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  6. Virtual Camel Racing
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  8. Virtual Speedway
  9. Virtual Motorbikes
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1xbet virtual sports section

1xBet has been in the sports betting world for some time and since 2011 have been operating in many countries as an online betting service. This Russian based company offers a wide variety of sports and casino options for players. Although they do not currently have licenced sites in many EU countries, many mirror sites/links can be used to gain access to the site services. Alongside real sports from across the world, 1xBet also has 3 providers of virtual games for their players. Having 3 virtual providers is one of the unique aspects of 1xBet where other sport betting sites mostly only have a single provider. Global Bet, Golden Race and 1x2Network provide 1xBet players with a multitude of sports to choose from.

They select the virtual sports from the main menu on the site, with the 3 providers being clearly defined on the screen. The sports offered range from football to camel racing and bring the players all the excitement of sports betting combined with the fast pace of virtual sports.

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Virtual Sports – Global Bet

1xbet Global Bet

Global Bet hosts virtual sports like Football, Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing and Camel Racing. They also have a Virtual Football League in the form of European Super League with all the top European Football Clubs represented. Football lovers can choose from games in the World Cup format or the EU super League. Virtual Sports fans can also select from the action in the form of Horse Racing as well as Greyhound Racing, firm favourites in the virtual sports world. For those that want something different Global Bet provides Camel Racing that is somewhat unique.

Virtual Football and Virtual Football League

1xbet virtual football

Football from Global Bet displays the top teams from in the European championship as well as international teams from across the world. The Football League host the best teams from Europe with games played in the same format as the real-world competition. League games are hosted according to match days with games listed below the video feed. Below the upcoming games, the players can select from the rest of the days matches for betting.

For players that prefer international football, the world cup football hosted by Global Bet is sure to excite. Games are shown in the 3-minute format, and all the world best teams are seen at their best. The wide variety of football offered by Global Bet will make any fan’s day, and that is not even taking in to account the many options provided in the spreads and odds for the games.

Available Markets and Betting options

The Football League has betting choices such as Game Winner, Double Chance and Goal/No Goal as well as Over/Under options. Bets can be placed before each game starts and players can choose from upcoming match days to place bets on as many games as they can handle! The odds shown on the games can be viewed in various formats from decimal to several regional derivatives like the US or Hong Kong.

Betting on the world cup football offers the player with several more options like Home/Away goals and Correct Score for each game. The seasoned virtual sports fan will be used to the many options when it comes to betting. With games hosted in the usual 3min format, the betting is fast, and the quick thinker will make the most of each possibility.

Game Duration

As mentioned, the football games in both virtual options are played out every 3 min and each game can be viewed in the video feed. Players in the football league can view each match day’s games according to their selection.

Leagues and Teams

The Virtual Football League showcases the top European teams as they are in the real world and players can choose their favourite EU Team and enjoy their teams in the virtual world. For those with constant World Cup fever, the international teams bring the best of the real world to the virtual video feed 24 hours a day.

Virtual Horse Racing

1xbet virtual horses

Horse racing has always been exciting, and the Global Bet Virtual Horses are no different. Each race has either 6 or 8 runners and players can see the last 5 results for each horse when viewing the betting list. The video feed provides players with the first 4 placed runners in each race.

Available Markets and Betting options

Horse racing fans will enjoy the betting options as they are akin to real-world racing. Bets can be placed on Winners, Place 1 / 2, Show (1st,2nd,3rd) or Forecast. The ever-popular Tricast (trifecta) is also available for each race. Odds are shown in the player’s format choice as chosen in their settings.

Race Duration

Each virtual horse race runs out in 3-minute intervals and players can bet on up to 9 races at one time as they are displayed below the video feed with race times and runners for each race.

Virtual Greyhound Racing

1xbet virtual greyhounds

Virtual Greyhound racing follows a similar format to the horse racing with races having 6 or 8 competitors and runners displayed with the last 5 results and their race odds in the drop-down list below the video feed.

Available Markets and Betting options

For each race, players can bet on the standard markets like Winner, Place or Show as well as the Tricast and Forecast options. Depending on the player’s settings odds will be shown as decimals or in various regional formats.

Race Duration

The virtual races run every 2 minutes all day long and players can place bets on up to 8 races at a time.

Virtual Camel Racing

1xbet virtual camels

Virtual Camel racing from Global Bet offers the 1xBet player with something different albeit similar to other virtual race formats. With 6 or 8 race competitors, the races are hosted in a desert setting that lends a real-world feeling to the experience. The commentary is provided with a local flavour, and the video feed even has dunes in the background for effect.

Available Markets and Betting options

Bets can be placed on Winners and Placed camels as well as Tricast and Show options. The Forecast betting option is also available.

Race Duration

Virtual Camels race every 2 min and races are hosted all day long with the sun never setting on your betting fun.

Virtual Sports – Golden Race

1xbet golden race

Golden Race Virtual Sports offer the player several options in virtual sports on the 1xBet platform. They have 7 different football leagues on offer along with the usual horse racing and greyhound racing options. What sets them apart is the virtual motorsport selection in the form of Virtual Speedway and Virtual Motorbike racing. Within the Golden Race section of the 1xBet site, players can view the sports selection on the drop-down menu on the left and the video feed and race betting options below the video feed.

Virtual Football Leagues

Golden Race offers a variety of Football leagues for the betting pleasure of the players. The leagues available are The French League, Euro 20, Nation Cup, Turkish League, German League, Calcio League (Italian) and the Spanish League. The virtual football options cover the best of the European leagues, as well as the International formats and players, can bet on their favourite teams from the best in the world in this virtual football environment.

Available Markets and Betting options

Betting markets within the Football section is familiar to virtual sports fans and cover just about every possible result from each game. Players can bet on matches according to Half-Time score and Full-Time score as well as Over/Under options and Goal/No Goal. The odds are displayed in the players chosen formats. With 10 games in each virtual league shown, players have a host of betting options in the Virtual Football section.

Game Duration

Golden Race Virtual Football games play out every 3 minutes all day long, but with up to 10 games in each league players can view the games as they play out simultaneously. Each league has the game being played concurrently shown with the game time shown in minutes.

Virtual Speedway

1xbet speedway

Gorton Stadium is the venue for the Virtual Speedway racing, and with four racers competing for the win at breakneck speeds, the excitement factor is top-notch.

Available Markets and Betting options

Golden Race Virtual Sports make betting easy with the stats for each racer listed below the main feed. Players can see the last five results and the performance rating of every entry. The betting markets are familiar to the players with Win/Place/Show odds shown as default on the screen. Options like Quinella and Exacta including Odd/Even and Over/Under are also available for players.

Race Duration

Virtual Speedway races can be accessed in three minute intervals. Each allows up to six races for punters to bet in and is available 24 hours a day.

Virtual Motorbikes

Motorbike racing in the virtual world takes place on the Hamamatsu circuit and with 6 bikes in each race, the racing is close and exceptionally competitive.

Available Markets and Betting options

Betting on virtual motorbikes is made simple for newcomers with the stats for each rider shown below the main feed. The betting odds range from Winner, Place and Show options with the relative odds shown in the player’s format of choice. The more seasoned player can choose from the other betting markets like Trifecta, Exacta and Quinella including Odd/Even and Over/Under.

Race Duration

Races are presented every 3min all day long with up to 6 races available to players at once.

Virtual Sports – 1X2Network

1xbet 1X2Network

The 1x2Network offers the players with some out-of-the-ordinary virtual sports as well as the usual favourites. Games like Football in various league formats are widely enjoyed by the playing community, 1x2Network also showcases sports like Rugby for an extraordinary virtual sports experience.

Virtual Soccer Leagues

1x2Network has gone all out in providing Football option for the players. With 8 different Virtual Football options to choose from, no football lover will be left wanting. First up, is the World Cup with all the best international teams hosted in the familiar World Cup format of gameplay. The European national teams are represented in the virtual Euros with the best of the world teams showing their skills in the virtual gameplay. Players are treated to the best of the past in the Legends League with national teams from the past playing it out against each other. 1x2Network offers football aficionados with every top league in the Virtual Soccer league that has just about every league from across the world represented.

European Football betting fans can enjoy their favourite team in one of two options, Champions League and Europa League. 1×2 Gaming delivers the best of European football with both national teams and premier clubs matching their skills in the gameplay. The virtual football does not stop there, the African Cup league hosts the best of African national teams playing for honours in a group format. And if that is not enough, then players can go for the Virtual Football Pro option, where they can choose from every major football tournament in the world for their enjoyment.

Available Markets and Betting options

Betting markets are pretty easy to understand within the 1x2Network virtual gaming environment, with players able to choose from Win/Draw/Lose with team odds shown for each game. Over/Under and Asian Handicap is also available to players for spread betting. These markets are available across the whole spectrum of Football Leagues from 1x2Network Virtual Sports.

Game Duration

With so many games on offer, it’s no wonder that game play is faster at 90 seconds for each round of games. Depending on the league you are playing in, there are up to 10 games playing out every 90 seconds.

Virtual Rugby

Rugby fans can enjoy the Virtual Rugby World Cup in the group format from 1x2Network. The teams are representative of the best in the world as they play in the real world. The virtual games are played out 4 at a time, and results are shown according to quarter time intervals. Scores are shown for every 20min of virtual gameplay.

Available Markets and Betting options

The betting markets are relatively easy to understand with odds shown for Win/Draw/Lose as well as Asian Handicap options. Each team has the odds shown before the game starts with players able to select their bets with a simple click of the mouse.

Game Duration

Games play out in about 30 seconds with the scores shown for each quarter for all 4 games playing at the time.

Scout Gaming

1xbet Scout Gaming

Scout Gaming is virtual betting in the real world, with games played out in real time and tournaments represented according to the real world with teams made up of players from both the real world and fantasy leagues. Betting is based on buy-in options with a total prize pool available for the winning. Sports available in the Scout Gaming section are Football, Hockey (NHL) and Basketball, all of which has the best of these real-world teams available for the players.

Are there any bonuses for virtual betting?

1xBet offers the players a host of bonus offers that are calculated according to a percentage of bets placed daily. So, the more bets you place every day, the more bonuses you will receive from 1xBet, more than that you will receive extra bonuses for winning bets daily as well.

Live betting on Virtual Sports at 1xBet

Live betting on the virtual sports reviewed above is not possible as betting closes at the game start. However, there is a host of E-sports and games that can be enjoyed by those players wanting to bet on non-real-world sporting events. Players can enjoy betting on e-sports like Tekken, Mortal Kombat and even Angry Birds. Depending on the game selected players can bet on games every 5 minutes with some games lasting up to 10 minutes each and more. The available list of E-sports is extensive with FIFA, PES and many others including sports from all the popular sports and regions all over the world. Players are able to enjoy live betting on real sports and the multitude of E-Sports in the virtual world.

Virtual Sports Mobile Betting

1xBet has QR-Codes on the home screen for its mobile applications, which makes the installation of the applications relatively easy. Available for both Android and iOS smartphones, the application gives you full access to the betting options from 1xBet. Virtual sports are available in the form of E-Sports and FIFA games scheduled, and you can view the odds and stats of the players and teams before you place your bet. You are also able to access all the other live sports from the mobile application, so you are never far away from exciting live sports betting.

Virtual Sports Providers at 1xbet

1xBet has 3 virtual sports providers as shown above, and the sports available are some of the best I have ever seen. The providers, Global Bet, Golden Race and 1x2Network, provide some great options for the players as well as some unique virtual sports for the sporting fan with taste. The only drawback is that 1x2Network does not offer better video feeds of the virtual sports where the other 2 providers do have a virtual feed of the sporting events.

Deposits and Withdrawals

1xBet has its players well provided for when it comes to funding their betting accounts. Payment options range from credit cards and direct deposits and cash deposits. They also have a host of e-wallet options available for players like Skrill and Qiwi; however, they do not have a PayPal option. There are payment options aplenty for players, and they even have Crypto-options for players with the most popular crypto-currencies provided for.


Where am I able to access 1xBet if I can get access from my home country?

1xBet have a range of mirror sites that allow you to get access to all their sports and games as well as the virtual sports in the event that you cannot get access from your location. All you need to do is send an SMS to +7 960 030 50 80 with WWW in the text and they will send you the mirror site for your location.

How do I get the mobile app on my smartphone?

You will find the QR-codes on the home page of the site, including the mirror sites, for your Android or iOS smartphone.

Can I use my Bitcoins to bet on 1xBet?

Yes, you can use a variety of cryptocurrencies to bet on any sports and virtual events on 1xBet. You can even create a crypto wallet via the site if you don’t have one yet.

How do I withdraw my winnings from 1xBet?

Depending on how you made the deposit into your betting account, whether by the 1xBet shops or e-method, you can withdraw your winning in the same manner.

Can I access virtual sports all day long?

The virtual sports on 1xBet from all the providers are available 24 hours a day and you can play for as long as you want on any of the sporting options.

I have a problem with my betting account – how do I get in contact with 1xBet?

1xBet have multiple methods for contact with players for any queries they might have.

Or you could use the contact form on the contact section of the 1xBet site.

What method can I use to deposit funds into my betting account?

1xBet have a total of 182 funding methods for you to choose from 1xBet Shops to bank deposits to e-payment systems.

Does 1xBet support PayPal for deposits?

At the present moment, 1xBet does not have an agreement with PayPal for deposits and withdrawals, however according to the support centre negotiations are in progress and updates will be posted on the site.

Rating and Conclusion

1xBet has a wide variety of sports, and virtual sports available on the site and most players will find their preferred sport in their offering. With the 3 virtual sports providers on the site, they have created a most inviting virtual betting environment for players, where they can enjoy fast-paced, exciting sports betting. The only drawback with 1xBet is the fact that they have many countries that they do not offer an easy-to-access betting portal that is registered in-country. They have circumvented this issue with a multitude of mirror sites that can be accessed in most countries. This situation does cause some trust concerns with some players and reduces their willingness to play and bet more extensively on 1xBet.

My score for the 1xBet Virtual Sports Betting events is an almost hot 7/10, due to the accessibility and trust issues. They have a great selection of virtual sports, and I believe that they would enjoy a much higher player number if they get that sorted out.

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