About Ivan

Hello, I’m Ivan Georgiev from the city of Varna, Bulgaria. I’m 31 years old and have studied Engineering Design in Varna Technical University.

So far my work experience has covered fields such as advertising, programming, design, 3D design, and SEO optimization. I first entered the world of web design in 2007.

I used to work as a designer in one of the biggest advertising companies in Varna and then chose to take up a new challenge and found myself designing games for slot machines, casino sites, and their advertising clips.

This experience triggered a great passion of mine, namely 3D design which led me to get involved in many projects as well as the commercials for a large Trading company.

I worked as a freelancer for a few years earning a high score in freelancer dot com. When you are forced to work with a lot of different clients, the only way to let off steam and get rid of everything that weighs on you are the three magic words “Let it go”. To be honest, I got to know some very decent professionals in different fields, many of whom were in the gambling sphere. I have developed plenty of sites that have so far operated steadily on the English market. I also had the chance to meet many of my clients in real life, and we had a great time together. Some of the myths and stereotypes for Indians, Jews, and other nationalities turned out to be accurate, while others were disproved.

My career took a turn towards affiliate business in 2014 when I became a primary developer in a startup company. At that time, I also worked on personal projects that I was developing until recently. All that changed as soon as I started working for Betenemy. Namely, the company gave me a full view of how to build a well-functioning system. Frankly speaking, it would be hard for a person to do something outstanding if they do not have the support of people who share the same world views and perspective as well as leadership qualities like our BOSS.

He does not like it when we call him boss, so I’ll refer to him using the nickname “Thug guy” :D. It is a real challenge to gather a team of great people and make them believe that what they do is worthwhile so we have to grant him that honour.

I first started doing projects for Betenemy as a freelancer back in 2018. Ever since then I have taken this project to heart. It didn’t take me long to join the team on a full-time basis. Together we managed to create a high-quality product due not only to the experience of my colleagues but also because of our common goal to develop this business in Bulgaria (that tingling sensation you get when you are above and beyond the others because of your dedication, talent, and hard work :D).

Over time, our site has become a valuable source of information not only for betting enthusiasts from Bulgarian but also for those coming from Europe and other countries.

In my spare time, I love listening to music and getting into the role of a DJ. I enjoy painting and am quite good at it. I’m also fond of walks in the mountains. I’m still into clubbing and love the nightlife of Varna, even though I’m not 20 anymore. I love my wife; I love my dog , Ricky; I love life.


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