About Kremena

We like to introduce you to Kremena Georgieva, who is born in Haskovo. Kremena graduated from the high school of natural sciences and mathematics in her hometown, where she started to be interested in creating and developing websites, as well as working with different image processing programs. She continued her studies in this department at the University of Plovdiv called “Paisii Hilendarski”, where she got a degree in “Business Information Technology”. During her time at university, she experienced different areas of the IT business and decided to pursue digital marketing. According to her, she is doing what makes her happy.

Kremena became a part of Betenemy in June 2020. Her main job is to promote the brand on different social networks. Despite not being an expert in the world of betting, she can easily deal with the different tasks with little to no effort, thanks to the incredible teamwork from everyone who is a part of Betenemy.

Sports play an integral part in her life. According to her, she spends more than half of her life in training and learning new things. You may ask yourself, why is that? Well, she has been playing handball for more than 10 years now, but sadly, an injury put an end to her sports career, which is now she is currently a professional referee.

Kremena has a lot of interest in loads of other sports, such as tennis, volleyball, basketball, badminton, and she would love to relax in front of the TV and watch her favorite athlete playing.

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