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  1. Bet Limits at 1xbet Casino
  2. 1xbet Betting Limits for Sports
  3. How 1xbet Sets the Limits for Online Bets
  4. Limits by Location
  5. Minimum Limits for Betting
  6. Maximum Limits for Bets
  7. Details to Betting Limits
  8. 1xbet Limits Types
  9. Average Betting Limits
  10. Max Stake vs. Max Bet Limits
  11. Questions & Answers
1xbet betting limits

A 1xbet betting limit is a minimum and maximum amount the 1xbet bookmaker allows its customers to wager on sports events, casino games and other forms of entertainment available on the 1xbet website.

The average betting limit for minimum and maximum values for sports betting at 1xbet is $0.50 and $5,000.The average betting limit for minimum and maximum values for 1xbet online casino games is $0.20 and $5,500. However, these values vary based on the sports you place your bets on and the casino games you play.

Regardless of the experience a player has in sports betting or online gambling, knowing the betting limits is crucial as they will tell them how much they can spend and what a potential winning they can score. To understand the relation between the betting, payout and transfer limits you should know the following:

  • Betting limits: the minimum and maximum amount players can wager on sports matches and casino games;
  • Payout limits: the maximum amount the bookmaker pays out;
  • Transfer limits: minimum and maximum amounts players can deposit and withdraw.

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What are the 1xbet Betting Limits for Casino Games?

1xbet casino betting limits

1xbet betting limits for online casino games vary depending on the game the player chooses to play.

For online slots, the minimum bet can be anywhere from $0.10 and $0.50 while the maximum can go up to $1,000 per spin or even higher.

At RNG-operated blackjack tables, 1xbet betting limits start at $0.10 and go up to $500. Again, these values may vary depending on the game the player chooses. RNG-operated baccarat tables support wagers starting at $0.50 while the maximum bet can be as much as $750. 1xbet betting limits for RNG roulette games spread from $0.10 to $1,000 per round.

At 1xbet live casino, betting limits start at $0.50 and go up to $5,000. If the player joins one of the VIP live dealer tables, minimum bets are higher, starting at $50 per round.

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What are the 1xbet Betting Limits for Sports Betting?

1xbet sports betting limits

1xbet betting limits for online sports vary depending on the sports the player chooses to wager on. The minimum betting limit is set at $0.30 for most sports on any single selection. At the same time, the maximum betting limit varies depending on multiple factors. When the player selects the event and market they want to bet on, the maximum possible stake will be shown in the bet slip.

1xbet betting limits for football are set at $0.30. If the player enables VIP betting, the minimum bet is $500 or at least 5x the maximum stake amount. The maximum betting limit depends on the event and sports and can go up to $140,000. The maximum odds are limited to 200 for a single bet and 500 for an accumulator bet. The maximum payout is limited to €600,000 per bet.

1xbet betting limits for tennis also start at $0.30. Again, if the player enables VIP betting, the minimum VIP stake is set at $500. The maximum betting limit also varies depending on the event, market and odds and can go up to $8,800.

1xbet betting limits for basketball are set at $0.30 as a minimum stake. The maximum bet accepted by the 1xbet bookmaker can go to $2,600 or higher.

For specific sports games, such as volleyball, baseball and American football, 1xbet betting limits start at $0.30 as well, unless the player wants to use the VIP betting option which sets the minimum stake at $500. As for 1xbet maximum bet values, they vary and can go up to $40,000.

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How are 1xbet Betting Limits calculated?

1xbet determines its betting limits based on the sports, market and the odds on it.

Does 1xbet change its betting limits frequently?

1xbet bookmaker may change betting limits for a particular user when the operator sees that they are not playing responsibly. In this case, the 1xbet operator may set the maximum betting limit to a lower value without notifying the user.

Are 1xbet Betting Limits different based on the Country?

Yes, 1xbet betting limits change based on the countries players access their 1xbet accounts from. Depending on the country of the player’s residence, betting limits will be displayed in the respective currency. For instance, the maximum bet on the same market can be $4,000 and 290,000 RUB.

On the 1xbet betting site, the maximum payout is limited to €600,000 per bet. It simply means that if the player wins an amount that exceeds the maximum payout on a single selection, any sum above €600,000 will be forfeited.

Since 1xbet Terms and Conditions state only the maximum payout in EUR, we have calculated the amount in several other currencies as presented below:

  • Russia: 51,700,000 RUB
  • Canada: 896,000 CAD
  • Hong Kong: 5,520,000 HKD
  • India: 52,207,200 INR
  • Turkey: 5,992,000 TRY
  • Brazil: 3,745,000 BRL
  • Argentina: 69,592,000 ARP
  • Mexico: 14,151,000 MXN
  • Nigeria: 292,052,000 NGN
  • Cameroon: 393,612,000 XAF
  • Mozambique: 45,272,000 MZN

While 1xbet players won’t be able to win more than €600,000 per single bet, they can do it using the accumulator betting option where they can combine several bets. In 2021, a lucky bettor from Kazakhstan won more than $2 million on an accumulator bet comprised of 44 events. The entire amount was transferred immediately to his 1xbet account.

What are the 1xbet Minimum Betting Limits?

The 1xbet minimum betting limit is set at $0.30 on sports games.

  • If the player wants to play a live casino game, they will have to wager at least $0.50.
  • Slot machines at 1xbet online casino can be played at stakes starting at $0.10.
  • At RNG baccarat tables, the minimum betting limit is $0.50.

What are the 1xbet Maximum Betting Limits?

The 1xbet maximum betting limit varies depending on the sports and market the player wants to wager on.

  • For instance, the operator does not set betting limits on matches from the Premier League.
  • On NBA matches, players can wager up to $660 or even more, depending on the odds for the selection they make.
  • Wagers on US Open matches can go up to $38,000.

Why should Bettors know the betting limits of 1xbet?

We have listed the main reasons why 1xbet bettors should know the betting limits below:

  • Knowing the betting limits can help players plan their budget;
  • The betting limits can help them determine which games they will play;
  • They can help players enjoy sports betting and online gambling responsibly.

What are the types of Limits in 1xbet Casino?

1xbet online casino sets limits to deposits, transfers and payouts as presented below:

  • 1xbet Deposit Limit
  • 1xbet Transfer Limit
  • 1xbet Payout Limit

1xbet Deposit Limit

The 1xbet deposit limit determines the minimum and maximum amount the player can send to their account.

The minimum deposit limit at 1xbet is set at $1. It means that the player can make at least three minimum wagers if they make a minimum deposit.

The 1xbet minimum deposit limit is the same regardless of the banking method the player uses. However, they change based on the currency they use, so it can be €1, 50 RUB or 4.50 TRY.

The 1xbet bookmaker does not limit withdrawal amounts.

1xbet Transfer Limit

The transfer limit refers to the minimum and maximum amounts the player can deposit or withdraw in 1xbet.

At 1xbet, players can deposit a minimum of $1 and withdraw at least $1.50. No maximum transfer limits apply to 1xbet payments or cashouts.

1xbet Payout Limit

The 1xbet payout limit is the maximum amount the user can win per bet. The 1xbet bookie sets it at €600,000.

1xbet betting limits change based on the odds, so if the odds are higher, the maximum betting limit will be set lower. The operator limits how much one can wager so that the player cannot win an amount that is higher than the maximum payout.

What are the average limits on Sports Betting?

It is not an easy task to calculate the average limits on sports betting since minimum and maximum values vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. They are also affected by other factors, such as types of sports, matches, odds, the maximum payout limit and more.

Taking all the factors into consideration, average betting limits range between $0.50 and $5,000.

Are the 1xbet Betting Limits competitive to other Online Bookies?

There is no way to compare two sportsbooks in terms of betting limits. However, we can compare them based on the maximum payout limit, since this value affects the maximum amount the player can wager on any sports event.

For instance, at William Hill, the maximum payout ranges from $5,000 up to $2,000,000 depending on the chosen sports and market.

The Bet365 bookmaker sets maximum payout limits per 24 hours. They also vary based on sports, events and markets, from $20,000 up to $2,000,000.

Is the 1xbet Maximum stake the same as 1xbet Maximum Betting limit?

Yes, the 1xbet maximum stake and 1xbet maximum betting limit is the same thing. A stake is an amount the bettor wagers on the preferred sports event or casino game.


What is the minimum bet at 1xbet?

You can place a bet at least $0.30 on sports events.

What is the minimum limit for slots at 1xbet casino?

Casino fans of online slots can place a minimum bet from $0.10 and $0.50. It can vary from game.

What is the minimum bet at 1xbet live casino?

The minimum bet at 1xbet live dealers starts at $0.50.

Can I place self-limits on my online bets at the website of 1xbet?

Unfortunately, no. Players can limit their deposit amount only.

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