for Betenemy.com.

What are your qualifications and competencies?

I have graduated from Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski” with a Bachelor’s degree in Software Technologies and Design, and a Master’s degree in Business Informatics with English. Working with CMS like WordPress was what I took most pleasure in during my university studies. I think this content management system, in particular, is one of the best you can find if not the best. Processing images with programs such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and many others appealed to my creative side, and I continue to pursue this passion of mine to this day. Luckily, now I am fortunate enough to have a job that combines my interests and allows me to improve my skills every day.

How did you end up working for Betenemy?

It was the summer of 2017, and I had yet to complete my postgraduate studies. As I was preparing my thesis, a fantastic opportunity presented itself. Chances like this rarely come so I knew I had to make the most of the situation. Thirsty for new knowledge I wanted to learn everything, but as it is with all good things in life, it all takes time. Since I enjoyed this line of work immensely, I put a lot of effort into it. I have never regretted deciding to join Betenemy. It was the best thing that could have happened to me.

What does your job entail?

As a content writer, I am charged with the responsibility to create content for the Bulgarian version of our site. I must also double-check, edit and shape the content for our main, bonus code and mobile reviews in the English version of Betenemy. When necessary, I develop structures for new online bookmakers. It is often the case that I have to use Photoshop to process thematic images for a given review, which I later compress and upload on our pages.

What are the strengths of Betenemy? Why choose this site?

Three words – reliability, quality and variety, these are the strengths of our website. The reason why Betenemy ranks so high and is as popular as it is now is that it manifests these three pillars of trust. Each review, article, material, and post on our webpages has undergone thorough checks by either a colleague of mine or me. It is our goal never to provide misleading or false information. As a result, we strive to create not only in-depth but also high-quality reviews. Our ultimate aim is to cover as many top bookmakers as possible so that our readers can make better-informed decisions. We want Betenemy to be your go-to place for tips and details on anything to do with the online betting industry. Every day, a team of professionals gives their best so that this dream of ours can become a reality.

Do you have anything to say to Betenemy’s readers?

Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in a rut. Become better every day by constant improvement of your mind and body. The best of players have earned their place at the top because of continual thirst for development. So look up different strategies, read tips and guides, check out as many reviews as you can. Be assured that spending time reading our reviews wouldn’t go to waste as our team is comprised of professionals with a long track record in the industry. Trust our reviews and don’t forget to check out any comments left by our visitors. Leave a comment as we always appreciate your valuable opinion and feedback. We welcome both appraisals and criticisms with regards to the bookmakers we write for as they will help us stay objective and keep up the excellent work we do!

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