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25 reviews for 1xBet

  1. Ko
    I’ve been betting on sports at this bookmaker for more than six months. I tried a lot of different options, but stopped there. I like to place bets online during football matches. I can say that 1xbet is best adapted to this type of betting, in my opinion
  2. Pa
    I think 1xbet is one of the most convient bookie. see its odds and sports line. when I want to find any sports, I found it. very good
  3. xa
    Having signed up to 1xbet bookie a few month ago. They are a really good bookmakers in terms of betting and being speedy with betting and settling bets. My disappointment is upon signing up and depositing I made a error with the bank card and all my bets were void.. But support via chat has been super professional, and solved my problem in a few hours
  4. Ro
    Romario Jones
    Great site for live betting. Wide selection of market while you can watch live broadcasting. I got my registration bonus but unfortunately could not make any profit from it
  5. Ri
    Ricardo Coentrao
    I'm using this bookie for betting on esports. They offer a lot of games, preferably I bet on CS:GO. This site is good, although customer support could be better
    1. Ab
      Abidin Kaba
      1xbet are SCAM SPORTSBOOK, they do not proccess withdrawals!!! I am waiting 3 years for withdraw on account previously verified!
      1. Ri
        Ricardo Coentrao
        hmm. that's really strange to read. my withdrawals come directly to my bank account within an hour. bro, I think something wrong with your docs
  6. Br
    Stay away fromn this SCAMMERS!!! everything in 1xbet is very nice: site, quotes, sports, ecc... EXCEPT Withdrawals. If you win something they will block your account and put you in an infinite requests documents an endless loop that they call KYC. They stated that for KYC procedure is their right to ask you any docs they want without you have lost your patience and your money because you can not finish their KYC...nStay away!!!!
  7. --
    Dimiter Petrov
    I like to bet on sports and casino games on their platform, but the odds are not high enough for me. I still like 1xbet and will use them again. I recommend 1xbet.
  8. Da
    I have been playing football since I was a child and now not only play with friends, but also watch games on tv. recently began to bet and choose this bookmaker. so now everything is fine, the odds are high
  9. De
    Devin S.
    Are there issues with people from the same household having accounts that are totally different? My dad and I want to each open accounts at 1xbet but I don't want to get banned or anything.
  10. Gr
    I'm not going to say this lightly, I really hate the layout of the 1xbet site. It really doesn't make any sense to me and the way it's set up is different than anything I have ever used. Also, the bonus terms and not so friendly and you could see a problem with that
  11. Ro
    My father and I had our own accounts, and that was ok by the 1xBet's General Terms as my father and I don't live in the same household, we even don't live in the same city.Before they made changes behind my back, the Clause 31 of their General Terms said: "Each registered customer may have only one account. Regarding registration on the website this rule applies to one household, one address, one email address, one credit/debit card or one IP-address. The bookmaker administration reserves the right to request certain personal details from the customer (passport details, registered place of
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    residence) as well as a video-conference. The user gets the results withing 5 working days after video call ends."After they decided to steal my money and I started asking questions, they replaced the word "household" by the word "family". Well, it's 1Xbet we are talking about, so of course, they did that without any notification.So the same Clause now says: "Each registered customer may have only one account. Customers may register only one account per family, address, e-mail address, IP address, credit/debit card, e-wallet or electronic payment method. Persons otherwise associated with a customer will not be allowed to register on the website. The bookmaker administration reserves the right to request certain personal details from the customer (passport details, registered place of residence) as well as a video-conference. The user gets the results within 5 working days after video call ends."As you can see, many changes were maid to that Clause, without a SINGLE NOTIFICATION.By changing the General Terms behind customer's back, they broke the Clause 23. of their own General Terms.Clause 23. of the General Terms: "Should these Rules be amended, customers shall be notified accordingly. Bets accepted after the specified date shall be subject to the amended Rules. Earlier bets shall remain unchanged."After they made this change, they just said that by saying that the person in question is my father, I confirmed that I broke this rule. I repeat, the previous version of the Clause 31 of the General Terms said that the registration is limited to one household, which was not my case, so they simply adjusted their General Terms to make me guilty and steal my 1450€.This is how they explation their dirty move:"Dear Sir, Please be informed that the essence of the rule is unchanged and has not changed. Only a translation adjustment was made. Best regards, Tikhonov Aleksandr, Security Service Chief Officer "They robbed me using one of their illegal tricks.I advise everyone to periodically read the key Clauses of their General Terms, even if your don't have any problems with 1Xbet at the moment, as they are changing them depending on the cases where they can steal their customer's money. I never got any information that this change was made.Good luck to everyone with them! Take your money while you still can.
  12. sy
    HiPlease stay well away from this fraud and fake company. I am not against them i love bet365 william hill and ladbrokes fairlplay to them that they give you your winnings back.I deposited 192 GBP at the end of the day my sports books balance was 511 GBP i made a withdrawal request and went to lunch with friends and when i cam home i was shocked to see my withdrawal as rejected and i only have 192 GBP in my account when asked to call back no response. Than i received a call from a Indian guy who barely can speak English.Now they are asking me for weird documents as i only have us
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    ed entropy. IBAS UK have removed them for their website cuz of its scams and complaints.Please do not use this website and keep your details save
  13. Sh
    Good bookmaker which offers almost each casino provider and sports betting options you could imagine. Also 1xbet in my opinion has a lot of payment methods which is great for people from different countries.
  14. ch
    chean Tow Boon
    You won't get your winning, they will put you in trouble and delay your withdraw, in the end you will get nothing, they claim faster withdraw and reliable all are bull sh*t, unless you want to learn con man /scam skill and technic otherwise please dont bet at this 1xbet sht, please share this information out to avoid someone get scam .
  15. Ri
    Do NOT use 1XBET! Their bonus is a scam. What they don't tell you is that you must make 5x bets of your initial deposit. Doesn't sound too bad, EXCEPT that the 5x bets MUST be 3x accumulator bets, which means that you must bet on a group of 3 bets that all win for it to count towards your bonus. AND all the accumulator bets must be above 1.5 odds. If that isn't enough, they will also manipulate the odds if you are a winning bettor. What that means is that if you are a winning bettor, i.e. on a weekly basis, you win more than you lose, they 1XBET will change the odds for your account to longer
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    odds. For example, their regular site (where I am NOT logged in) has team 1 at 1.76, it will show up on my site (where I am logged in) team a at 1.65. I have irrefutable proof of this. I took a screen shot of the two pages, side-by side. Exact same countdown to game start. Everything is identical EXCEPT all the odds on my site (where I am logged in) are lower by 0.1. NOW THAT IS A LOT!!! I opened a chat with them about this, and after making me wait 36 minutes, YES 36 MINUTES!!! I took a screenshot of this as proof, as the chat has a timestamp every time you or the other person types something. Anyways, their response is that written in their fine print, "Dear user,In accordance with paragraph 2.4 of the Terms and Conditions, the bookmaker reserves the right to limit the maximum stake or odds on certain selections as well as to limit or raise the maximum stake or odds for certain customers without any notification or giving reasons.Best regards, 1xBet Customer Support Team."There you go,
  16. Ar
    Arnold King
    Garbage company. Liars, scammers, pieces of sh*t. Garbage. God should punish these animals 4 times their crimes.
  17. Tr
    1xBet is the last betting site you want to go to. I just started an account two days ago. I used their live chat system and asked them about what does "1 set" mean in a table tennis market. Because unlike soccer, there's no first half and second half in table tennis. You have 1 match and 3 to 7 games in each match. So "1 set" in itself is pretty confusing. The other option is 1x2, which is equally confusing as I mentioned there's no first half and second half in table tennis. So I raised the question to the live chat. The live chat used at least 45 minutes of my time and gets nothing a
    Read more
    nswered.1st they asked for a screen shot of the market. Which I took a screen-shot to the match I wanted to place. And I sent it to them. They asked me to hold and wait. So I waited.Then, they asked me to show them my betting slip. Which is impossible because I haven't placed anything yet.After that, they asked me to save the betting slip and sent it to them. I see a save option which I could use even without placing. So I did that. The live chat asked me to wait again. I did. Another 10 mins passed.So now they say they will refer my case to a specialist. 10 minutes later, the entire market line is removed from the market and the game is still on-going. I asked them why. They asked me to take a screen shot of the market. So I told them exactly which match, of which tournament, and at what time of it I was looking at. Nonetheless, the live chat kept repeating this phrase "Please send me the screenshot of your market", like a robot. Ignoring everything match details and the slips and the print-screens that I have already sent them.After 50 minutes without having any questions answers, and a frivolous live chat operator who does not adhere/attend properly to a customer service, I got very irritated in the end. I repeatedly asked them to define what exactly do they want. And the operator trolls me by repeating more of the line "please send me the screenshot of your market" like a robot. I went super ranted and started typing in capital letters and tell her to "DO YOUR JOB". And then the next moment I see my live chat being suspended, and were asked to "choose my language properly". Not only that. My account is then suspended. I can't deposit, can't withdraw, can't place and can't contact nobody.Be warned about dealing with these crooks. If they can't answer simple questions, and deal with you properly when they haven't even lost yet, imagine what could happen if you have a big winning. They could just block your account out entirely. And there's no recourse of action. I am lucky as I browsed this forum and found out from the open internet what 1xbet could do to you.Btw, for a record, that super troll operator's name is Maskims. Yes. their service operators can troll you, and 1xbet does seem to permit that.
  18. Ra
    Rana asif
    1x is 100% scam.i dnt know how much blogger get money from 1x..they almost scam me 8000$. Win i win good amount they change my pasword and withdraw money to any other account stay away
  19. Um
    Umesh Rathod
    I made deposit of $100 in my account. I didn't ask for bonus though they gave me...I contacted customer support and they told me that they will remove bonus from my account... though to make withdrawal I need to roll over my deposited amount 5 times before making withdrawal.... I'm surprised...that was my own money and didn't take bonus though need to complete roll over!!!!I lost 100$...And the main thing is there should be 5 combo bets with minimum 3 ODDS and not less than 1.50....who can win???They are cheaters...
  20. Mi
    Don’t put money on 1xbet! Made a withdrawal and never received the money. The customer service will not solve the problems.
  21. Da
    Daniel Gustafsson
    1xbet looks and works fantastic as long as you are a losing customer! If you are able to start winning punters faces problem.First they blocked my account and ask for multiple documents for verification, far more than any other company.Second they "recalculated" my winning bets. I placed bets on Formula 1 Bahrain GP , marketodds 7.5 and 41 respectively. Same prices as Bet365, Betsson and Willhill offered . I won 2000 Euro and after trying to withdraw my 7.5 odds very changed to price 1.37 and the 41 was changed to 1.73. Simsalabim exactly to make my balance from 2000 Euro to
    Read more
    Zero.The internet is wideopen to google about unhappy punters with same experience with 1xbetThe ratings here on 1xbet is a joke . Their business is absolutely criminal
  22. Da
    Worst website i have ever seen, stay away, stay away, stay away. Very bad user experience, very slow website. I couldn't withdraw money, they always give an excuse. i bet on live with 20 euro, they took 100 euro. I think its is administrated by beginners or thieves.
  23. Aa
    Aaron Ong
    I've recently played with 1xbet and made a deposit on 25 Feb 2018 for the amount of MYR200 (100 * 2).After playing on their Live Casino (Authentic Gaming), I noticed that my balance is actually going down even when I was winning. So I made a final test of USD0.50 bet and won but my balance went down by USD0.50 instead of going up.I have contacted their support team multiple times about this but their reply each time was that they'll send it to their specialist. After that, they finally told me that nothing was wrong with their system and my money magically disappear.I've asked them to
    Read more
    show me how much I lost and how my balance manage to become 0.00 but they can't show me each time.This is their latest tactic in cheating their customers and taking their money without them noticing.Hope people will be about this and not lead people into having their money taken without a reason.I'm more than happy to show my records I'd your need it.
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