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  1. How to Check 1xbet Betting History?
  2. Definition
  3. Steps for Store the Betting History of Users
  4. Bet History Preserve
  5. What Kind of Information 1xbet Betting History Stores?
1xbet betting history

How to View 1xbet Betting History?

To view 1xbet betting history, players can use the 1xbet Bet History feature. It is available on the 1xbet website and allows customers to check the bets they have placed within the last 30 days. The 1xbet feature is available on the 1xbet sportsbook to logged-in bettors. It enables them to keep track of bets that are recorded automatically. By referring to 1xbet betting history, players can analyze types of bets, wagered amounts of money and the status of their wagers.

The 1xbet Bet History feature is a handy tool that enables avid bettors to reevaluate their previous decisions and see whether they have been successful enough. By doing so, 1xbet bettors can make informed decisions in the future and improve their betting skills. Another important aspect of using 1xbet Bet History is responsible gambling. It enables users to keep track of the amounts they have wagered within a certain period and manage their bankroll more efficiently. To use the 1xbet feature, bettors should follow the steps listed below:

  1. Login into the 1xbet Sportsbook Account
    To login into their 1xbet Sportsbook account, players should do the following:
    – Navigate to the 1xbet betting site available in your country.
    – Use your login credentials to access your 1xbet account.
  2. Find the My Account Menu on the 1xbet User Panel
    Here is how to find the My Account menu on the 1xbet user panel:
    – In the top-right corner, click on the My Account section.
  3. Go to the Bet History Section in the 1xbet My Account Menu
    To find the 1xbet Bet History feature, do the following:
    – Choose Bet History from the My Account drop-down menu.
  4. Use Filters to Audit 1xbet Betting History
    Here are the steps you should follow to audit your 1xbet betting history:
    – When you open the 1xbet Bet History, you will notice different filters, including On the Website, which shows bets you have placed on the 1xbet sportsbook.
    – Use the calendar to search the bets you have placed and apply filters, including the types of bets, such as Sports and Live or Settled and Unsettled.
    – Click on the Show button to see the bets according to the filters you have applied.
    – Click on the Request button to download the Bet History according to the filters you have applied.
    – Click on the Delete button to delete the history for the selected period.
1xbet My Account menu and Bet History section

What is 1xbet Bet History?

1xbet Bet History is an analytics tool that enables bettors to check real money wagers they have made on the 1xbet betting site. The 1xbet feature serves as an archive of previous bets on sports and eSports events, live bets, TOTO and more. 1xbet customers can not only keep track of the bets they have placed in the last 30 days but also see whether they have lost or won on them.

By using filters available in the 1xbet bet feature, customers can check how much money they have wagered within a certain amount of time. It also allows them to check the status of their bets and whether they are settled or not. 1xbet Bet History is useful for both experienced and novice players who can take advantage of the information it provides to perform better in the future.

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Why Is 1xbet Bet History Important for Bettors?

1xbet Bet History is important for bettors as it provides them with an opportunity to review their previous betting choices. It can also be considered a responsible gambling tool since it records the amount of money bettors have wagered on particular sports events. All these aspects of 1xbet Bet History can be beneficial to bettors who can take advantage of the feature to reconsider previous decisions and base the future ones on them.

How Does 1xbet Store the Betting History of Users?

1xbet bookmaker stores users’ betting history as bets are placed. All wagers are recorded automatically, and players don’t have to opt in to get their betting history stored. The Bet History feature keeps a record of bets placed within the last 30 days.

If the player deletes their betting history, it can be retrieved by contacting 1xbet bookmaker via email [email protected]. To get their data back, the bettor should simply provide the photo of their ID document along with the account number and the period. However, the recovery period is limited to 30 days from the date of application. Players can request the recovery of their betting history via the activated email attached to their 1xbet gaming account only.

How to Preserve 1xbet Bet History?

To preserve their betting history for the last month, the player should go to the My Account panel and in the Bet History section use the Request History button. Before the player clicks on the button, they should specify the period they want their betting history for, with 1xbet markets and types of bets they want to download.

Once requested, the 1xbet player’s betting history will be sent to their active email attached to their 1xbet account. The document will have an HTML extension. The bettor can open it in the internet browser they use, on their desktop or mobile device. The bet history file can be saved on the preferred device and accessed anytime, without logging into their 1xbet account.

Which Information 1xbet Betting History Stores?

1xbet Betting History stores the information listed below:

  • Date and time
  • Bet type
  • Bet slip number
  • Event and league or championship
  • Result
  • Stake value
  • Bet status

Does 1xbet Betting History Show the Win/Loss Balance?

No, 1xbet Betting History does not show the win/loss balance. The player can only see the value of bets and whether they have won or lost. However, bettors can use 1xbet Bet History to calculate the totals of wins and losses, but they have to do it manually.

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